I have the opportunity to attend two leadership programs, one from the left leaning Sustainability Living Association, one from the right leaning Leadership Program of the Rockies. This is a great opportunity for me to build relationships with both sides of the isle and advance solutions that bring community together. Your generous support to help defray the costs of tuition is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Michael Pruznick.

Community Leadership Training for Michael Please help Michael attend two leadership training programs, The Sustainability Leadership Program and the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Michael is a long-time community enthusiast with a passion for developing solutions that bring divided communiti...

Reminder election signs must be down by tomorrow.

Stop Government Bulling

Reminder elections signs must be down by Tuesday 4/11. Please remove your sign by this deadline. If you do not want to keep, trash, or recycle the sign, you may drop if off on my porch or email me your address by end of Friday and I'll pick it up this weekend.

Election results are in. I lost. A big thanks everyone for their support. Taking most of the week off to catch up on thing that have been gathering up. Enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to offer Troxell your congratulations, we cannot forget to shake hands after the competition.…

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Head to Old Town's Ben & Jerry's location for a free scoop for the 20th annual free cone day.

I'm the only candidate that found out why GHG is up, what we think is true is not:

Did you know GHG is up since creating sustainability group? I did. Other candidates did not.

Turns out city has been using the biosphere model internally for two years now --…/2017-03-30.biosphere-model.jpg


Sierra Club endorsed council but not mayor. Very interesting they did not endorse their own, Elizabeth. Wade never stood a chance, Kwon is more social sustainability. This is really another unpublished win me. I reported it to the media, but they decided not to run a story on it.

This is actually a big win for me. Elizabeth has a long and strong history with the group. Not endorsing a candidate for mayor has all the markings of a political decision. The "TBD" which never turned into a firm answer pretty much proves that. If a group cannot endorse their own, to save face they...

Troxell's mailer is out. See my fact checking here:

Just out: League of Women Voters letter shows youth homeless up 14% over last two years. One more way the current mayor failed us. Just another bad statistic that is up significantly under our current leadership. Continue the show or solve problems, you know what to do by April 4th -- Vote Michael Pruznick for Mayor....

Foodbank need increases under Troxell who promised us sustainable economy and to raise household incomes. According to the annual reports on their web-site clients served have grown from 28,669 in 2014 to 36,000 in 2016, that's a 25% increase in hungry families with our current pro-business mayor. Wo...

In reviewing this week's council meeting. Our city council referred to members of the Islamic Community as "these people". While it was said with the best on intentions as part of the sentence, "these people are our neighbors and our friends", the term "these people" is still a dividing term. I get this. Our current leadership does not. As mayor I can change this culture. Here is my letter to city leaders


"Our fellow citizens who support the Islamic Center are our neighbors and our friends."

"Our fellow community members who are members of the Islamic Center are our neighbors and our friends."

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City Leaders, While I know you meant it in a good way, "these people are our neighbors and our friends" (7 minutes into 3/28 council video) is a dividing term. In the future, please consider inclusive statements such as the following: "Our fellow citizens who support the Islamic Center are our neigh...

Got to meeting an number of wonderful members of our community this week. Monday I was the CSU Muslim Student Association and last night I was CSU's Hillel House for "Mekonen: The Journey of an African Jew". It was great to meet with local and visiting students and hear their perspectives and issues.

The MSA students were very proud of the way the community came out in support Sunday afternoon. There was no difference between this group and any other group I've meet with.... A bunch of like minded people helping each other be successful.

Mekonen is very symbolic of a number of the culture problems we face in our city. As a Jew, he was not welcome in his home country of Ethiopia, he dad could not be buried in the city but in remote valley, when first arrived in Israel he faced discrimination from the police (government) but not the common people, and much more. The difference we can learn from. He gave himself many opportunities to fail but with support and many 2nd chances was able to succeed. Too often we give up on people one they make that first mistake.

I lead by example, my wife is in a program in which she helps people who have been given the opportunity to erase their misdemeanor with community service. Not a single bad experience to date.

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Meet and Greet Sunday 4/2, 1p-5p, 636 Castle Ridge Ct.

Haven't decided who to vote for? Stop and for munchies and soft drinks and learn why Michael for Mayor is the right choice.

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Sun 1:00 PM MDT636 Castle Ridge Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80525-6205, United States

The Coloradoan just printed in their own words, "Pruznick: I will get job done where others have not". The title I submitted was, "Elect Michael Pruznick for Mayor to get the job done."

They cannot knowingly print false information and must be able to defend their statements in court. Their validation that "others have not" is a huge win for me. Pass the word.…/pruznick-get-job-done…/99729188/...

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For years I've been serving the community by telling you about the cracks in our government's foundation.