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Christopher Allo
· May 16, 2017
For I've spent less time for English speaking recently, mimiking seems to be helpful if I could regularly make it a bit. Keep up with the language with mimiking, so that fear is no more at your conversation.
Quuone Jung
· April 28, 2017
Mimiking! I totally lost my mother tongue and became fluent in speaking English like a native speaker as I follow this page. What an amazing revolution, it is!
Hope you all enjoy this miracle by just ...clicking "Like" for [Mimiking], which is a SIMPLE, but the SUREST way to improve your English skills. See More
Nag, Nitpick and Scold

"10개의 키 크고 뾰족하고 오래되고 아름다운 초록색 소나무"를 영어로 말하면 어느 순서로 말해야 할까요?!
오랫만에 짤막한 꿀팁 공유해드려요!

그냥 막 영어로 커뮤니케이션 하다보면, 보게되는 약어 중 헷갈릴 만한 것만 모았습니다~
글로만 공부하면, 자꾸 잊어버리기 십상이니,
미미킹에서 귀와 입으로 공부하세요!^^
(온 김에 이벤트 참여하는 건 센스!)