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Mindway – Glory Grace (Blood And Perfume live)

10 years ago, part II
One of the biggest moments in Mindway's history: On July 29, 2004, we rocked the main stage on one of the biggest open-air festivals in Europe – Przystanek Woodstock in Kostrzyn, Poland. Standing on the stage and feeling the energy of this crowd was just f**kin' amazing! Dziękuję!


Well, time goes by... It's been ten years since founder members Mike and Wojttech got together with Peter and Jan and started to work on a new project called Mindway which changed their lives forever... (Photo: Petr Pavlicek, 2003)

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R.I.P. MCA...

Due to several internal causes we've decided to cancel all forthcoming gigs. We'd like to offer our apologies to our fans and festivals organizers.
Z internich duvodu jsme se rozhodli neodehrat pripravovane koncerty. Timto se uprimne omlouvame vsem fanouskum a organizatorum festivalu.

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Guitar amp innovator Jim Marshall - dubbed "the Father of Loud" for creating kit used by some of the biggest names in music - dies aged 88.
Mindway updated their cover photo.
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Upcoming dates:

2. 5. 2012 – Majales festival, Ostrava, CZ
14.–16. 6. 2012 – JamRock festival, Zamberk, CZ
25. 8. 2012 – Trnkobrani festival, Vizovice, CZ

Roman Týc is a nickname of a young Czech visual artist, member of the Ztohoven group. Ztohoven are known for their controversial art which has brought them a lot of media exposure and also problems with the authorities. In 2007, the artist who works under the pseudonym Roman Týc, changed the traffic…
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Odmítl zaplatit pokutu 60 tisíc korun, protože nechtěl přistoupit na to, že jsou vyměněná skla panáčků na přechodech trestný čin. Kvůli neuhrazení této částky bude muset jít umělec Roman Týc ze skupiny Ztohoven za mříže.

Pictures and short videos taken while touring with Blood And Perfume album. Edited by Mike.

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In this world you can't trust anyone and anything. So last few days I've been wondering whether the whole Anonymous thing isn't just a campaign on political order. The more hackers' attacks, the "safer and more protected" Internet is on the list of politicians worldwide. So finaly Anonymous could become a new argument for further restrictions. I don't say it is like that. I'm just wondering... Questions are important... You know what, "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me..."

What do you think about ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, Anonymous... Do you care? And what about copyrights and authors' rights? Do you think restrictions on the Internet would help artists? Or is it all just a bloody crap?

David Bowie is 65 years old today, congrats!

Happy new year! This is for you. Thanks for all your support! Cheers!

Pictures and short videos taken while touring with Blood And Perfume album. Edited by Mike.

And now... as traditionally... the best Christmas song ever... Happy Punxmas, kids!

Official video for the The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl - Fairytale of New York. Arguably the greatest Christmas song of all time! Download the track from...

Kurva, ze nam ale posledni dobou mizej...

Václav Havel zemřel. Muž, který víc, než kdokoli jiný přispěl k pádu totalitního režimu, světoznámý dramatik a spisovatel, prezident Československa a České republiky, dnes na Hrádečku podlehl dlouhotrvajícím zdravotním potížím. Bylo mu 75 let.

Jeste jednou na tema hlasitost nahravek, tentokrat v cestine...

Nikdo není schopný říct, kdy padl první výstřel. Jedno je ale jisté, poslech muziky se v posledních letech nepříjemně blíží právě hluku uprostřed bitevního pole. Za všechno může současný způsob nahrávání hudby, který dostal přízvisko Loudness War.