Yesterday you might have noticed some issues with our payment/wallet server as you can read in the announcements above.
During these issues unfortunately some payments were sent out twice resulting in us over paying 60 zclassic which on the current rate of exchange
is alot of money as you are probably aware of...

If you are one of the "lucky" ones who have received payments that didn't show up in your profitability tab we would like to ask you to donate it back to the pool...
so we can cover the cost, wich we covered for now to keep payments going for our beloved miners!
now we don't expect everyone to donate it back because that's how the world works unfortunately
but if you didn't receive a double payment and would like to still donate to the pool so we can cover our losses of 60 zclassic due to the accidental
double payments feel free to direct your rigs for any number of hours or donate any number of zcl to t1aGincjueQTjX5uasp5MSamcQg62oVcvGY
any small donation helps and we would greatly appreciate it!

These are the payments that were sent out twice:



I would already like to thank each and anyone of you who donates to help us out even if it's a small amount we appreciate it dearly!

Thanks for reading this post and for understanding!

Happy hashing, the MiningSpeed Team.

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Hasitha Dayarathna
· February 28, 2018
Lost some newly mined coins due to technical glitch at miningspeed.
“To celebrate the @zencashofficial secure nodes going to mainnet, we are organazing an amazing giveaway!!
“To protect our miners, we are going to Discontinue BitcoinGold, our hash is so low we cant find blocks and this way we cant pay our loyal miners! Thats why we took this tough decision”

Bitcoingold wallet server running again, problems with raid controller.
Theres also a faulty drive, we are planning maintenance for this and keep you updated!

The website is down at the moment, we cant contact the webserver, also host control panel is down.
We are working together with the host to get it online again!

There is a maintenance planned tomorrow 11/10 around 18:30 CET.
Expected downtime is 10 minutes

After days of analysing and cooperating with other poolop, we finally found how someone tried to cheat stratum to get higher hash! This is fixed now and earnings on ZEN should dramatically improve! #zencash

We had network issues on one of our stratum servers. Problems resolved! Always put another stratum as backup, like #myhush #zencash

Its been quiet a few days around miningspeed!
Someone seemed to hack into the database and wiped all data.
We redid whole network structure to improve safety and stability!
We added 3 stratums: US, EU and asia!
Welcome back at


We also like to thank the nice messages on twitter, chat and facebook during this attack, nice to have some people supporting us

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Miningspeed Equihash Mining Pool: Stable, anonymous, and fair mining pool

miningspeed is back and stable!!

Miningspeed is under ddos attack, We keep you posted

New frontend is going to be released today!! stay tuned!

Stay Tuned, working on a new frontend, with lots of enhancements!
Pending balance is going to be displayed soon!

Miningspeed updated their profile picture.
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