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Shawn Flynn reviewed Miracle Vet5 star
January 14

I'm so happy I found Miracle Vet. I actually emailed their nutritionist about which food was best for my 2 dogs because they're overweight, and he recommended this. I'm extremely happy with it. They love it, and are thriving. The package has no BPA, I like that. The food has no crap added. It is filled with veggies and fruits. I feed them with pure confidence. Before this I was using Science Diet, but this is much better when comparing the label. Wish it came in 40 pound bags, but I guess you can't have it all, right? After all, it's the best dog food on the market. Thank you MiracleVet.

Stephanie Woods reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

Our rescued pit puppy was severely malnourished when we got him. He has been on weight gain for 4 months and has exceeded all weight goals set by his vet. Thank you!

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Robert Kassie Miller reviewed Miracle Vet4 star

As for the product I have no issue. It's actually pretty great!! My 2 year old rescue Doberman has been battling weight issues from one illness to another. We started him out on it a week ago and he is actually putting weight back on when nothing else was working.
The only reason I did not give a 5 star � is because of dog fighting comments that have been left on reviews as if the company is not concerned about these practices. I hope they can do better with monitoring this is the future

Alycia Marie reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

This product works miracles. I was desperate to find something to help my 10 weeks old puppy after she suffered from Giardia. She wasn't eating was fading away. The miracle vet helped her get her strength back, helped her grow, and helped her get her appetite back. She is 16 weeks not and I am still giving it to her. She happy, healthy and her coat is shinny! I'm so happy that I stumbled across this product.

Jasmine King reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

Can you tell me how much and how often to give to a 15 yr old 4 lb Chihuahua?

Chuck Roland reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

If you are looking to put some weight on your dog I highly recommend this stuff! At first I was a little apprehensive that my dog wouldn't like it because it smells a bit funny, but the dog can't get enough of it! I use it on top of her kibble and she eats every last bite, where before she would eat only about 1/2 her meal at a time.

Drew Mena reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

My dogs have a hard time keeping weight on in the summer. I contacted the breeder that I purchased my pups from and he recommended Miracle Vet. I began adding it to my dog's water and after a couple of weeks, they were back to a perfect weight. I still use it and they no longer lose weight in this heat. Very happy camper.

Mark Doyle reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

Undoubtably the best product on the market for adding weight to dogs. Over the last 25 years of training and breeding champion Rottweilers, I've come across countless "Weight gaining products for dogs". None delivered results like miracle vet. As active as my dogs are, they have trouble keeping weight on. Especially in the summer. Not with Miracle Vet. It keeps them at an ideal weight year round. This product will be a permanent part of my dog's diets.

Justin Happus reviewed Miracle Vet5 star

Miraclevet was litterally a life saver for our boxer Guardian. He had parvo at 8 weeks of age. During his recovery he continued to lose weight. We decided to give miraclevet a try. Within days he began to get his weight back. Within a week we could no longer see his ribs and after a month he was like a new dog. Full of life, energy, and at an ideal weight. I'm a firm believer in this product. Can't thank you guys enough.

Hands down the best product on the market for putting weight on pups. I've been breeding APBTs for nearly 15 years now. Miracle vet is just as important as peroxide, neosporin, and benadryl. It's a permanent part of my dog's medicine cabinet and has saved at least 4 puppies lives over the years.