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  • Receptionist/SalesSeptember 22, 2016 to April 2017Fargo, North Dakota
  • OpticianSeptember 2, 2014 to October 15, 2015
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  • I'm short, chill and don't like to be harassed by people I don't know so quit tryin. Also, I'm an introvert, actually more like a hermit, so you're lucky if I even talk to you but you'll probably never see me. I love animals, especially my two puppies- they're my entire world. I don't like relationships or drama, and am totally okay with being by myself 90% of the time. Don't have many girlfriends, so if you're a chick you'll probably dislike me for reasons unknown. And if you're a dude, please don't be messaging me and shit all of the time because I'm never gonna respond back. Oh yeah, and I love pizza & chocolate and am a total tomboy at heart. I don't know shit about hairstyles and makeup and I don't care. Music & good TV and movies fill up my time. Anyone who doesn't like Tool can get to steppin cuz that's a deal-breaker. Also, people who love country music- I don't want to get to know you. I'll watch basically anything as long as it's not sappy or lovey-dovey shit. I am an addict, and have been clean from heroin for over two years now thanks to suboxone. I've had some really tough times, but who hasn't? I'm a strong ass woman who won't take your shit if you're throwin it at me, so don't bother. But I'm also very compassionate when it comes to the things I truly care about. I don't judge, but I also don't want shady people in my life either. So maybe we could be friends, or maybe we could become enemies.. I guess we'll see. Peace & love, Mir.
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