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About Miranda
  • My names Miranda. I am a manager a Charlotte Russe! ♥ and I am currently trying to obtain my associates degree in nursing!
Favorite Quotes
  • a strong person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her

    its not what you accomplish in life that matters, it is what you overcome

    dont live down to expectations go out and do something remarkable

    Lights Flashin, Sound Crashin, Minds Blowin, Body Rockin, Eyes Lockin, Lips Touchin, Hearts Pumpin, Pressure Risin, Breathes Takin, Rump Shakin, Music Makin Lose Control

    - I had the chance to walk over the rainbow-kayla-

    are you gonna stand there and watch me burn, thats alright cause i like the way it hurts, are you gonna stand there and hear me cry, thats alright because i love the way you lie

    dont let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game

    dont tell me the sky is the limit when theres footsteps on the moon

    lets you and me make a night of it old enough to know but to young to care

    its funny how day by day nothing changes but then you look back and everything is diffrent

    hit me with your best shot

    check yourself before you wreck yourself-jaustin

    someone pissed in your cheerios-jaustiN