Every town has one,the street that goes above and beyond at Christmas. I love it. Forgive the shaky spots due to speed bumps! Enjoy

Isn't she beautiful! I created her several years ago and was cleaning out some photos and wanted to share her with you. The mannequin I discovered at a Burdines prop sale,oh those sales were amazing! Burdines sadly is gone,nick named Floridas store was like Macy's and was the place to shop back in the day. The prop sale always started at 7am,so of course people started showing up at 3am,by 5 in the morning there was so much traffic the traffic helicopter was always checking u...s out...little did they know the treasures that awaited us! The sale was run by the designers and they always had fun with the displays and would start the sale with fire crackers! Imagine the sun just coming up,firecrackers going off...mannequins as far as the eye could see,thousands of mannequin wigs in carts,mannequin body parts stacked like a mountain,giant perfume bottles,the best was always the antiques from the Ralph Lauren displays...always sold before I could get to them! But alas...both Burdines,the prop sale,and pearl a distant memory! Oh I almost forgot to tell you how she was created! She stands about 13" tall and is covered in vintage pearls that I collected forever,each attached by hand turning so the holes would not be seen...a couple are visible. I attached different sizes "creating" a dress,and the bodice is vintage german glass glitter....Thank you for joining me on memory lane

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Busy painting away this morning! Check this stool I am using to get me eye level with my work! Perfect in every way!!💕💕💕

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