It feels more spring like today. It will not be long before we see the catkins coming out Pussy Willow Ginger Cookies.

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I should lose weight
You should cut your hair
I should be earning more
You really should leave him; he is no good for you...


How many times a day do you use the word “should” in reference to yourself or other people?
I do not know about you, but I use it a lot.

When we use the word “should,” we are not accepting reality. We are talking about things that we wish were so, but are not (or vice versa).
Whenever I use the word “should” when talking to myself, it is motivated by a lack of self-acceptance rather than encouragement.

In the long-term, when we tell ourselves or other people that we should or they should be doing something (as well meaning as we might be), we are reinforcing the negative, and the fact that they or we are not doing it.

Therefore, this year I resolve to destroy the word should from my vocabulary.
Who is with me?

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Hand Painted Retirement cake for my doctor.
The painting is loosely based on Vladimir Makovsky's 'At the Doctor's' 1900.
Lemon cake with Lemons Swiss Butter Cream and Lemon Curd Filling.

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Apologies in advance for the salty language.
Lemon shortbread hysterectomy cookies for a dear friend.

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Mi Tulip is with Gil Brazier.

I live in the middle of nowhere so it is very rare that I bump into anyone on my daily walks. One afternoon I bumped into a guy, we had passed each other on sev...eral occasions and exchanged pleasantries but on this occasion we stopped and had a chat. Turns out this guy is an artist, so we had quite a chin wag. A couple of weeks later I went to see his work. He paints and makes papier mache' sculptures. I was totally blown away. Then a couple of days later he popped around with this magnificent piece which now has pride of place in my lounge. Isn't it amazing. All individually painted dots!

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Do not be afraid to pucker up under the mistletoe with Depressed Cake Shop Cookie Lip Balm.

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Make mine a Babycham Cookie!

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If you haven't watched #Twinpeaks this will mean nothing to you...even if you have you may still be puzzled Johnny's Therapy Bear. #DavidLynch
Shortbread and Hard Candy

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Chocolate and Short Bread
Beard Bauble Biscuits.

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In light of recent revelations Creep Millionaire's Shortbread baked full of toxic masculinity.

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I don’t know about you but sometimes I struggle to muster the motivation to walk to the shop.

Spare a thought for this guy – Alex Ellis-Roswell

On 3rd August 2014 Alex left his home in Kent to walk 9500 miles around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.


Along the way Alex camped in all sorts of weathers, met and shared the hospitality of many kind and colourful folk.

Alex is currently less than 100 miles away from home and in the process has raised over a whopping £60,000 for RNLI Lifeboats.

I feel privileged to have met Alex, and his lovely Mum Jackie Ellis-Penfold on a couple of occasions.

Please pop along to his page Alex Ellis-Roswell and lend him your support for these last few miles, and, if you can spare any cash, please donate here:

Cookies are Lemon shortbread.

PS, Even the Octopus is sending you a toast Alex!
All the best, Lou & Nicolette Wells

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