Just posted a mess of new Mac Swisha. Check it out and leave feedback.

Have to finish my (Zane) album art tonight. My official mixtape name is "Chronic '13" after the Dr. Dre album. Be watching for that.

Mizfit Music Mafia updated their cover photo.
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If Nas does an album with Frank Ocean, I will lose all respect for him. Before the homophob accusations come in, it has nothing to do with his preference. I think Frank Ocean is the most talentless artist out right now as far as R&B goes. He's a wanna be Lyfe Jennings, and I refuse to show love to a generic carbon copy. -Zane

Just a cool little edit I did before bed one night.

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People ask me "What's the difference between Rap and Hip-Hop?". In my opinion, it's the level of creativity. Rap is that remedial "swag, money, bitches, dope, hos" shit. The shit you hear in heavy repetition on the radio, and really doesn't deserve the attention it receives. Hip-Hop is the real shit. It may contain the same subjects, but reflect another stance on the same situations. Hip-Hop doesn't dumb itself down to get plays, and really doesn't need to. It tells a story or shares an opinion. Rap isn't anything but bragging. In my own opinion, there's a very distinct sound (and difference) between the two. Keep it 100! #TeamMX3

New music coming soon. I'm gonna release my album art for my new mixtape soon too. Be watching for that in the coming days and the mixtape soon after. #TeamMX3

Go show my new artist AOK some love for his 1st verse with us. Can't wait to see his future here. Welcome to the team!

Knowing That we have survived the apocalypse, you gonna need some new music. Go check out my newest edition to the crew. Angel is A hell of a rapper. I think ya'll gonna like him! Let me know what you think! #TeamMX3 #BossGang #HoodLifeRecords #RockstarLifestyle

Just posted that Dreamin' Z-Mix. Kind of sloppy on the editing, but fuck it. I wrote the whole thing in like 5 minutes anyway. Why make it perfect? Lol. Check it out and see what you think.

Set to record Don't Forget Me (P.O.W). Be watchin' out for that. Beat & A Dream Vol. 1 coming soon!

Bummer! We aren't a top Google anymore. Gonna have to get people talking again huh? Ok, let's get it!

Check out Krypto Knight's new joint Converting Christians. It's pretty dope.

Let us not forget those who died on this day in 2001, all the fallen soldiers that gave there lives for in the war that followed, and the families the felt this personally. You will never be forgotten. 9/11/01...

I'm glad you find me relavant enough to write A whole verse about little old me, and tag your whole crew and shit. Maybe you should have read the label on the original diss 1st. You would then know you're throwing shots at the wrong person bro. We literally laughed for like an hour last night over that. You put all that work in on that threatning verse, and totally missed the target. I am NOT Krypto Knight. We don't even sound the same dude. Come on XD

Y'all gonna say what y'all want. I'm done speaking on Facebook. I'm just gonna get to the music. New music soon. #TeamMX3

Got ya'll some Krypto Knight recordings. My newest artist puts shit down! I will post tomorrow (Depending on how sick I am). A couple people's gonna be super pissed though. Should be a good time. Check back often! #TeamMX3