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The Making of Moonwalker Part 2
Michael Jackson rehearsing to Light Man
Again this year, the Rio de Janeiro’s carnival celebrated Michael Jackson! The theme set by Vila Isabel school was about black music and obviously, they had Michael Jackson! Vila Isabel was m…

Apparently "Bad" will be the song of the summer 2017. Goog, good

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Gru is back - this time facing super villain Balthazar Bratt. Watch the new trailer for Despicable Me​ 3 now, in theaters Summer 2017.


Here is my blog on the Brad Sandberg Seminar In The Studio with MJ…/in-the-stu…/

On 17th October I went along to the In The Studio Seminar with MJ hosted by Brad Sundberg. I had been to one of his seminars before so walking in I had an idea of what I was to expect. Although ho…

In the Studio with MJ Seminar Dublin next week. Brace yourself 😊

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In The Studio With Michael Jackson

Brace Yourself!

London Oct 14/15
Dublin Oct 17/18/19
Berlin Oct 21/22...
Mexico City Nov 11/12

Hear things you have never heard.
See things you have never seen.
Learn things you never knew.

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Don't forget to buy your tickets for the in the studio with MJ Seminar.

London Oct 14, 15
Dublin Oct 17, 18, 19
Berlin Oct 21, 22
Mexico City Nov 11, 12


Hear things you have never heard
See things you have never seen
Learn things you never knew

Tickets on sale

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London, Dublin, Berlin, Mexico City - Tickets on sale now!
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Remembering the King of Pop on his birthday.

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Posted by BET

On this day in 1958, a king was born. He would go on to break musical records, influence several generations and raise the bar in the entertainment world. Happy Birthday #MichaelJackson!

Conrad Murray has decided to release the book about Michael. I will not post all the crazy stuff he said what he will include in the book, just that he was the only family to Michael that Michael had apart from Paris and Prince and that he will open eyes of so many ppl who adores Michael. This is what Paris had to say about it "the fact that people are actually listening to and believing a cold blooded murderer is honestly beyond me."
Read in the shared post what you can do to stop the book from selling.

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Kerry Ward



My colleague Louise Wilburn Greer has just had a telephone conversation with Amazon HQ. They have confirmed that copyright... infringement advice will affect ALL AMAZON platforms GLOBALLY! This means that Conrad Murray's book will be pulled from EVERY SINGLE AMAZON SITE IN THE WORLD!!!

BUT we still need you to contact Amazon in YOUR country! You can send the sample letter below with attached supporting evidence. Let's do this folks!

Dear Sirs

I write with regard to the book as mentioned in the link below:


It appears that Mr Murray has infringed on copyright. The name "Michael Jackson" is a registered trademark of the Estate of Michael Jackson/John Branca/Ziffren Brittenham LLP and it is HIGHLY LIKELY that Mr Murray has not sought permission to use this registered trademark.

I am more than happy to provide screenshots of the trademark register to that effect.

I strongly advise you to investigate this in case Mr Branca chooses to commence any legal action.

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Posted by Keen Zhang
Keen Zhang

Chinese animator Wang Yunfei made this short film with his own film's characters from "Yugo & Lala" to pay tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson. This is a very beautiful piece!!

Prince is starting his career. Watch the first video produced by Michael's son Prince.

Jennifer Fitzgerald

MJ FAM--- Watch Prince Michael's first official produced music video

Watch the music video for the new single "Automatic" by Omer Bhatti STREAM ¨AUTOMATIC¨ Spotify: Apple /...

This tribute is worth seeing. Even if you have seen it before, it is still good to see again

This is the first music video I directed, and it features a new original choreography performed in Michael Jackson Style. The MJ Style is a real and professi...

Unseen promo photos.

Unseen promotional photo of Michael Jackson just emerged.…/

Some pictures of Michael Jackson have emerged online. It seems Michael has done a photo shoot for MLS Limousine back in the 00’s. It is unclear if those photos are part of an endorsement for …

Unusual but very cool tribute to Michael

Amazing cool! you have never seen this! Chinese magician Mahmut in Xinjiang pays tribute to Michael Jackson via magic tricks!
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Michael Jackson

As we take time today to reflect with sadness on the loss of Michael Jackson seven years ago, we can’t help but also acknowledge the enduring impact of his and spirit that continues to inspire people in all corners of the world. In the past year alone, Thriller became the first album in history to be certified triple Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America for sales in excess of 30 million in the US alone. Michael’s timeless masterpiece Off the Wall was celebrated through a new documentary which received widespread accolades while sparking a renewed appreciation for his genius from both critics and the public worldwide. But Michael Jackson was far more than a multitalented entertainer. In an uncertain world too often plagued by violence and intolerance, Michael’s messages of universal love, compassion, hope and unity are even more relevant today. In his name — for his children, and for everyone inspired by his compassion to "make a better place" for the present and the future — we ask you to keep Michael in your heart. - The Estate of Michael Jackson

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