I woud strongly encourage all local Starcraft fans to check out Kevin's LAN party this Saturday. This isn't just a little get-together. Dankshrine host and Scythe eSports owner Toast will be there as well as pro players puCK and PandaBearMe. And the Starcraft II tournament has a $500 prize pool.

The reprise of a community event for players from around Minnesota; a one day BYOC-lite* SC2 tournament at my house! My goal for this is to get players from Minnesota (and maybe surrounding states?) to be able to hang out, enjoy some StarCraft, and get to know one another a little bit. Whether you.....

The new map 16-Bit has some cute easter eggs. There are rows of 0's and 1's all over the place, some easier to spot than others. In binary language they spell out the names of several Starcraft II players including ByuN, Creator, PartinG, Livibee, soO, and Dark.


Go to the following TeamLiquid thread to register and get up-to-date info:…/532887-minnesota-house-lan-may-…

The reprise of a community event for players from around Minnesota; a one day BYOC-lite* SC2 tournament at Kevin's house! His goal for this is to get players from Minnesota (and maybe surrounding states?) to be able to hang out, enjoy some StarCraft, and get to know one another a little bit. Whether you’re WCS Challenger tier or just a casual... fan, please consider coming out and joining in!

When: Saturday, May 19 12:00pm CDT (GMT-05:00)
Where: Kevin's house (west Minneapolis metro, address will be sent to attendees in TeamLiquid PM)
Entry: Free
Prize pool: $500 (50/30/12.5/7.5% spread)
Format: Group play or double-elim, depends on number of attendees

*What is this “BYOC-lite”? Basically, we’ll need enough PCs for people to play their tournament matches on, so if we can get a few volunteers to let us use their setups communally I would be eternally grateful. I do have two extra PCs that are SC2-capable, but the more, the merrier.

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Sat 12:00 PM CDTKevin's House

A little update: The 20th Anniversary event was fun, but attendance was a lot less than the Meetup and Facebook RSVPs indicated. With a 1-year old daughter it's complicated for me to host these events so I'm hoping that attendance will improve now that the weather is more accomodating. I'm hoping to announce another streaming event in the near future. And once I'm sure there is enough interest I'd like to try setting up a LAN party. In the meantime, I've been achievement hunting and working on my early game so I can provide some level of challenge for members who might join me for a game. Anyway, I'd like to try for a day when there's a live event being streamed. Let me know if there's anything coming up that interests you.

The first Heroes of the Storm digital comic has been released. More and more, Blizzard has been developing lore outside its games through cinematics and comics while often releasing related cosmetics in-game. The lore they're elaborating on for Heroes is interesting, focusing on the lords who narate the battlegrounds that are original to the game. So we get to learn more about why these characters are bring heroes in from other Blizzard universes to do battle with each other. We'll see how it builds.

Blizzard is adding a feature to the Starcraft 2 arcade where some content creators can release premium arcade maps where the map or some of its features is sold with some of the purchase going to the creator. Lots of people are quick to point out that this was first promised in 2009 before Wings of Liberty was released. It's a good case of "better late than never".

I hadn't realized it before, but my wife's Amazon Prime account gives me free access to Twitch Prime. That should help keep the commercials out of the way during future Barcraft events!

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne has received its first balance changes since June 2008. Starcraft: Brood War is still holding firm with its last balance changes back in May 2001.

Really great cover! And the video montage makes it even better!

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Ready to rock out with an epic StarCraft anniversary remix?! 🤘

Watch as metal guitarist Charlie Parra del Riego unleashes the nostalgia.

Gordon Hayward was part of the Starcraft 20th anniversary panel yesterday and they brought up this old gem.

A high school buddy and I are celebrating Starcraft's 20th anniversary by seeing if we can obsessively play a match on each official Blizzard map for Starcraft Remastered and Starcraft II. It's really just an excuse to play a lot of casual matches while revisiting two decades of memories.

However, there are only two of us and a lot of those maps are made for up to 8 players. So we're looking for at least 6 people who think that this sounds like fun.

We play on the NA server, ...usually around 9pm Central Time. Although we've both played for years, we've never really practiced seriously or researched build orders. We're just fanboys who aren more interested in trying things out in the game than actually being competitive.

I go by HyperTurtle#1732. Reply to this thread or contact me on BattleNet or Facebook Messenger if you're interested.

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No official word about it, but the units appear to be exploding into confetti when they die during the 20th anniversary.

The 20th anniversary stream has started. Watch 2 cumulative hours of the stream today and tomorrow and you get an exclusive console skin for Starcraft II.

Starcraft Remastered is admittedly still struggling to reach its potential. According to developer Matt Sherman, improving network performance is the #1 priority right now. Beyond that they are working on better matchmaking, an improved user interface on BattleNet, a new ladder system with separate seasons, and adding art for different kinds of ramps to the map editor. They are also working on group matchmaking but that is going to be further into the year.

Check your BattleNet gifts. You either get Fenix for free or you get an experience stim pack. Make sure to claim it soon as it looks like they are only available through Tuesday.

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Get Fenix free for StarCraft's anniversary celebration! 🎉

Already have him? Get a Co-op Stimpack for mastery levels faster.

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A promo for something else we'll be watching Saturday!

[Promo] 2018 GSL Season 1 Finals - Stats(P) vs Maru(T) - Saturday, March 31st, 17:00 (KST)

A preview of one of the many things we'll be watching on Saturday!

Get a sneak peek at “StarCraft is Life,” a short collection of stories on how StarCraft made a meaningful impact on a person’s life. The full version will be...