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  • 2010 to present
    As Communication Coach/Consultant of communicationTRUSTpower I work to bring my clients very quickly into effective Communication Trust-Power℠ in any second language. Most focussed on English as a client's second language.
    In the end it's not about words and grammar!
    My work is at the organisational and also individual level.
    • One shared global second language by 2026
      2015 to present
      Working to reach the goal of one shared SECOND language, with no native-speaker dominance.
      We want to reach half of the world's adult population by 2026.
      Obviously this shared second languaage cannot be English, but instead GLOBISH.
      This is because elite speakers of English are dominating the conversation.
      Globish uses fewer words of English with fewer tenses. Most importantly it actively assumes that the stronger speaker adjusts their language, to support the weaker speaker.
      Only in this way can we achieve global conversation for global solutions to global problems, which includes far more people from more countries.
      We already have the internet technology, but now we need the language.
      Will you help us?
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