Preview of my Awesome Dance Moves

I love this mini of mine!!!! Mini mouse hair buns ✔️

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So I haven't posted anything on this page for almost 3 years (holy wow). So first off, I just wanted to apologize to every photographer that messaged me towards the end of spring start of summer of 2013 that I told I only did "paid jobs" - I thought I was hot sh*t and it was SO UNBELIEVABLY RUDE!!!!!!!!! If I could go back in time I would slap myself!

Here is what has happened in the last 3 years! I got married. I had my second child (a beautiful little girl). I moved... to Virginia, back to Utah, to Texas, and back to Utah (which is were I am living now). I gained 40 pounds (during my pregnancy and kept it for about a year) and lost it. I am still 3 or 4 lbs heavier than I was but I am working on it. I've grown my hair back out. I've shrunk 2 inches (I'm 5'5" now). And most importantly I have missed you all!!! How has your life changed in the last 3 years?????

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I haven't posted any really recent photos not taken on my phone but here is the first photo shoot I've done since the spring and I did it with the love of my life love you all

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Planning a coming back shoot.... What are your thoughts on it??

Hey loves!! Please take five seconds and go like my photo!!! Love you guys!!!

Short hair but it's growing share the love

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Oh and in case you forgot this is me having fun at the playground

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Sorry about my absence lately, I've fallen of the planet it seems as many of you know I applied for ANTM and was cut the round before the semi-finalist but watching the show I'm kind of happy I didn't make it! These guys are smokin an virgg is going to win!

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Katherine Marie

One of my all time favorites miss you!!

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Being away from everything has started to make me think that maybe modeling doesn't belong in my future... Lots to ponder on that matter. Thanks for your support though. Xo xo Katherine

For this weekend only, the pineapple monkini is being sold for $40 with free shipping!! I know currently most of the knit monkini's are being sold for $60 or more! Go check them out and place an order!…/152555526/knit-pineapple-monkini

Professional pictures still to come but those of you who are interested in ordering the pineapple monkini follow the link…/152555526/knit-pineapple-monkini

1 pc hand made pineapple monkini. 100% cotton, with Rayon lining. ties around neck and chest. Sizes Small Medium Large Bust 32-34 35-37

Just finished the revised version of my monkini! It is 100% cotton I am going to start selling them soon! Pictures and more information coming soon! if you want to purchase one soon, send me a message and I will send you over color options as well as pricing! xo xo Katherine

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Just finished my first monkini I am thinking of making and selling them! Who would be interested??

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I just want to say thank you for all the support that i have had through this crazy journey! I hope to continue modeling in Virginia this summer, but it may take time. Love you all!!!

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May 13, 2013

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