I aspire to be the Bruce Springsteen of film-making. At the age of 63 I hope to still be filled with enthusiasm and love for the voice-less, down on their luck, pushed aside working class. Rooted in faith, humility and the understanding that my gifts are not for my own vain glory but the greater good. Help me Jesus.

~Eliot Rausch

Reflections on the creative process - why we do it, how does it work, why does it matter - from a broad range of artists, designers, ad-men and more.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

~Albert Pine

In honor of the news that Bear Grylls is returning to television, here's our interview with him on his wild family, his wild life and his wild faith. [RelevantMagazine]

The remarkable faith journey of the famous TV host/crazy-person/survivor/star/family man.

Do yourself a favor, creative artistic kid trying to make a living doing what you love. Go learn how to be a salesman, it will help you in the long run.

~Eliot Rausch

Why passion projects are key to being more creative.

Discover why you need to pursue self-directed passion projects to keep your creativity sharp. Whether you're a video editor, photographer or designer, passion projects give you free range to take risks and expand your creative toolset.
We round up 25 nuggets of writing wisdom from Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Augusten Burroughs, Geoff Dyer, Steven Pressfield, and more.

I heard a report last night on KCRW that the largest buyers of entertainment equipment in America is the American Church. One pastor was quoted saying "we have to do everything we can to catch their attention." I wonder if entertainment is really the solution. Actually i dont think it is. We are being entertained to death, daily, and I believe it is the entertainment or the idea of waiting to be entertained that has created our apathy.

~Eliot Rausch

My life was based around work. My passion turned into routine. I almost burned out and it took me a while to understand what was happening. After selling all camera equipment in March 2012 to take a 7 month break, motivation is back and life is more balanced than it ever was.

~Rene Eckert

"Since I discovered my passion in filmmaking, I dedicated all the time I had to it. Any free minute was spent in playing with cameras, writing down stories, capturing…

If you were observant enough when watching movies, you know there's something about orange and teal color and Hollywood.

What is it about orange and teal? A series of infographics takes a look at the odd predominance of the two colors in cinema.

I've learned over time that life doesn't just happen; it must be created, and I'm the architect in charge of designing it.

~Ami Kaplan

When I graduated from business school and started my career with Touche Ross in 1982, I planned to stay just two years. Twenty-nine years later I'm still at the same company (it's now called Deloitte) — because I've been able to create the career and life I wanted, even as what I wanted and ho...

Having trouble progressing on that big creative project? Six questions to reality check your time management skills and get you back on track.

Do you have a "Be-Good" or a "Get-Better" mindset?

Trying to be perfect can cause enough anxiety and frustration to sabotage our creativity.

Contracts are a source of anxiety and dismay in creative work, but they exist for a good reason.

Here’s a free set of 10 basic agreements for a variety of common business situations that creative professionals face.

I never try to compare my work to my peers with similar experience/talent. Instead I’m always trying to compare my work to my favorite work out there and I try to figure out what exactly makes it so great.

~Remington McElhaney

The ball has dropped, the confetti has been swept up, and everyone is back at work. I have a feeling that a lot of New Year’s Resolutions have been broken

Concerning the good you do…'reject and oppose flattery and notoriety for doing that which you are created to do, doing that which you ought to have done.'

~Eliot Rausch

Love Is A Thread. A gorgeous promo video from last year's Justice Conference.

In the garment of justice, your love is an irreplaceable thread. Join us February 24+25 in Portland, Oregon.

"Ideas are meant to be attacked, torn apart, and put back together again."