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Loosely modeled after the Defender...

This is what happens when off-road enthusiasts get their nerd on.
Elon Musk gives a glimpse of electric semi truck

The electric trucks are coming... it just might be a while.

Tesla Semi: Elon Musk says they are making progress with new electric semi truck, focus is still on Model 3 - Electrek

When Elon Musk released his‘ Master Plan Part 2’ for Tesla last year, he surprised a lot of people in the industry when he announced that the automaker will soon venture in the semi-truck business. Musk confirmed today that the project, which has been called 'Tesla Semi', is making good progress, bu...

International science competition to develop a new faster form of transport. USA! USA!

Time Crystals... great name for sci-fi, still have no idea what they are.…/2017-01-physicists-unveil-mattertime-c…

Normal crystals, likes diamond, are an atomic lattice that repeats in space, but physicists recently suggested making materials that repeat in time. Last year, UC Berkeley's Norman Yao sketched out the phases surrounding a time crystal and what to measure in order to confirm that this new material i...
SpaceX may not be interested in actually designing and making a real Hyperloop — it's hard to tell how serious anyone is about the idea — but it is happy..

Beautiful drop trailer is east down and Miami bound!

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Small trailer that packs a big punch!

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Drop Trailer is looking sharp at Texas Motor Speedway!

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Solid integration of wheels into the wrap is all I'm saying.

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The Poke

Genius anti Trump campaign on a bus in Denmark reminds Americans abroad to vote.


Thats a wrap on the 2016 Tour!
It’s been quite the ride since those early days.

It's here that I'd like to point out that truck and trailer are traveling in reverse. So yes, the lady can drive. Nice work Erin!

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Graphics going on for the FLOR recycling truck. Truck went door to door collecting old carpet to show off FLOR’s recycling ability.
Mogul Solutions updated their cover photo.
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