Bonsai (the Boston) and Theodore are best buds. You’d never know these two little busy bodies are both seniors. They’ll add lots of fun and love to your life! 💕💕
Benson's Pet Centers Gala for Animals for MHHS
Rats! Oliver and Otis. They’re 1-year-old brothers. And they’re pretty adorable. ❤️💕
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Cristi Anne
· March 11, 2018
I am very disappointed in how they handled my application for a special dog. At first Gail got back to me promptly, but was told that it would have to be forwarded to the director Nancy, which I never... got an email from. I reached out to her and she said well I sent it to you, but here it is. They kept saying this dog was extremely mouthy and declined me visiting the dog 4 days after the weekend I asked to meet him. You would think working at a shelter instead of demotivating me they would have offered other dogs as well since there are animals there that need homes. I have adopted many animals from here and not once did they ever question me. Maybe that is something you could do better next time, is suggest other dogs to people instead of disregarding them. See More
Kevin Scott
· November 18, 2017
Today we adopted our second amazing dog to our family. Each time we had the most amazing experiences. The staff are friendly and genuinely care for their animals. To work in an industry where you cons...tantly see and hear of abuse must be one of the most trying experiences but they maintain their positivity which is great. Donations are always welcome and adoptions to loving homes are amazing so please head down. Yes adopting a dog means vet bills because they have limited resources and funds but if you are looking for a pet this is a no brainer and better be prepared to provide whatever is needed to your pet. Please research into owning a pet and be prepared to care for them before jumping into a big decision. Thanks again everyone! See More
Linda Hurley
· October 16, 2017
Back in 2014 july 21st exactly, my son and myself went to the Humane society to look at dogs because we had lost our 5 yr old Golden Shadow to a massive heart attack ( never knew there was anything with his heart) on July 10th 2014. It was very hard on me as I was mournin the loss of Shadow but my adult son said "mom the house is too quiet" so down we went now to just look. I decided I wanted a small dog, all our other dogs were large dogs except for our American cocker Zeus who passed from cancer. So I thought a small dog would be eaiser for me to walk as I have MS and my balance is off. We saw all the dogs there and there was this girl sitting way back on the cot scared as hell. I tried talking to her but she was so scared, so I asked if we could take her out and see if she would perk up, she was having none of it. Then the girl there told me she had a father who was already adopted, well needless to say I got very pissed off even stating "why anyone would break up a family I will never understand" I said this to another worker while my son was talking to other dogs. The woman told me he was not adopted out he was in the hospital there with kennel cough. I asked her if we could see him and she went and brought himout to the viewing area outside. Needless to say my son and howie were such a match iy made me cry so they brouht honey (howie's daughter) out to see her dad and she became a new dog riht before my eyes, she was smilling really, and was all over her dad loving him up and so happy that I told the woman there I would take both of them(I refuse to break up a family) they told me the price and found out from the vet that howie could go home that day just a bit later he needed his meds. So we adopted the two of them Bluetick coonhounds without a home check or any kind of security check. Really, all I could think of was thank God we got them and not some asshole who fights dogs. Cannot complain about the staff, they are under a lot of pressure but to not find out what kind of people we are and what kind of house we have is not too smart on their part. But I have never been so glad to have these two family members we love so much. The only thing is they really should let people know what to expect from their pets like the baying they do at the trees and any animal they consider prey. I had no Idea what kind of dogs they were or the sounds they make but we have come to love that howl they make. And to let the people who know what Bluetick hounds are for they are used for hunting and NO mine do not hunt except in their own yard lol See More
Jenn Mercier
· December 7, 2017
Showed up at 5 after 4 for the free clinic to have my puppy get its shots and we were all told that they're not handing out any more tickets because people showed up at 1 this afternoon on December 7t...h will that's not fair it's very poorly managed because you know all these people are going to show up you should hold it more than once a month just very poor and very dissatisfied I've contacted Steve caporizzo to let him know about the poorness of this and you have a lot of unhappy people that showed up and were turned away because there were no more tickets See More
Dacia S
· March 15, 2018
I got a tour today from the VP of Operations and I'll admit I was impressed. Very informative and the new place is so much nicer! I was surprised and impressed with how much they get to know their ani...mals and try to let them decompress and live "normal" lives as much as you can in a shelter. There's always room for improvement but animal welfare's a tough gig and they're doing the best they can! See More
Jay Proffitt
· January 31, 2018
My dog ran off and was picked up and brought here, City of Troy in conjunction with Mohawk Humane Society then proceeded to first try to charge me $35 for rabies shot because I didn't have his paperwo...rk. I faxed if from my vet, then they charged me $400 to release my dog. Highway robbery See More
Jessica A Bear
· December 19, 2017
Great place to adopt an animal!!!! My family and I are very blessed we adopted are kitty Kavod now Princess Poppy at Petco the other day. She is loving her new home and I would recommend anyone to from you guys. Thank you so much!!! See More
Harriet Smith
· March 1, 2018
Tonight they posted two siblings for adoption. I messaged them to see if they were still available, was told yes. I then asked how much for both, and could I bring my dog for a meet and greet. They d...idn't answer, but someone else messaged that they encourage meet and greets. I called to check on cost and got a recording that stated that dogs range from $75 to $350. They also stated that they will not hold dogs for anyone. So I grab my dog and within 10mins was tracking from East Greenbush to Menands during rush hour to check out these dogs. I get there and am told by the lady at the desk they were already adopted and she pointed to the room they were in. And low and behold there is a sign on the door stating they are under 24hour hold. I said to her I was told you don't hold animals for anyone. She said oh well we do when there is going to possibly be a sibling for a meet and greet. So that alone shows it is not a guaranteed adoption. While here I was with my dog in my arms as I was informed was the correct thing to do, but yet I was not allowed to adopt them because they were on hold for someone who may not even take them. I just wanted you to know that this is not how to run your shelter. You need to stand by what you state to be the rules. This is why people don't want to deal with shelters when looking for there forever pets. I for one will never ever again adopt from your shelter or probably from any other either. Nor will I ever donate to one. You can't just pick and choose who has to fallow your rules and who you will let them slide for. I do hope these two dogs do get a great forever home, but if this other person don't take them after the meet and greet remember that is on you for favoring them over someone who did exactly what YOUR RULES stated to do. God bless any poor animal who ends up in your hands if this is how you run things. See More
Erin Montrello
· July 24, 2017
I adopted Jessie from here a little over two years ago. When I decided to adopt her, she had to stay in the shelter for an additional 4 days because she hadn't seen the vet yet! This was heart breakin...g but I can understand. I visited every day until I could bring her home. I dropped a blanket off that smelled like me and the house. They never put it in her kennel and stated that it was lost. I never received the blanket back. I then when I picked up my Jessie, I had to pick her up in the afternoon because she still had not seen the vet. I took her home and the following day she developed a cough and fever. I had to take her to the vet because I could not get a hold of anyone at your facility. She was found to have kennel cough and needed treatment. I called and attempted to notify them of the situation and I never received a phone call back. My dog was also matted and had such a terrible coat she had to be shaved down. The receptionist at the facility when I picked her up was abrasive and not willing to be helpful. Overall I love my Jessie however my my experience with the staff was terrible. See More
John Harris
· October 6, 2017
Rescued a dog about a week ago. Brought him back to ask questions about his non stop coughing. They said nothing is wrong and he has a clean bill of health. Looked at his feces and it is loaded with... worms. Called them back again they said there is nothing they will do to help him. Apparently they can rescue dogs lie about the health and then pawn them off on people. Such a disgrace. Read the paperwork very carefully before you adopt. They told me they sell the dogs "as is" like I'm buying a used car. See More
Glenn Neander
· February 28, 2018
We had a great experience! It did take longer than we expected but if you don't have patience you probably shouldn't be getting a pet anyway. The staff was friendly and helpful. We would go there to a...dopt again! See More
Tara Murphy
· December 11, 2017
Everyone at the Humane society is so helpful and friendly. The animals are so loved and well cared for it’s so amazing to see so much love and kindness given to these animals.
Michael Crook
· March 15, 2018
I adopted my first MHHS cat yesterday, a cutie by the name of Blade. The process was quick and easy. They even respected and upheld the fact that, although another couple wanted Blade too, I was They explained the whole process and explained all the paperwork. Blade hasn't been ours a full day yet and he's already family. Family that likes to butt heads. :) See More
Iliana Marisol Arthur
· November 7, 2017
I adopted a 6 year old cat named Kate a little over a year ago.. I renamed her Sweetie. . She was the only cat I looked at ... I love her soooooo much.. She is perfect.... She was at the shelter 2 tim...e. Never again.. I love my Sweetie!! Thank you for my bestie!! See More
Kathy Calabrese Stelman
· December 23, 2017
Great wonderful place for animals. Adopt, don't shop. Many wonderful dogs, cats, and other small animals here.
Riley Nuss
· November 8, 2017
I can't thank the Mohawk staff enough for taking such good care of our newest member of the family (Mollie). They were so patient with us and kept in contact while she had to stay there for 2 weeks af...ter surgery, due to kennel cough. Now we have two AMAZING dogs that both came from Mohawk Humane Society! See More
Halinka Zolcik
· February 20, 2018
I went to adopt a cat at this location and everyone working in the cat adoption area was soooo knowledgable and friendly. They helped me find a sweet cat who is absolutely purrfect for my home.
Dia Knight
· March 12, 2018
The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society CEO is personally involved in the investigation of the officers that intentionally hit a raccoon. He said he will make sure it’s fully involved. Someone placed a vid...eo of the same raccoon on this Humane Society page showing it wasn’t rabid a few hours before it was hit. They killed a healthy raccoon. See More
Amanda Spittle
· June 22, 2017
Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to MHHS for such a great experience!! I went in to visit the kitties last weekend not expecting to fall in love, and ended up with the best little kitty!! The ...volunteers were super helpful, and the adoption process was super smooth. He's now been home for almost a week, and he's adjusted super well + loves his big kitty sister already! Thank you to you all for everything! See More
Tracey Charland
· September 27, 2017
My dogs had to spend 2 months at Mohawk Hudson due to an issue with my neighbor. The staff was amazing. So helpful. I called every day. My dogs are home now they were very well taken care of.

Bonsai (the Boston) and Theodore are best buds. You’d never know these two little busy bodies are both seniors. They’ll add lots of fun and love to your life! 💕💕

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Our Saratoga spay/neuter clinic offers high-quality, low-cost services for pets in the Capital Region and north country. Learn more:

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Adoption clinic on Sunday, starting at 11 at Fuccillo Nissan of Latham.

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Happy St. Gertrude’s Day! She’s the patron saint of cats.

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Adopted! Tootsie! ☘️💕🐾

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The kittens are coming and we need to prepare! Join us for our Kitten Shower on Saturday, April 14. More details to come. Here's a link to our registry.…

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A shout out to the kind folks at Citizens Bank and Hannaford Supermarkets in Lansingburg who collaborated on a food and supply drive for us.

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How about a little retail therapy for a good cause ... homeless kitties! These scratchers provide comfort and enrichment for the cats, especially those like Bear who have a hard time adjusting to the shelter after being in a home. Bear has come so far with foster care and the TLC of our staff. He's still a shy guy, but ready for a forever home. You can order these mini scratchers online and have them sent to us at MHHS, 3 Oakland Avenue, Menands, 12204. Bear and his friends thank you.

Cat scratchers for animal shelter cages, hangs on cage bars, easy to install, corrugated cardboard, long-lasting, tough scratching, sharpens nails, relieves stress

This is true friendship. Helo, an 11-year-old chihuahua, and Ivy, a 4-year-old pit mix, are best buddies. Helo loves attention and being held. Ivy is a playful and well-behaved gal who loves tennis balls. See their adorable faces here. Naturally, they need a home together, but with no small kids.

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Join us for an adoption event on Sunday Fuccillo Nissan of Latham.

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While we hate subjecting to viewers to this video once again, our VP of Veterinary Services, Dr. Patricia Rockstroh, describes what signs to look for in a potentially rabid animal. -Understanding signs of rabies from wildlife critical in taking action…/understanding-signs-of-rabies-from-wil…/
(Via WTEN News)

It’s a video that has gone viral. A local police department, attempted to run over a raccoon in a grocery store parking lot.

Rats! Oliver and Otis. They’re 1-year-old brothers. And they’re pretty adorable. ❤️💕

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Cops who killed raccoon under investigation…/coeymans-raccoon-rabies-cooney-…/4824511/…

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Meet beautiful Mimi. What a sweet girl!

Hey it's Jaime. Meet Mimi, our adorable Pet of the Week. She's currently at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society but would love to come home and live with you! Click on the picture to see video of Mimi and to find out more about her!! Let's find her the purr-fect home!!!

Our friends from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society came in today with a sweet little girl kitty!  her name is Mimi, and she would love to be a...