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What does God's love really mean? Does it change everything?…/3/29/does-it-really-change-everything

“The biggest thing I’ve learned at Mom to Mom is that God loves me. Really loves me. Even me. Others have tried to tell me. But somehow I couldn’t believe it. You know, the way I am. But this year through Mom to Mom, I have truly felt God’s love. And you know, Linda, when you know God loves ...

How can Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday share the same day? My heart doesn’t know how to feel. New post by Linda Anderson, Ashes and Hearts

Such a topsy-turvy day it is. An emotional maelstrom. How can Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday share the same day? My heart doesn’t know how to feel. I love Valentine’s Day. I always have. But maybe not for the reasons you might imagine. For Woody and me, Valentine’s Day was always a family...

Do you ever feel invisible? As if somehow your children don't even see you running around the house like the energizer bunny . . . ?

Thinking of our heart's true home: Home for Christmas . . . or Not?…/home-for-christmas-or-not

I almost wasn’t brave enough to put it up this year. Do all hearts come home for Christmas? Really? In this season of life, I’ve actually given this question considerable thought. Slowly, I am learning that hearts can come home even when bodies don’t. Good to know.

New post by Linda Anderson, Thanksgiving Dissonance: Going Deeper…/13/thanksgiving-dissonance-going-dee…

“How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” (Psalm 137:4 KJV) I keep hearing this plaintive cry of the Israelites from the pain-laced Psalm 137. Though I’m not living in exiIe as they were, I am living in a strange land of my own. It is strange for many reasons, some sharable and some not

We're living in a country that seems to careen from one tragedy to another. How shall we hold such heaviness?

“Dear World, It will not always be like this.” This Facebook post caught my eye yesterday. Particularly because it comes from a beautiful young mother of four who is wise beyond her years as she grieves the tragic loss of her Marine pilot husband less than two years ago.

Back to school time! Are you excited about that?

After all these years, it still rings in my ears every September. An office supply store in our area used to run a commercial featuring a parent waltzing happily through the store buying school supplies and singing ecstatically “It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . !” Many a mom, often inc...

Whatever may lie ahead in your summer, God will be enough:

Enough. We use it in all kinds of ways. “Enough is enough,” proclaimed the Prime Minister of Britain after the most recent tragic terrorist attack in that country. “Enough!” we tell our children. “I’ve had enough!” Authors, commentators, and wise observers of life remind us: “We live in a ‘never eno...

Come, sit by my fire, and let's talk about this haunting question . . .

I can still hear the little voice on the other end of the phone: “Nana, we’re having Easter at our house next Sunday.

Music is a powerful voice in your children’s ears. Some children receive and remember truths about God far better through music than in any other way. But I believe all children benefit from music.

March Madness is alive and well at our house. You could take this in a number of ways. For us right now, it’s all about basketball. Woody loves the suspense and drama of the NCAA tournament with all its twists and turns. And often, I do, too.

Thoughts during a February nor'easter: the One Who inhabits "the storehouses of the snow" loves us "with an everlasting love”

So it’s February. Actually, February 9 as I write this. And—you guessed it!—it’s a Snow Day. All the schools in the area are closed. In fact, nearly everything is closed today due to “heavy bands of snow” and potential blizzard condition whiteouts in some (unpredictable) spots and very cold temperat...

Is your Advent feeling dishelveled?

“Well, I’m looking at our Christmas tree, which already looks disheveled, and I’m thinking that’s how I feel.” This text came to me last week from an overworked, overwhelmed mother of 4 young kids whose 15-month-old had HFMD (hand, foot, and mouth disease—ugh!) and whose pastor-husband is extra-bus...