BOO-YAH!!! For your ENJOYMENT (or ANNOYMENT) a new Monkey Warhol EP is now available!!! PEACE OUT, BRO.

5 track album

Aw shucks... I'm starting to blush!?!? Much love to Floorshime Zipper Boots for the EP6 love!!!

FZB favorite Monkey Warhol is back with EP6, another blast of his own brand of inimitable synthpop. The five tracks continue Warhol's ...

Oodles of hugs and lots'o'love to The Razor and Die Show for spinning "Boots & Pants" on Friday's show!!! I'm the luckiest little monkey in the world!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

The Razor and Die Show

The (Razor-less) Razor & Die Show: March 9th, 2018
Razor's home attending to our recovering kitty Johnny Spoiled Rotten!
** Friends of indep...endent music across the globe!!! **

The Electric Mess / Disconnected / The Beast Is You
White Mystery / Stand It / F.Y.M.S.
The Connection / I Can Read Between the Lines / Just for Fun
High Sunn / Dorthea Lange / Bliss
Razorhouse / Go / Codex Tres Lingua

The Hepburns / She's a Colossus / In the Meantime
Tautologic / Coltrane Supermarket / Re:Psychle
Umbra and The Volcan Siege / Goin' to School / Someone Will Love You But It's Not Me / (live Virgin Hotels Chicago Fri, March 16) (Here on this show next week)
The Orange Drop / Julia Dream / Stoned In Love
Ujico/Snail's House / Sunday / Songs 4

JC Brooks Band / Anywhere But America / Red, Black & Blue
Discolor Blind / The Life of Lily / Long Vivid Dream
Ashby and the Oceanns / Crsh (single cover of Against Me! track)
From Ashes to New / Crazy / The Future
Rammstein / Wolt Ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen / Du Reicht So Gut

Killer Hearts / Death on the Dial / Split 7" with Trouble Boys
Sore Subjects / Gimme a Dee Dee / 7"
Nervous Twitch / That Weird Guy / I Won't Hide
CoCoComa / Alright, Alright/, Alright / Things Are Not Alright
Runt. / I See You / Positions of Power
Voice Of Addiction / Dead by Dawn / The Lost Art of Empathy

The Soft Moon / Like a Father / Criminal (March 31 st Empty Bottle)
MAGAZINE / Because You're Frightened / The Correct Use of Soap
Monkey Warhol / Boots & Pants / EP6
The Coathangers / Stop Stomp Stompin / Scramble
MARY'S KIDS / Let's Submerge / Mary's Kids
Generation-X / Ready, Steady Go / No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion (v/a)

6 String Drag / Every Time She Walks On By / Top of the World
The Radish Friends / (Till) I Kissed You / Love Love Love EP
The Why oh why's / Join Me In Confusion / The Why Oh Whys
THE PINHOLES / Long Live Rock n Roll / Youth of Gold EP
Tommy And The Rockets / Gonna Be Alright / Let's Have Fun (in the Summer Sun)
Trouble Boys / Cold Studded Stunner / Split 7" with Killer Hearts

Barrence Whitfield & The Savages / Adorable / Soul Flowers of Titan
Guttercats / I Promise You / Follow Your Instinct
King Mastino / It's So Hard / Medusa
vamos / I Feel Righteous / 1-2-3

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To quote Lil' Kim in Lady Marmalade, "Hey, Hey, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh!!!!" Much love to The 'Spill for sharing "Boots & Pants" as one of their weekly earworms!!! Yes, the track will burrow into your brain and then... ???

Good evening from Earworm land, better late than never. Another interesting selection for you today – if you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to: earwo…

Buckets of love to Sophie's Spring Board Show for spinning "Boots & Pants" on today's show!!! Ya know, just another Friday rockin' the airwaves with Frank Zappa and Mark Knopfler. Better tell TMZ!!!

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Sophie's Spring Board Show added 2 new photos.

Today's Sophie's Spring Board Show I will be interviewing NY based artist Tom Holland about his song El Sendero, the story behind it and his concept album repre...senting stories and styles of music across America, plus discussing the type of reporting we "enjoy" in our free world and what is the effect of the "reporting" on TV about Sergie Skripal in the news at the moment. Plus if anyone wants to share their views on Political Correctness and whether technology and block chain can stop ticket touts ripping off the public over concert tickets.

Here is my playlist Bruce Hornsby Combine the Victorious Electus Frank Zappa Global Warning Mark Knopfler Mark Prudeaux Mike George, John Vaughan, Tom Holland Rich Krueger Monkey Warhol Van Rockman Vic Arnold and Zach Lloyd on show from 2pm - 3.30pm on Source fm

Listen in on 96.1FM on your local dial or from rest of world.

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Butterfly kisses and sac taps of love to YIKIS for the EP6 love!!! The check is in the mail...

Artist: Monkey Warhol Title: EP6 Keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis Monkey Warhol is going bananas in the pop scene, filling the night with its …

Happy New Year!!! Much love to Recent Music Heroes for sharing "Berghain" from EP5. Someone who also believes we ALL need a little more German techno in our lives!!! Danke!!!

EP5 by Monkey Warhol Electro pop Alternative dance Electronic pop Synth-pop Post-disco Artist : Moneky Warhol Release : EP5 ...

Hugs, kisses, and inappropriate touches to Radio Free Kekistan for the stellar review of "The Darwin LP". 4.5 out of 5 stars!!! How about that? Payola really does work!!!

RFK Music Review - Monkey Warhol The Darwin LP 00:15 - 01. Everything Starts With An E 01:40 - 02. Lovely Lady 02:40 - 03. Manscaping 03:40 - 04. Let Your Ha...

Much love to ACID TED for sharing "The Berlin Jade"!!!

And so to Saturday with Monkey Warhol and Atreesto. A couple of downtempo tunes from America for your weekend proclivities. Monkey Warhol’s appeared here a few times. This time we have The Be…

Break out the glow sticks!!! A hug, kiss, and heartfelt "thank you" to Acid Ted for sharing "Stolen Moments" and "Nuts & Bolts". The write-up was spot-on... even if I do say so myself!

Monkey Warhol returns with a couple of absurdly catchy 90s style piano house tracks with a leftfield spin. Stolen Moments goes for ‘a bigger and bigger feeling’ with a phat bouncealong.…

Yee Haw Cowboy!!! Much love and thanks to Recent Music Heroes for the kind words about The Darwin LP! " a word, the album is produced by a creature with a high IQ with regard to music..." Is it weird that my mom is writing my music reviews?

Free Music Archive Electro pop Alternative dance Electronic pop Electro punk Comment : after releasing a bunch of EPs i...

Firecrackers of love to The 'Spill for making "Stolen Moments" one of their Earworm tracks!!!

More eclectic sounds to brighten your Monday. If you have an earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to, with a few words about why you’ve chosen…

All the love in the world to Yeah I Know It Sucks for reviewing EP5!!!

Artist: Monkey Warhol Title: EP5 Keywords: electronic dance electro electropunk folktronicaindie rock synth rock synthpop techno Minneapolis Monkey Warhol is at it again with his latest fun EP with…

Hugs and kisses to The Razor and Die Show for spinning "Stolen Moments" on last Friday's show!

The Razor and Die Show

The Razor and Die Show: August 4th, 2017
With very special in-studio guest Tim Ferguson!

Steven Son Ranch Davidians / Psy Op /Amerikana...
Blondie / My Monster / Pollinator
SONNY VENEER / Toys in the Trash / Forgetting Together
Monkey Warhol / Stolen Moments / EP5
Nate Zaremba / Love Me Hate Me / Bad Boy with a Good Heart

Wreck Loose / Hearts Been Broken / Ok, Wreck Loose
Tomorrow The Moon / Dying Game / Blow, Mind, Blow
The Bishop's Daredevil Stunt Club/ Pick Pocket / Don't Buy This Record
Dead Freddie / Billy / If I Knew What I Wanted / (2night 8/4 at Phyllis')
Superseed / My Time Is Now / (used to be The David J. Edgar Hoovers)

The Moses Gun / The Air Inside Our House / Triage
Djävulen Möblerar Om / Sjunkbomb / Djavulen Moblerar Om
Thrift Store Halo / (Love by) Misadventure / Pop Rocket / (CD Release 9/28 Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant-Downers Grove) Friday, Aug. 4th 3:48p.m.
Kevin Andrew Prchal / Make Me a Believer / ( Tomorrow 8/5 at Fitzgerald's )

Blasting Fondas/ There Ain't No Other Way / There Ain't No Other Way
Tommy And The Rockets / Hey Daisy / Rock 'n' Roll Wrecking Machine
The Red Plastic Buddha / Daisy Love / All Out Revolution
The Moonbeats / To Live Pleases Me / To Live Pleases (So Please Leave Me Here)
Baker Knight and the Knightmares / Hallucinations / My Mind Goes High

Razorhouse / Regan's Song / Codex Du / (Video Premiere & Live Set Gman Fri 8/18)
Garland Jeffreys / Venus / 14 Steps to Harlem
The Ugly Ducklings / Nothin' / 1966 single
The Dahlmanns / Tear Me Apart / Tear Me Apart
Three dimensional tanx / Pink Spaceship / Attack

The Darts - US / The Cats Meow / Me.Ow
The Handcuffs / Jet Baby / Model for a Revolution (Aug 16h at Live Wire)
Ellen Margulies / The White Pony / Hallucinations: / Psychedelic Pop Nuggets (v/a)
The Imperial Sound / Six to a Room / (Wedneday 8/9 at Simon's!)
Leadfoot Tea - one man trash'n'roll / Coronet Hemi / Coronet Hemi
THE CURSE / The King of Irritation / Calcutta Sunrise
The Explosive / Who Planted Thorns in Miss Alice's Garden

Interview and tune-spin with Tim Ferguson"

Junkee Girl / Sophomore / (stay tuned for Tim Ferguson here in the studio!)
Constantine / Blue Iris Baby
The Luck of Eden Hall / A Drop in the Ocean / (previously recorded on The Razor and Die Show sound by: Ray Kulka)
Friends Of Dennis Wilson / Threader Header
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor / Did you Hear the Lions Roar, Mr. Wig?
Heaven's Gateway Drugs / When You Come
The Orange Drop / Make It Her Forever
Warhorses / She Was the Universe

Kaleidoscope Eye Festival of Modern Psychedelia

Jelly Bean Bandits / Generation / Mayhem & Psychosis
The Spiders / Oze-Wieze-Woze / Biet-het is Prop! Vol 2
Helium / Vibrations / The Magic City
The Voice / The Train To Disaster / Chocolate Soup

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Happy Summer!!! Just dropping a quick note to let you know there's a new Monkey Warhol EP out now for FREE download (conveniently titled "EP5"). This is a techno one (well... at least MY version of techno!!!). So go find a girl named Molly, tune in, trip out, and share the love... as always, thanks for listening!!!

5 track album

W00t W00t!!! (That's what "the kids" say, right?) Many thanks and much love to Floorshime Zipper Boots for sharing "Import/Export"!!!

Prolific artist/producer Monkey Warhol is back with another two track EP, Import/Export. Utilizing noise as the primary ambient driver, ...

A thousand kisses to TCLEM for sharing EP4!!! Holy Hannah Bananarama Batman?!?! I've been recognized in my hometown by the "cool kids". I must be doing something wrong!?!

Kudos to YIKIS for finding the "pop masterpiece" hidden behind the static!!! "The release of the year..." Whoa, whoa - slow down tiger - it's only April and I've got a couple more things up my sleeve!

Monkey Warhol is back and sounding poppier than ever! Check it out!

Artist: Monkey Warhol Title:Import / Export Keywords:electronic ambient ambient noise wall digital dronedrone noise wall dystopia experimental industrialmusique concrete noise plunderphonics sound …

A gaggle of thanks to One Stop Record Shop for helping spread the message on the dangers on pickle tickling!

From Vistalite's dancing babies to Monkey Warhol shouting 'don't tickle the pickle!' It's our WTF Videos Of The Week!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time once again! Introducing, the latest instalment of our WTF Videos Of The Week segment. It's been an interesting one, that's for sure, but between the country, electro and off-the-wall hybrid combinations, we've got a couple of obscure offerings to serve up this we...