We've reached 20,000 player contributed levels. To celebrate, Monster Crush is free for the weekend!

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On Friday version 1.9 went live! This version integrates the game fully with the website. Also it adds 6 new bonus levels and a new tile set for you to enjoy!

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Now you can also 'like' levels on the website and have them pushed to your iOS's 'my favorites' list. Also the level viewer works properly on Internet Explorer 8 now.

We've updated our web site. Now you can easily browse through all 17K user created levels! Let us know what you think about it! gave Monster Crush 5 stars!

Monster Crush Review – Drop Buildings on Alien Monsters
Monster Crush created a poll.

What's your favorite game mode?

New Update is live ,let us know what you think about it !

@scott gleeson , this should help i think

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The new Monster crush update is in review !

Update is almost done. Here is a sneak peek at thh new style!

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A sneak peak at the new update
New Monsters !

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Spent a lot of time making a good level that is now hidden amongst 1000-s of other levels? Post your level name here and we'll review it for the 'developer favorites' category.

Do you have any issues with the Monster Crush 1.7 update?

We've received a review in iTunes that says that the bombs no longer go off. Prior to release, this version was tested on a lot of different devices and we found no issues.

Version 1.7 went live!

Now that we have more than 2700 user contributed levels we thought it would be good to add search functionality. Next to this we introduced a list of 'developer favorites' to help you find good levels. Also the game now remembers were you were in the list after playing a level.

Last but not least, the game now runs in full resolution on iPad! We took out the zoom functionality on iPad too.

Contest winner is: BIIIIG BRIDGE! by HEYYYO!

We've fixed this level at the top of the popular list for a week so you can easily find and download it. Our high score is 137,500. Can you do better?

Contest ended: Win a $50 iTunes voucher.

During this one month period, a total of 1,549 levels have been created and we've had 71,226 level downloads, 8,305 likes and 3,594 hates!

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