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This little guy, brought to life by our graphic designer Ewelina Zająkała, is a main character for the upcoming game.

Expect more and more info in the following months.

Happy Holidays!

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Have you ever wondered how to start making games?

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The Ball Sprint

Have you ever been wondering how such a game as The Ball Sprint is brought to the life? Is it a rocket science or just simple elements put together properly?

Ac...tually, it's neither of it and you'll find out why very soon

As many people ask us about The Ball Sprint details (such as a general idea, development process, technology, how to create such a game from the beginning etc.) we decided to write a series of short articles answering such questions to the broader audience. Today we'll start with a short intro and technology details. So let's get started!

The Ball Sprint has been developed for almost half a year (overtime) by three pretty talented people It's been implemented with Unity which is a quite popular 3D game engine suitable also for 2D graphics. This engine comes with multiple ready-to-use solutions such as collision detections, physics, animations or rendering pipelines. It also provides the framework which makes it easier to focus on coding your own high-level ideas rather than immersing into low-level details of using 3D graphics API as OpenGL ES.

With such a help you 'only' have to code your own logic and behaviors for each designed screen (called scene) and their transitions, override the default physics if required (many features in our game do this), process all kinds of data (results, high scores, friends), store and present them on the screen and so on. You can do it using C# or JavaScript with additional extensions delivered by Unity. Yes, you didn't misunderstand it! You actually do implement the Android application without even touching its native language (Java)! This also makes it possible to release your game for multiple platforms in an easy (and low-cost) way.

The game also should look good to be attractive for its users. If you are a talented graphic designer you can create everything on your own but you can also enter Asset Store and just buy (or even get for free) ready to use textures/elements to create the UI and in-game levels. We actually did so to shorten the TTM (time-to-market) which also seemed quite reasonable.

But how to handle storing results for each user to create a competitive game? We decided to have our own backend which communicates with the app using HTTPS. Actually it wasn't so easy because we wanted to have our own SSL certificate which required a domain name for our brand new company. After a couple days of brainstorming we came up with and this is how our small developer studio is called right now

We also chose to buy a dedicated server and run nginx to process game requests. The API is implemented using a common script language - PHP and the data is stored with PostgreSQL database. Nevertheless, we didn't want to implement our own authentication system so the Google API is used to provide this service (that is why having the Google account is required to play online). We also decided to leverage Google's achievements as they can be quite fun

Are you interested how we came up with an idea to develop The Ball Sprint and how the journey to the release looked like? Check out our Facebook profile in the nearest future!

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The Ball Sprint

Brace yourselves, winter is ... in The Ball Sprint!

Let's play the second category!

There it is!
The Ball Sprint is out!

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The Ball Sprint

The Ball Sprint is finally available on Google Play!
Try it now! Become the fastest ball in the world.…

Our first game is coming soon!

The Ball Sprint added 8 new photos.

Excited about our brand new game?
Don't hesitate and take a look at the latest screenshots!

The release is so close... so stay tuned!