Sharing one of my favorite articles I've done on motherhood.

"Instead of being patient, I found myself snapping at the smallest of things—only realizing my mistake when it was too late and the damage was all over my son’s face.

Some of us always knew we wanted to be a mother, but unearthed feelings of regret once we became one.


Some of us knew we never wanted kids, but life surprised us and our children turned out to be something worth living for.

Some of us feel like the sh*ttiest moms on the planet, but in reality are some of the best moms on the planet."…/

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“Some of us knew we never wanted kids, but life surprised us and our children turned out to be something worth living for. Some of us feel like the sh*ttiest moms on the planet,

Kids: They dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.

- William Stafford

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Feeling sad that my little Milo said he didn't like me and hated me during a major blowout today. 🙁I honestly cannot remember one time that Parker ever said I hate you or I don't like you his whole life.

I know it's normal, and I know he's my second child but this is a first for me!😧

I'm glad I learned from the best Cindy my own mom.


When I would scream I hate you(And I did A LOT because I was a bitchy teenager and toddler and bitchy adult too) she would say, "I don't care how much you hate me I still love you anyway and my job is not to be your best friend right now."

That's what I said to Milo.

But, he just threw his shoe at me and told me to "stop looking at him."

Little freaking shit! 💩💩

Ok, now I feel better.

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This is the absolute BEST Title for a Memoir! Also, love the Memoir itfself by Gabrielle Glancy. Recommended read and especially if you are a little disturbed! 🙃 📖

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Sharing a piece I wrote for Babble about early miscarriage. 💔

"I’m bleeding. It’s not a lot, not even a fair amount, but I know.

I’m reading every article and every forum I can find online about other women’s experiences with spotting during pregnancy. So many of them say it’s normal. So many experts say it’s normal."

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It doesn’t matter if you are only a few weeks pregnant, miscarriage is miscarriage. Grief is grief.

His tweet made me think forget the haters who won't ever change. If you've tried a million times and catch yourself trying just one more time well that's just one more headache you are gonna get. One more time you're left defeated. One more punch in the wall. One more shitty mood caused by the same shitty person.

Let them figure themselves out on their own if they refuse to accept your help.

P.s I all of his books and think he's freaking awesome even though I am definitely not as positive as him!😀

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“What we take to be true is what we believe… What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.” -David Bohm💯

Sharing one of my articles from a few months ago and feeling lucky to have such a great role model to shape my own co-parenting style. It's not always easy, but I know they know my love for them means more to me than winning a fight with their other parent who loves them just as unconditionally and just as much as I do.

"Blended families can be extraordinarily complex, and when you are excited about your new found love and ready to start re-writing your future, it’s easy expect your children to be excited and on the same page.

But, the love and excitement you feel doesn’t always spill over to your children as easily as you would like, and it’s best to not expect too much too soon.

Let the step-parent relationship develop naturally, any pressure from you to automatically love someone is not a reasonable expectation for a child no matter what the age."…/

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More than 1,000 blended families form everyday, says the U.S. Census Bureau. Here's a look at some of the most common challenges these families face.

After 14 days straight of vomiting, nausea, no appetite with no other symptoms; no flu, no strep, no virus, no infection, no fever and two trips to two different emergency rooms we finally have a solid answer and plan for now.
My family is out of the country and to the family that's here, I have tried my hardest to update, but I'm just so out of damn gas from watching Milo have to go through tests that I as an adult would say hell no to unless they put me to sleep. A tube fe...

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Something to consider when you are feeling rage or anger.

"Most of our mundane outbursts of anger are not reactions to actual danger, nor even to perceived danger — they are a kind of reactionary weapon-waving against our own insecurities, impatience, and irritations.
Perhaps the problem is this: when threatened, we pull out our weapon, anger. Then the threat passes or evaporates. But the weapon is still in our hand. And weapons are seductive, even addictive… " Ursala Le Guin

Love this BY MARIA POPOVA from Brain Pickings

Don't Heed the Haters.

Few things are more disheartening to witness than the bile which small-spirited people of inferior talent often direct at those endowed with genius. And few things are more heartening to witness than the solidarity and support which kindred spirits of goodwill extend to those targeted by such loathsome attacks.

Her View From Home shared one of my pieces over the Holiday's and it's such an important topic to me that I will share it over and over again until it gets on your nerves!
It should make you want to check in with your friend, your wife, your neighbor, or the stranger next to you who just had a baby. Postpartum depression is one of its own kind because....hormones.
You can't trust hormones. You can't trust that even with the greatest support system in the world you will PPD.
You can't trust that if you just try to wait it out alone you will make it to the other side.
The side where you want to be where you can enjoy the hugs and laugh at the ridiculous things they do.
The side where you love them but also love yourself.
Please share this one with anyone who might need this today! Thank you! ❤️

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Just like us, you were terrified someone would knock on the door and see the spaghetti sauce encrusted on the counter (because spaghetti was the closest thing t...o a home-cooked meal you could manage).

Just like us, you were ashamed that you questioned yourself: Why did I have a second baby? It’s harder than having the first.

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It is difficult to put into words who we turn into during those early months after not only our first baby, but also our second, third, and fourth. I want to connect with those of you who&nbsp…