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Live at La Casa Elizalde, Barcelona, 20th October 2017

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ATENCIÓ: Sin libertad de expresión no hay democracia.

La Fiscalia demana dos anys i un dia de presó per a Alex Nicolaev, un raper de Sabadell, per un suposat delicte d'enaltiment del terrorisme per les lletres de les seves cançons.

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Retweeted Catalan Republic (@ josepmendez78): Atencio: without freedom of expression there is no democracy. The prosecution asks for two years and a day of prison for Alex Nicolaev, a rapper of sabadell, for a suspected crime of elevation of terrorism for their songs.

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La CNN Internacional pincha la señal en directo con Barcelona en los titulares del mundo de las 19:30h para mostrar la gigantesca manifestación por la #Llibertatpresospolitics.

Rótulo: "Huge crowd rallies for release of catalan separatists".

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Let me get this right, so now non-violent action is considered violent, even if there's no actual violence...

Tue 9:30 PM UTC+01La Sonora de GràciaBarcelona, Spain
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Ups. @SomosPP, @CiudadanosCs, @PSOE, el Post tiene algo que deciros.

Critics say the Spanish government is fighting Catalans through force and fear, just like Franco.

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Petition: To condemn the repression of democracy and freedom of speech in Catalonia

We urge HM Government to make a clear objection to the 'de facto' suspension of Catalan institutions, the detention of democratically elected Catalan politicians & the intimidation towards Catalan media; and to pressure the Spanish Government to enter into dialogue with Catalan institutions.

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Robert Shrimsley: 'The world has a new and heroic freedom fighter. De Gaulle, Gandhi, Mandela and now Puigdemont'

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8 Catalan teachers who encouraged class discussion about police brutality on Oct 1 have been charged with hatred crimes by Spanish court.

Lovely gig at CC Vallvidrera-Vázquez Montalbán yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came and the staff there for making it such a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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This is the trade union of the Spanish National Police: ticking off Catalan elected politicans, police & journalists they want to imprison.

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Las trabajadoras de Bershka en Pontevedra siguen en huelga. Difunde para esquivar el silencio de la prensa.

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Primera convocatòria de vaga pel 8 de novembre

Retweeted Jordi Borràs (@Jordiborras): First call to strike for 8 November
La Intersindical registra la petició "en resposta a la precarietat instaurada en el món laboral instaurada a través de les reformes laborals"

Latest move, making La CUP illegal, on what basis? Same tactics used in Euskadi. But the dream won't die. Coordinated response needed

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Attempt to ban staunch pro-independence party CUP ahead of forced December 21 Catalan election.

El escrito, ya incoado por el Ministerio Público, sostiene que los dirigentes de la coalición anticapitalista "han propiciado y legitimado el uso de la violencia" hasta proclamar la DUI.

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“What we’ve seen in Spain the last few weeks is outrageous, it’s a shock for every democrat in the EU” argues @markdemesmaeker #newsnight

Do something practical to help #BoycottSpain we need support