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Brandon Albrecht
· December 30, 2016
A yearly subscription to the Northstar is the ultimate Christmas gift for the feminists in your life. They'll love it! I gave one to my cousin this year and she was so pleased that she couldn't come u...p with words to say, although her face did turn beet red, which I can only take to mean that it was an incredibly exhilarating gift! After reading the Northstar, I can say that I will never read a different UMM student publication again! See More
Lexi Ginja-Ninja Reins
· October 16, 2014
Poor writing... "Satire" that isn't funny (if you need to put a warning out saying it's satire, then you're doing it wrong). Sexist, racist, and otherwise offensive content that make it fit the stereo...type of a stuffy, hateful conservative. You're allowed to have opinions, of course, and I don't hate them specifically for those opinions - I hate them because they drag other people down, slander them, and exploit security videos/pictures even thought things had been settled in court. They're immature and attention-seeking, especially when someone points out why he or she dislikes them, using their lame "satire" and the fact that very few people like them as crutches. See More
David Blondin
· November 14, 2014
A voice of reason in the People's Democratic Republic of Morris. Writer's and editors are giving diversity to the campus. Shocking stories pointing out hypocrisy in the world published in west-central... Minnesota. See More

The all new NorthStar staff is putting together a great issue! It'll be out by the end of the month! Hope y'all are ready for it!

Sorry about the delay in getting The NorthStar finished. The computers crashed about a week and a half ago so the paper has been put on hold until we get new computers. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Matt Kingland, Publisher