We are #ALLIN and all green this morning at the CNY Regional Market. We have fresh lettuce and kale grown by our horticulture students and specialty food products made at Nelson Farms Country Store by our Agricultural business students! #agriculture, #appliedlearning

Snowy Tuesday
Piglets getting big!
January flyover
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Sarah Sev
· November 8, 2017
This school is great if you are capable of taking accountability for your own education and choices. The professors here go above and beyond to help students succeed, particularly those that demonstr...ate that they care about their own success and care about the material.

The food isn't nearly as good as it was in Potsdam, though, lol
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Gina Medeiros
· January 2, 2018
Excellent nursing program! If you are serious about becoming a Registered Nurse this College is amazing. The nursing professor's care about your success. I highly recommend Morrisville State College!
James Paul
· May 3, 2017
Because a class was not offered his first year my son had to go an extra year to graduate. I think this is by design for more money. Also the overzealous University Police should focus less on driving tickets and more on the rampant drug, assault, and rape issues on campus. These things however are swept under the rug as best as the school can. Thankfully my son graduates this semester and will be attending Clarkson. Furthermore the new Excelsior Scholarship does nothing for those of us who just spent several thousands of dollars over the last few years. See More
Kim Smith
· May 21, 2016
To the young man who helped my elderly mother in a time of need yesterday: My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind generosity! ❤ While driving through Oneid...a, my 75yr old mother realized she had a flat tire. When she walked into the Savon to call her family for help, a young man kindly approached her and asked if he could help her instead. He then proceeded to look for a spare tire on her vehicle, but when unable to locate one he went above and beyond and gave her his spare tire (donut) for her vehicle to use! He never expected a thing back from her. This allowed my mother to get home safely! :). The only information I kno about this young man is that he was or is a student at Morrisville College so that is why I'm reaching out to him on your page in hope that he sees this msg and realizes what a hero he was yesterday! And what a difference he made in someone's lives yesterday! His parents/family have raised a fine gentleman, and should be very proud! And what exceptional students you have attending your college!...Thank you!!! There are still good people in this world! ❤ See More
Alyssa Jo Van Stean
· April 18, 2017
This college screws you over so bad and just wants you too keep spending money. I was supposed to be here for 4 years but now I have to take classes over breaks and there making me stay here one more ...year because they kept screwing me over. If your thinking about coming here for equine or diesel mechanics don't do both of these programs are worthless. Plus on top of that they say they have camera in the parking lots but they don't. My truck has been hit multiple times and also keys and they can't help you. See More
Jeannie Borgia-Wolcott
· October 2, 2016
I was there for my 50th reunion. It was a well planned event. Lots if fun re-connecting. Hats off to the organizers with special mention of Alexandra who seemed to be everywhere. Loved our framed grou...p photos. Food was great. We were treated like royalty. Thank you. Loved the campus tour. The new Equine Rehab Program is outstanding. Morrisville is always on the cutting edge. See More
Dylan Applebee
· March 10, 2016
Well since morrisville decided to not reply back so be it. My room has been leaking for awhile and we've asked to have it fixed numerous times but instead they hire some cock jockey to climb a roof an...d "seal" it but the guy going up prolly doesn't know wtf is goin on seriously morrisville don't go putting shit up about how it's the best school when you can't fix a roof with the money we all as the student pay to be here. Plus the college can't even afford to fix the god damn parking lots around here Christ the pot holes ruin more shit then anything. And by all means contact me and yell at me its bullshit honestly and it looks like the fucking rainbow with the mold starting
Thank you and please morrisville keep doing what your doing
Squirrel/Dylan Applebee
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Mercedes Schmidt-Samper
· August 31, 2017
Baby good luck in this beautiful college ..miss you so much already. Love Mommy ♥
Nicholas Alexander
· March 10, 2016
You know for a state college I thought I was going to have a semi-nice place to live in. Last year was fine nothing to complain about. But this year I've complained about my ceiling about 4 or 5 times.... It's currently leaking on my floor and on my personal stuff. I don't understand why nothing has been done at all about this. This is inadequate living conditions and there is mold growing on my ceiling. You know what the RD said to me? "Oh my ceilings leaking too there's nothing I can do". I'm going to the president of the school tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to give me some answers. See More
Anthony Lopilato
· November 11, 2017
Best Years!
Nicest People.
Learned a lot about myself.
Nancy Hall
· November 11, 2017
Very friendly staff! Great girl showed us around campus! Great lunch! Thank you
Stephanie P. LaMonica
· September 15, 2014
Forgive me if my comments are a little scattered throughout my review, there is much to say. So here are my thoughts on Morrisville State College....
Morrisville and the Nursing Program have given me... insight unlike any other. I have become strongly independent, professional, and developed strong priority management skills because of this school and their program. Unfortunately though, people tend to miss the value in the Nursing Program because it has a high drop out rate and is demanding. But this is with good reason. If you make it through the program, it is a near guarantee to pass the boards, something you cannot safely and confidently preach for other nursing programs. I know because I have researched a vast majority of them. Morrisville's program is stringent for a purpose - it's not designed for just anybody to breeze through. It is designed to prepare you for the real world, a maturing experience I feel I would not have received at other schools. And I'll never forget the instructors I've worked with along the way to help me get to where I am. The professors work close with you and go far out of their way to help the students. They want their students to succeed just as much as they do - if not more. Even the faculty in the dining services and in the fitness center were fantastic. If students took the time to know the workers, they would see how the workers have so much compassion for them. I've gotten to know them well, and I can say I'd love to come back for another degree just because of the workers, faculty, and fellow students. I even worked for the police department and the officers were outstanding. They deserve much more credit than they receive. Now steering away from the faculty and programs... there is the campus itself. The buildings are being rebuilt beautifully and the college is always striving to improve... something you don't see in a lot of campuses. Lastly, Morrisville has heart and people tend to miss that by getting caught up in the occasional parties and typical college drama. In all, I miss Morrisville dearly, everyone was family, and I strongly suggest this school to future students and inquiring parents. Morrisville, you get five stars for your continuous will to improve, dedication to your students, perceptive instructors, formidable Nursing Program, and for all you have taught me. Thank you. See More
John Valachovic
· September 23, 2016
When I went here in 1986 I was a mess is screwed up all the college I had done before I got there. But then at Morrisville , something clicked pulled my head out of my ass got my crap together. It was... the best move for me I cannot recommend it enough. Natural resources ski area management 1987 See More
Dana Landherr
· October 2, 2016
I've not attended the school but I live in the community. We really appreciate the efforts made during Mustang weekend. Great entertainment and options for everyone in the family. Thanks for making... it a fun weekend!! See More
Rachel Raja
· June 9, 2014
I miss it sometimes.made many friends and professors are good with people who have learning and physical disabilities. They helped me work very hard to get into Potsdam state and Crane school of music.... I also enjoyed botany 101&102 at Morrisville. I was very active in all kinds of sports and horse racing. The staff are all very sweat. So, don't look down on anyone because you have or are working on a degree. The simplist of people will surprise you. Eat healthy. You will not regret it and don't binge drink. Concentrate on school and you will do well. Above all, remember the Lord See More
Shadow C. LaValley
· May 9, 2014
The Norwich Campus of Morrisville State College is an amazing resource for those who are unable to attend the main campus or another SUNY main campus college. The Norwich Campus consists of mainly com...muter students in-and-around the Chenango County area and is really a life support for those amazing individuals that want to further their education, but again, are unable to attend the main campus. I believe that all SUNY institutions should have a separate campus (outside of their main campus area) that addresses the need for amazing individuals to further their higher education and thus, create a stronger/smarter society! Morrisville State College needs to supply the Norwich Campus with more resources to ensure that those amazing individuals are able to achieve their higher educations and contribute to society in a positive way. Without the Norwich Campus, I would not have been able to complete my degree at Morrisville State College, nor be able to transfer to Oneonta State College to further my higher education. So I thank Morrisville State College for having the Norwich Campus and their continuing support of those amazing students of that campus! See More
Michael Panebianco IV
· September 13, 2016
Add some staff to food service and my daily visit would be seamless, probably due to first weeks of school. Overall the campus is nice for the SUNY system.
Eric Prior
· March 16, 2014
Morrisville has become one of the best college institutions in upstate New York. The campus continues to grow and develop in all areas. More curriculums and courses are being created to provide a vari...ety of Associate's and Bachelor's degree choices. Morrisville's athletics programs continue to bring in top notch scholar-athletes, that get the opportunity to display their athletic skills in a very competitive conference, NEAC. I am proud to be a Morrisville parent. See More
Billy Capton
· January 27, 2014
I'm participating in the ENSC dual credit course and have toured the campus. They say first impressions have to be the very best. Morrisville is subtle yet bold, a perfect combination. Class sizes are... ideal for structure and development not to mention the specialized fields, such as Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, that accommodate the area of activity in an amazing way. Some buildings have been ameliorated which in itself is also very inviting. It's safe to say that many will be impressed and frankly I can't wait to attend this incredible institute in the 2014 fall season! See More
Justice Thomas
· May 9, 2016
This is the worst college in New York. Its filled with rude students, below average professors, and and terrible food. The school is boring overall and if you are from anywhere that's not near Morrisv...ille, you'll hate this college. Don't even waist your time applying here because you will regret it. See More