Death From Above
"Swallow my hate" by MORTOR

Our album Burn Up the Dead is No. 4 on The Rockpit's (Australia) Top 10 Metal and Heavy Rock albums of 2017, along with Annihilator and Prong. Thank you very much!

The Rockpit (Australie) a mis notre album Burn Up the Dead en 4e position sur leur Top 10 des albums metal et heavy rock de 2017, avec Annihilator et Prong. Merci beaucoup!…/best-of-2017-top-albums-relea…/

Best of 2017 – Top Albums & Releases December 21, 2017 The Rockpit Yes it’s that time of the year again when everyone’s top lists of the year are popping up and of course, The Rockpit has come up with what we think is the very best of the year in rock and metal. Compiled together by our “....

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Cafe Dekcuf on a Monday night, and reminded us that the best thrash pits are at thrash metal shows. We had a lot of fun playing with this killer lineup, thanks to CHORD Productions. Aggression were absolutely phenomenal, and we were pleased to share the stage with Lycanthro and Domination. Check them all out.

Merci à tous ceux qui se sont pointés au Cafe Dekcuf par un lundi soir, afin de nous rappeler que les meilleurs pits de thrash sont aux shows de thrash. Nous avons eu un gros fun hier soir, merci à CHORD Productions. Aggression était absolument phénoménaux, et nous avons adoré partagé la scène avec Lycanthro et Domination. Allez regarder toutes ces pages.

Le prochain show est lundi. Contactez-nous pour vos billets!

This show is on Monday! Ottawa, contact us for if you don't have your tickets yet.

Mon 7:00 PM ESTCafe DekcufOttawa, ON, Canada
123 people interested

Crazy sale at CDN Records.

Grosse vente chez CDN Records.

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Petit rappel pour ceux qui dormaient dans la chambre à gaz: nous faisons partie d'une compilation avec 20 autres bands jeunes et vieux, sous l'étiquette CDN Records. TÉLÉCHARGEMENT GRATIS (payez ce que vous voulez)!!

Reminder for those who missed it: CDN Records presents: CDN Brutality Vol .1 -- 20 tracks of brutal, slamming, blasting, technical & grinding death metal, taken from CDN releases old and new. FREE DOWNLOAD (pay what you want)!!…/cdn-records-brutality-vol…

21 track album

Metal Temple kindly reviewed our latest album.

"Whereas Paquette’s guitar concentrates on the solid oncoming train of thrash metal, Cross’s drumming, particularly the insanely fast and heavy double bass, really lay down that death metal element. “SOUL TO BLEED,” is a standout track. The beginning atmosphere with riffs and the drumming really invokes dark images of a creeping death you cannot escape. When it really picks up, it turns into a song that creates surprisingly cat...chy death metal. Miquelon’s bass stands out incredibly well here—thick slabs of stabbing heaviness that really compliment the riffs. Cross’s drumming is randomly frantic at times, giving a wonderful sense of urgency to the song; he always remains incredibly focused no matter what he is doing on the kit."

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Thank you Teeth of the Divine for the album review!

"Guitars are of the heavy riffing sort, an unrelenting sawblade assault that cuts you down with its intensity.( “A Place In Hell “) The 1-2 1-2 drumming are the 120 MM guns, just set on pounding you into submission. The shouted, deep throated roar of vocalist & bassist Jonathan Boulay, acts as the battlefield commander shouting out battlefield orders to the troops above the cacophony of war. Some standout tracks are opening track “Pleasure of Hate”, I love the standout bass in the production. Jonathan’s playing really gives you that added punch."…/mortor-burn-up-the-dead/

Full on death/thrash from Canada, can’t go wrong with that right?. Mortör are like the perfect soundtrack for an intense gaming session of Doom or Call of Duty, be it as an individual or while playing online with others, this music will just fuel the adrenaline, and spur on that killer instinct.

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New Items in stock
Inhuman Depravity - Nocturnal Carnage By The Unholy Desecrator
Cercenatory - Swallowed by the Apocalypse
Logistic Slaughter - Corrosive Ethics
Engorgerectomy – 725
Sudden Rage - Fire Up the Chainsaw
Carnage - Purification Through Annihilation
Creating the Godform – Odium
The Overmind - The Anthropic Principle
Antropofagus - Methods of Resurrection through Evisceration
Exhume to Consume - Let the Slaughter Begin
MDMA - Malicious Activity
Center of Disease - Morbidius Malformations
Atretic Intestine - Trail of Entrails
Vulvectomy – Abusing Dismembered Beauties
Short Bus Pile Up – Repulsive Display Of Human Upholstery
Parasitic Extirpation – Putrid Crown
Paediatrician – Deformed Premature
Carnal Decay - On Top of the Food Chain
7 H.Target - 0.00 Apocalypse
Breeding Filth – Perverse Devolution
Obscenity – Retaliation
Putrid Pile - Blood Fetish
Center of Disease – Morbidius Malformations
PostMortem/Casket Grinder – Sepulcro Eterno
Unfathomable Ruination – Misshapen Congenital Entropy
Fermented Masturbation/Pit of Toxic Slime - Split cd- Misanthropic Urban Disease
Paediatrician- Intrauterine Infection
Perfidious - Malevolent Martyrdom
Pit of Toxic Slime - The Ferocious Conquest of the Slum
Displeased Disfigurement - Origin of Abhorrence (Pre Order) + Full Colour Sticker
Kraanium - Chronicles of Perversion
Blasphemer - Ritual Theophagy
Desecrate the Faith - Unholy Infestation
Aborted Fetus - The Art of Violent Torture
Vomit the Soul - Portraits of Inhuman Abominations
Fumigation/The Path to R'Lyeh - Invasion Split cd
Mortor - Burn Up The Dead
Infected Flesh - The Ascension of the Abysmal Aberration
Tromort - Camino de la Sangre
Cremosity - Witness of Human Brutality
Vomitology - Ectotherms Butcher Architect
Traumatomy - Embodiment of Excruciation
The Dark Prison Massacre - Deformity of Human Consciousness
Critical Disaster - Brahmavidya Shuddha Dhahanapura
Decomposition of Entrails - Pestilential Synthesis

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Nos t-shirts sont maintenant disponibles en ligne. Visitez notre boutique.

Our shirts are now available online. Visit our merch store.

HULL! Are you ready?!?! Doors are open at Minotaure!

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Tonight we unleash Hell! Come down to the Minotaure in Hull as we release Burn Up the Dead with our friends in My Shadow, Tunguska Mammoth and Exo-Vedate.

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Right on time for the release show! Here is The Exterminator, our amazing new 3-colour shirt designed by the one and only Remy at Headsplit Design. The shirts turned out very crisp and beautiful, thanks to our friends at Ironclad Graphics. Make sure you get early at the show on Saturday to grab one of these beauties along with a copy of the new album. The leftover shirts will be posted soon on our Bandcamp merch page.

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Our new album 'Burn Up the Dead' is now available in its entirety for streaming, download, and physical purchase via Bandcamp and via CDN Records. Not only is it a celebration of metal, but it is without a doubt our best album so far. 'Burn Up the Dead' should please any fan of thrash and death metal. Behold the war machine!

Notre plus récent album 'Burn Up the Dead' est maintenant disponible dans son intégralité pour écoute, téléchargement et achat physique via Bandcamp ou via CDN Records. Non seulement il s'agit d'une célébration du metal, mais c'est aussi notre album le plus solide à ce jour. 'Burn Up the Dead' devrait plaire à tout fan de thrash et de death metal. En avant la machine!

12 track album

The lucky people who subscribed to The Metalhead Box might have received our latest album 'Burn Up the Dead' in their April box, courtesy of CDN Records. Great service, always a lot of good stuff. Check it out.

The Metalhead Box was kind enough to send me one of their boxes filled with metal related goodies. Get your own here: ♬ Previ...

Our friends and label-mates in Fumigation just released a split album with The Path To R'lyeh. Check out this wicked drum playthrough.

Drum Playthrough of the 2nd track "Forced Vaginal Harbourage" off the "Invasion" split CD between FUMIGATION / THE PATH TO R'LYEH DARK MOON PRODUCTIONS: http...