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#jackmainkenya yesterday 20th July 2017. He jetted in the country alongside a bunch of billionaires. Serious entrepreneur friends from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. All the fancy talk revolved around the Alibaba founder and what he had to say. And the day was done and all was well. My question: were there 38 Chinese in attendance at Nailab (Nairobi Incubation Lab) apart from Jack Ma? Didn't they have anything to say? Is the media being unfair in their role of informing us? surely not all Kenyan youths can start an Alibaba equivalent. I would like to hear the other billionaires and what they had to say. Any one who attended any of the events can help me out.

Hehehehehe! Thoughts running wild

I started writing articles couple of years back. This activity culminated in registering and running a personal blog which no one reads except for me
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Exercise #1. I need to eliminate the word "FUCK" from my speech. Given the versatility of the word, I need alternatives for every meaning of the word. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

"Holy Crap?" What on earth does that even mean? Who uses these words together? Someone, please, give me the etymology of the phrase to help me understand why I have to add the words to my vocabulary

When you are online, what do you read? Here are five websites and blogs you should be reading. Have a fantastic day!!!😉😉😉

Reading other blogs improves your writing skills and ultimately improve your blogs. Today I am going to share five websites that I regularly read to keep me inspired. These five form the top five i…
Moses Wafula's answer: Are you serious in the first place? You just mentioned things that do not matter at all. Cars, larger homes and dozens of men. There is no “how to tell your husband.” Just walk in the room and tell him he is not good enough for you. You will break his heart. You will hurt h...…

Hello friends, consider this headline:
"I did not incite goons to attack Raila in Thika town, says Moses Kuria" The Star July 14th.
Is it appropriate to say that supposed "Goons" are voters and therefore
"Goons will be voting in Thika in the August general elections."
Which one is offensive?🤔🤔

Kenya is on the home stretch towards the August 8th elections. The question that lingers in the minds of many is whether the IEBC is ready with less than a month for August elections. IEBC has a lo…

How do you pronounce these two sentences distinctly?
1. Reach people on Instagram and
2. Rich people on Instagram

A woman has urged couples never to go to bed angry after she banished her husband to the sofa after a row – and found him dead the next day. Mum-of-three Ashley Murray, 33, said she had a heated row with Mikey, 36, because of his long shifts at work. When the argument wasn’t resolved before bed, sh...
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The Reason you cant start a blog

Recently my friend asked how he could make money while he slept. I didn’t think of anything else. So I asked him what he loves, and he told me Databases, Linux and something else I don’…

You have to launch that side hustle you have bee thinking about.

A side hustle should keep you going. It is the motivation that keeps you doing whatever you do. I start my blog while I was employed as an accounts assistant at microfinance firm. Then I moved to work for a bank; then I left the bank to work full-time for my side business. I saw…

I quit my job to learn to look for another job. It has been a month and my first lesson is to teach and be a father. I didn’t think I’ll ever punish my son since I am too soft. I am an IFNJ; a personality type. INFJs are a caring bunch and good listeners to boot. Kind and affirming, I make others feel safe around me and tend to have a good many insights into people. [ 412 more words ]…/

I quit my job to learn to look for another job. It has been a month and my first lesson is to teach and be a father. I didn’t think I’ll ever punish my son since I am too soft. I am an IFNJ; a personality type. INFJs are a caring bunch and good listeners to boot.…