Love this! Sensing into how you feel and developing self-awareness is continual journey of self-discovery.

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For many years, I believed that getting old meant things went downhill. Your brain shrinks, you don’t learn as quickly, you forget stuff, your skin sags and you don’t move like you used to.

After my Feldenkrais training, I turned that belief on its head. Now my idea of aging is a dynamic process where we CAN learn new things (and remember them), move well and look fabulous, regardless of age.

It’s great to see that the latest neuroscience research supports this idea too. Fo...r the first time, scientists have shown the adult brain is able to generate new nerve cells throughout life. A big help for learning and memory!

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Researchers have observed how neural stem cells divide and new neurons are integrated into the hippocampus.
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Let me share how cat videos can help you overcome procrastination. Yes, truly. According to the book "The Now Habit" if you are always working or feel like you should be working, you actually become less productive and spend more time procrastinating. Enter the non-schedule. The non-schedule makes sure you have time to enjoy guilt free play as well as get your to-do list done. To set up your own non-schedule, fill your calendar with all the non-work things first. Add time for meals, doing household chores, commuting, exercising, visiting your mother, going out for dinner, walking the dog, even sleeping. Everything. Then you can see how much time you really have left to work on your project or whatever goal you’re trying to achieve - at home or at work. With the remaining time, chunk it into 30 minute (or hour) blocks. The idea for each block is to get focussed and start on a project-related task. Then you get to follow up each block with a small reward (cup of tea, quick walk around the block, text a friend etc) before getting started on the next half-hour. And so on. Documenting your time this way is a great insight into how you spend your time - and finding where it disappears. Following this unschedule idea I’ve achieved surprising things in those short focussed blocks of time. I’ve even got started on things I’ve been avoiding for months (hello bookkeeping). Back to those cat videos. If that’s your thing (either watching them or making videos starring your neighbour’s kitten) simply add time in your calendar as play or reward time. You’ll be surprised at what you can get done in between! #thenowhabit #cutehabits #crazycatvideos #gettingitdone