Yukitsuri(雪吊) is a way to help preserve branches on manicured trees so they are less likely to break when covered with heavy snow. This also creates some beautiful forms to take photographs of, and is one of the main attractions of Kenrokuen in the winter.

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Paper lanterns somewhere around the campuses dotting Suidobashi.

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Continuing the quest for timelapse. This is one of the failed ones at the end. I was using this to point out the light pollution in Tseung Kwan O. Tonight was supposed to be the best night for the Perseids Meteor Shower, but it's right where the heaviest clouds are, right along the horizon where Perseus constellation is. (near the foot just above the horizon, Perseus is upside-down and mostly below the horizon by 10pm HKT) *also, i should use Youtube or Vimeo next time. Facebook video(even in HD) is really bad quality.
about 10 minutes before landing, somewhere in Chiba north or northeast of Narita airport.

Walked by Hugh Jackman and his entourage, got him to turn around for a quick pic but i was too short to catch his eye. The photo was originally on PBase, but i gave up on that website a few years ago when they refused to update their headers to allow unicode.

photo was taken in early September 2009, when he was in Japan promoting The Wolverine(the one with Silver Samurai)

#hughjackman #wolverine #tsukijimarket

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From my trip to Belitung Island in March 2016 for the full solar eclipse. This is the view from the hotel pool. The original photos were not very steady as it was a windy day even with a strong tripod. Stabilization and crop was done via Adobe After Effects. Initially I was going to use this for the cover video, but then trying to upload it it then decided to tell me minimum length is 20 seconds... FB has some very poinitlessly arbitrary rules.

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Seagulls on wavebreakers early morning at Teuri port.

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I had some time to mess around with all the video clips i've been amassing in 2017 and made a short video. I'm still very new at video editing, watching youtube tutorials as I go. This is the only time i wish i have a Macbook for the iMovie app. it's not easy figuring out when to cut a clip and syncing it to the music's tempo.

various clips of travel in Japan in 2017.

The old Asahikawa station front. circa 2009. a few months before work started on the new station, which was completed in autumn of 2011, along with the new Aeon mall and JR Inn Asahikawa hotel replacing the original Asahikawa Terminal Hotel.

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Resident cat at Tono's Kappabuchi, the pond where the legend of the Kappa originated. This little guy was my tour guide from the nearby Jokenji temple all the way to the Kappa pond.

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December 14, 2017

I don't have much experience in Tohoku(northeastern) region of Japan. So for the moment it's all encompassed in this one album.

My first real jaunt into Tohoku was a short excursion to the crossroads between Fukushima, Miyagi, and Yamagata prefectures in early 2016. A circular trip in May 2017 again lead me through Aizu into Niigata's rice growing region. The third short trip as an unplanned hop to Sendai and southern Iwate in August 2017 for some scouting, and during the ...fall period i went back again for 2 weeks to really enjoy the area's autumn scenery with some friends.

Chuzonji at Hiraizumi, Iwate. this temple complex is magnificent and should be on everyone's list when visiting Tohoku. Their treasures room has some amazing works of Buddhist art difficult to find even in various monasteries and galleries i've visited in China, especially with the golden sutras on indigo paper and how well kept they are.

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brought my new Ricoh Theta V to the exhib and took some photos~

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A beautiful hub city in the center of Jiangnan(江南) area, where for over 2000 years it has been the gathering place for master painters and poets.

the rest of Zhejiang province is here:

Marked for demolition. This was a dilapidated abandoned building waiting to be demolished and sold to the highest bidder. Photo circa January 2005. It is now a high-end residential building called Zizhuyuan(紫竹园) on the corner of Nanshan rd. and Xihu ave.

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Mainly photos from 2004-2005 when I was working there in Dalian. Liaoning is the the southernmost of the three provinces making up Manchuria or what used to be Manchukuo(滿洲國), the puppet state of Imperialist Japan. This is why there are still many symbols of Japan in the port city of Dalian. On the other hand, due to the proximity with the Korean peninsula, other parts of Liaoning province has a significant population of ethnic Choson(Chosŏnjok or Hanguk gye Jungguk-in), and districts like Xita in Shenyang that is predominantly of ethnic Korean culture(as in not exactly modern South Korean pop culture, even if it's somewhat popular there as well, think Quebecois culture vs Parisien).

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October 2004

Vegas East.