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  • PresidentJoshua Tree, California
    Conceptual clothing shotgun distressed in Joshua Tree, California.
About Cody
  • artist, tour de free, aesthetics, optics, imagery, dreams, circles, suspense, crapitalism, drawing, love, colors, abstractions, perception, meditataion, teamusa, tour de nada, imagination, totally blown, creation, handicrafts, relevance, abandonment, art, time, thrift, infrastruction, delusion, animals, and the christian mafia...rogical!

    code, rogical, redonk, gamelan, tour de free, straight to log jam, broken wing, back from india/nepal, eight months in s.e.a., white lighter, ol' red yeller, stop lishening, the unwaivering mane, exoboner, squirleyman, vaginasaurus, i and i, manbian, dreamer, skeptic, nicaragua, heartbroken, torched, spring, spirited, cow headstand, good action, full power, i got a-sauce-anated, new zealand, camel worship, high voltage, electric, eclectic, rampage, maniac, madman, white buffalo, conscious, good on ya, bit of a rippa, consumptive...
Favorite Quotes
  • life's troubled bubble broken