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About Debasish
  • Dr. Debasish Mridha is an American physician, philosopher, poet seer, and author. He is a seeker of the deepest truth that affects human destiny. His empowering, insightful, thought-provoking, and life changing words have been changing human conscience everyday.

    President, Michigan Advanced Neurology Center.
    President, Saginaw County Medical Society.
    Clinical Assistant Professor of Michigan State University.
    Member of The Board of Directors Of MSMS (Michigan State Medical Society).
    Member of The Board of Directors of Saginaw Valley State University Foundation.
    President, BMANA, Michigan.
    Chairman of The Social Service Committee of SCMS.
    Member of the Board of trustee of MSMS Foundation
Favorite Quotes
  • Example is the best way to teach others. Be an example. Dr. Mridha.
    "Wisdom is the creation of connection between current reality with future possibility" Dr. Mridha.
    Success is not what you do for yourself, but what you do for others. Dr. Mridha.
    It is not important what you see, but it is important the way you see it. Dr. Mridha.