So I had an events person reach out to me and ask if I'd consider having an event at her location. The place is beautiful so "damn skippy" I'll host an event at your location.. I told her we didn't have a budget, that where we miss in rental fees, we'd make up in advertising their location to a huge network of over 20,000 people. Her response, "My supervisor said it's not in our best interest."

That response made me think, is conventional wisdom of playing it safe at the hear...t of that statement? Answer: Yes, it is. Listen, in the era of my parents, you could work hard, retire with a pension and live happily ever after. I'm sorry to say, there is no job security any longer. In marketing, at one point, you could run an ad on TV, newspaper or radio and it was a win. Sorry again, those days are quickly drifting away. And so is this conventional way of running a business.

Look at the guys and gals that are knocking it out the park! They're innovators, breaking out the old way of thinking and doing things outside of the box. Innovation, my friends! You'll need to be creative if you're going to compete and win in this day and age. That's my 2¢.. (drop the mic)

And as always, I wish you great success, my friends.

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Ray Torres - Success Coach
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You'll create by default (recreate the same) unless or until you're consciously creating something new. ~ Ray Torres

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