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  • Since I’ve discovered the turntables, I’ve been in a constant search for the coolest records and different ways to bring music genres together. This is how I like my style to be described. For me music goes beyond styles or genres and I feel like It is too comprehensive to be put in words.

    My love for the stage started when I worked together with DJ Cutnice. In our hometown Rotterdam. We performed at different venues like Rotown, Lantaren/Venster, Club WATT, Now&Wow, Off-Corso, CatWalk and many more.

    Nowadays, I live in Amsterdam and besides being DJ I’ve started concentrating on producing as well. Buying the Akai MPC 5000 has really changed my life. I’ve started creating my own music, style and sound. My early passion for drumming and my more recent activities as a DJ came together. No limits, no boundaries, no restrictions.
    This website is my journey and my journal to develop and discover my sound.

    ‘Music is the healing force of the universe. Music of love. Music is the spirtit. Music is life. Life is music. Music is great to listen to, dance to. Sometimes not understood but fair. Music causes all bad vibarations to faint. It puts the mind in a healty stage of all!’-Albert Ayler

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