Stephen Hawking in The Heavenly Tea Rooms The Heavenly Tea Rooms open at 10.00 am in The Celestial Garden of Paradisiacal Delight. The ladies assemble. They are beaming and beatific in the radiance of the morning sunlight that dapples the grass through the trees in the Edenic avenue leading to the shimmering crystal courtyard. This is where the ladies gather daily; the welcoming committee of grandmothers and great grandmothers, aunts and great aunts. [ 709 more words ]…/stephen-hawking-in-the-heavenly-t…/

Poet and Musician

There are not many left I am delighted to say.

A Fish Tale
Posts Woodland Story now on Amazon too.

A beautiful classroom resource for Key Stage 1 music. Featuring a story, original music and audio CD A Woodland Story is an ideal resource for linking music to outdoor and Forest school learning. The songs are easy to learn as they are written specifically for children aged 6-8 years. There are a...

The books are now available on Amazon. If you like the books and like supporting small, independent publishers and authors, then please consider writing a review. Many thanks.…/10/books-now-available-from-amazon/

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A Fish Tale for Juniors is a story with songs and audio CD suitable for use with Key Stage 2 children in class music lessons. The story captures the heritage and history of fishing in Great Grimsby and is written from the point of view of children. This book is a loving tribute to a lost heritage...

Today is a writing day, my second this week but it's gone 11.00 am and so far beyond some rambling scribbles in my journal, there is nothing written. However, my brain is whirring and I can feel ideas lining up. Characters sit in the waiting room, patiently waiting to be written. One is particularly keen to have her moment and she may well be the main focus of the day - when I get going. [ 62 more words ]

However, too much of it and you really are just staring out of the window at nothing.

There have been some gentle moments of joy this week, as fleeting as the imprints in the sand shown in the photograph above but captured in the psyche. Teaching singing is a great joy, whether with the wonderful choir on Monday nights or in schools and workshops. On Wednesday three of my Year 6 girls took me totally by surprise with their entirely serious and thoughtful choreography to a song we were learning. [ 138 more words ]

The power of the gentle in an ungentle world.

We had a tremendous afternoon of poetry and conversation at the Poetry Cafe. Back again April 5th for more.

Poetry Cafe @ Riverhead Coffee. 3.00 pm tmrw. Se you there.

It's been a strange time with the weather. The bone cold brought a deep chill that stilled and stopped everything. There's nothing like snow to remind Britain of its multiple frailties. Walking in the snow last Tuesday I felt frozen to the marrow, colder than I'd felt in longer than I cared to remember. Those few days of standstill brought some time for rest and quiet but they created a strange unease as well. [ 234 more words ]

Reaching into nostalgia and brighter thoughts I grabbed my twelve inch dance version of Bowie’s Absolute Beginners – I know, far from his finest – and wha-wha-wha-oohed my way thr…

Winter blows in its last hurrah today bringing that wicked cold that cuts bone. The last vestiges of illness cling to lungs and throat and steal energy. But there are snowdrops and crocuses, the days are lengthening and the light is getting in. In my period of reflection and withdrawal during Lent I have been working on my resilience - hard to do when you get chopped off at the knees by illness. [ 224 more words ]

Like an overladen camel or any beast of burden, we carry a lot through our lives and sometimes it is hard to keep moving and seemingly impossible to lighten the load.

Looking forward to this already.

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I had a dream when I was about seventeen in which the most beautiful music was playing. It was the song of the morning and I could not recall it when I woke up but I knew that song connected me to everything that lived. In the dream I was in my favourite place in the world, the river Tamar looking out towards Landulph and into Cornwall. [ 270 more words ]

I knew in my dream I was walking from one reality to another, one state to another and that I had to say goodbye to everything I thought I knew in order to make that journey. I was not afraid or ex…

At next Thursday's poetry cafe I will be running a workshop for the first hour. The workshop will be suitable for all participants, whatever your experience. We start at 3.00 pm and run until 5.00 pm. The poetry cafe is for people aged over 16. Look forward to seeing people there. Best regards. Josie

It's Day 3 of Lent, post pancakes and ash and into the real business of the wilderness. I don't do the ashing because of my position as sceptic and it would be hypocrisy to take part in rituals I am wrestling with. I've been wrestling with the words of psalm 51, My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart… [ 166 more words ]…/…/16/the-ladder-out-of-the-abyss/

In my state of wilderness I am seeking what is mine to own and what I should leave for others. Some of this is clear, some is not.

Today is the first day of Lent and for the second time in my life I am making a serious effort to use the forty days and nights to undertake a journey into the wilderness to gain greater insight into myself and my life. Last year I emerged with a powerful realisation of the significance the grieving process has to our existence and how important it is to not pathologise it but to simply live it. [ 208 more words ]

This year, I walk into that inner wilderness much more self aware and with a greater understanding of the importance of inner journeying. To undertake it fearlessly and with commitment is the first…

Books are a great and lovely thing and being an author and publisher is a great and lovely thing. Selling books is hard and so here is an advert for La Luna books. Buy the books, they're good. Buy them from me, message me and I'll send you a lovely bundle of books, books for you and books for your kids. I'll even sign them. And you can pay by Paypal or cheque or even hard cash!

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