4-6" Fresh Snow With More On The Way
4-6" New Snow @ Mountain High 3-13
The Snow Is Calling
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Ewa Enrique
· March 17, 2018
Today, St. Patrick day. Around 1:30 pm I encountered a young man completely drunk in the line to the chairlift. Alerted attendants asking not to let this mam on the lift. To my astonishment,two chairs... behind me, he rode to the top of the mountain. Another rider, seeing the drunk, went to Ski Patrol room to report it. I have seen this young man stumbling off the chair, falling twice, disrupting other skiers and snowboarders ability to unload safely. He barely kept his balance. No reaction from lift operators. I stood by the drunken snowboarder, big and heavy (imagine his momentum) yelling in desperation for attention, telling him “ I am not going to let you continue”. After a while the fellow who went to Ski patrol and ski patrol showed up.
Only one person told me “you did the right thing”. Chair lift operator apologized for letting him on the lift. Thanks god, no one got hurt. Safety first...has to be learned...and practiced.
Mt.High please do better job controlling safety of children and older skiers. Not everyone drinks and need to be subjected to drunk or high customers. Thank you.
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Jason Paioni
· December 19, 2017
you guys are amazing food is great snow is awesome the park staff is super the terrain is setup prime thank you for everything you guys do keep up the good work oh an p.s thaks for the free parking
Emily Avanessian
· December 19, 2017
I absolutely adore Mountain High. The park is a blast, the food is always delicious, the atmosphere is fun and not only are the staff kind and helpful, but the PEOPLE are also just awesome. Mountain H...igh's Ski culture is what give this mountain life and I wouldn't trade my home mountain for anything �� See More
Nathan Samuel
· December 11, 2017
Great place to learn and it's easy to get to. My daughter took 3 group lessons here, all turned out to be private because of low turnout. If you can't leave early on weekends don't go. If you do and y...ou park outside of MH parking lots, leave before dark, Sheriff Dept will tow you. If you don't believe me, Google it and read the stories. Staff is helpfull, food is good. Lots of people take the 2 to go sledding, it's not worth a late weekend start. See More
Patricia Gault
· March 19, 2018
why wont it let me buy lift ticket for the 21st ????... I know so they can change the price it was $39.00 last week and it said it was $39. but since new snow and the last 3 days I wanted to reload m...y e ticket it has not shown the price. See More
Tom Moriarty
· December 11, 2017
This inversion layer sucks, you are to warm to make snow while down here in Lancaster this morning it's 27 degrees.
Can I borrow a couple of your snowmaking gums? Think I will put in a tubing hill for... Christmas. See More
Yevgeni Kovelman
· February 25, 2018
Brought our kids here, lessons sold out, no place for kids to play in the snow, every single security guard says cannot play unless has a ticket. Terrible !!!!!
MIchelle de Vera
· February 20, 2018
My winter home, snow or no snow, powder or ice, just the sight of the slopes truly warms my heart.
Alburt Lejoy Drake
· January 23, 2018
Don't blow snow on a beautiful sunny Saturday..... you ruined a lot of people's day. Those blowers were blowing ice water not snow ..
Will Ramsey
· January 24, 2017
I love Mountain High! Sure its not Mammoth or Tahoe, but what do you expect for being in Southern California an hour away from LA. Staff is awesome, park is always fun. All the idiots complaining abou...t the traffic are people who don't arrive early in the morning. I leave Costa Mesa at 7am and I'm hitting powder by 8:30. Leave early, stay late. It's not Mt High's fault that thousands of cheap, petty kooks park their car on the side of the road and cause traffic jams.

Yes there are a lot of noobs on the hill, but what do you expect when everyone and their mother is trying to learn how to ride. If you want a fun night session with your bros and don't want to break the bank, Mt high is your spot. I have a season pass that has easily paid for itself almost twice now.

Haters can pound sand.
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Dennis Clayton
· January 28, 2017
Mountain High is great if you know when are where to go. First off don't go on the weekends or holidays after 10am if you don't like crowds. Also go to the East or North mountain if you like shorter ...lines. The East is more challenging than the West but has almost no jumps and zero rails. The roads are usually clear (no chains) unless it is snowing or just snowed the day before. There are deals to be found (season passes, 4 day passes, quad night passes) you just have to get them before the season starts or just after. Yes the food and drinks are expensive, but that is true at any ski resort. Just pack a lunch next time. I love this resort, but I go during the mid week and if I do go on the weekend I am gone by 12 or 1. See More
Nathon Plumlee
· March 20, 2017
Ok a lot of the runs are not open anymore, but there were a fun and they were super fun albeit sloshy. The Blue Ridge Express is so quick, I only had an hour and a half at the end of Sunday but manage...d to get several great runs in due to that ultra quick lift. At the top it was incredibly wet, little rivers and ponds building up all around, several folks crashing right into these water features upon the mountain. To me it was a blast, it was like a combination of snowboarding and skim boarding, it was quick, wet, but warm out, such a gorgeous day! I almost forgot about this part, I went to order a beer at the bar, there was a tiny bit of foam as usual "Oh WOW there is so much foam! Here please take a second beer on the house as a consolation!" wow, zero complaints to be had there! With the change in daylight saving time, closing up at 4pm seems so early, so I drove across the 2 up to Mountain High North, there was hardly any snow there but I could hear people playing eastward toward the ski lifts, I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised, there was just enough patchwork of snow left that it was actually doable, so I had to take advantage of this situation and did a couple trips boarding down then hiking back up again. At this point it was almost 5pm and I was still craving adventure, I had a crazy idea that I might just be able to make it down to the Pearblossom Highway then back up into Angeles Crest Forest on the other side of the 2 to my favorite back country place, a couple miles east of Mount Waterman there is Kratka Ridge, also known as Snowcrest, there is a fire road that is an easy hike all the way to the top where the ruins of an old single chair ski lift are, I made it up right as it started to get dark, the snow here was in much better condition than the slush fest that was going on at Mountain High, not having a working ski lift makes it take about an hour to get to the top and really wears you out, it was a perfect ride back down, its really amazing how the snow just clings to some mountains for so long. See More
Chris Bush
· February 3, 2017
I'd say about 80% of people on the mountain are beginners and 90% of the features are built for intermediate to advanced riders. If I want to learn new trick on a rail or box, there's no beginner boxe...s or rails to practice on, the only ones are like 20 feet long and 5 feet off the ground. Half the features I see no one hits cause it's too crazy, and there's hardly nothing in the beginner section. Its like the park is built for the guys working there and not the people paying to ride there. Have a better selection of beginner, intermediate and pro features See More
Bryant Chang
· March 8, 2017
Not the best resort by any means but ok if you're an intermediate to advanced park rider. Good selection of features from beginner to advanced park. Other then powder days which hasn't really happened... in awhile since this year (2017), you will be dealing with a lot of ice. And so, I wouldn't recommend this place for beginners because of that. Anyone who complains about too much ice should level up before coming here. Staff is friendly for the most part. Also, did not like how you guys didn't mention your 4 ticket "Powder Pack" was good for only 1 person on 4 days. You guys advertise like it's for 4 tickets, 4 people can use. Only recently have you guys included a disclaimer explaining that in your ad. AFTER multiple complaints. Kinda shady. See More
Ban Park
· January 29, 2017
I take my young son every winter if we get snow. He has a great time every visit. The staff at the rentals do their best at getting your equipment. The staff at the cafeteria do their best trying to k...eep up with the demand. Like any other place, if you want to avoid crowds, go mid-week. If you can only go on weekends, don't complain. See More
JL Fee
· February 19, 2017
I first visited Mountain High in 1995 and have been a season pass holder for about 4 of the last 5 years. The bottom line is that you have to know what to expect and plan accordingly. I believe that... I've gotten excellent value for what they can offer -- a small, close resort that sadly is currently suffering from our CA drought.

It's important to remember that they have had a string of poor years of average snowfall --in 2010 it was 148 inches vs. last year it was only 44 inches ! I think that has an impact on procedures, customer service, and even equipment (the chairs on the East chairlift all needed to be re-spaced after freezing in the last big storm).

You HAVE to watch the daily temperatures. Even if there's a good snow, if there's a string of days following that in the high 40s or 50s and the lows don't dip down below 32, then the snow is going to melt quickly. That's not to say that you can't go --it just means you have to expect conditions that go with warm weather -- slushy snow, bare spots, and mud. I'm obsessed enough to ski in those conditions and am still grateful to be there.

The value is good: If we can ski 3 days at Mountain High (and I generally get in more days than that even during the last few years) and 3 days at Brian Head, Utah (where a Mountain High pass is good for 3 days), we've more than broken even on a $299 pass. Brian Head is about the same distance away from us as Mammoth, but much less crowded. And Mountain High IS close for us (one hour 15 minutes) and there's no mountain along the way to traverse (unlike Big Bear) -- which means I can escape during the week, arrive at 8:30 AM, leave by 1 PM and still work in the evening if I can't take a full day off. There are no crowds and it's quite calm, peaceful and just overall a pleasant experience.

Which brings me to another point -- don't go on the weekend or the day after a big snowfall (at least right now) if you can avoid it -- or only go on the weekend if the East is open-- and go EARLY -- l would plan on getting there an hour before they open. If there's going to be a crowd, bring your own food (lines can be long).

I do understand that the East is not ideal for boarders due to a lack of features, but it's great for skiers. At the top there's a a beginner slope that beginners can ski/board all day long and then ride down the chair if you don't have the skills to ski/board down Goldrush. It's too bad that the East and North are not open during the week, but I am hoping that will change if the trend of snowfall ever changes.

Yes, we've had really horrible experiences going on there on a weekend, going up the night before when snow was predicted (and no snow came), parking far away, etc., etc. But given the 20+ years of experience, overall I have quite an affinity for Mountain High!
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Therese Stanford
· December 6, 2017
Opening day was a success! Had a first great day at the Foggy Goggle... come see us!
Christopher Hawley
· February 27, 2017
Love this ski resort! Best snow I've seen in years here now. We are so lucky to have this magical place here in Southern California. It's closer than you think, and much bigger than you'd expect. Fri...endly staff, great food, and even on a weekend, there was little or no wait to get on the lift. Can't wait to come back, and planning on being here every year for my birthday. Thank you!! See More
Jesse J Komoe
· October 31, 2017
The website sucks and they need to staff the phone woulda drove up there and paid for a season but last year I did that and there was no one there ... get it together and don't blow out your reservoir...s before thanksgiving Jonny and maybe your reputation as a mtn will get better... but hey that means I got 300 extra bucks to go somewhere else where customer service is better See More

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