We will NO LONGER SUPPORTING FUTURE FIREFOX UPDATES. Firefox, as of version 57, is completely disabling the technology behind traditional addons.

So, it is no longer possible to create a toolbar, not even to play with the layout or appearance of a toolbar.

We have been phased out. Sorry y'all.

Firefox 47 has changed up a bit.

Please let us know how this works for you before we go live with it.…/plus/1.10/multirow.xpi

We have uploaded a new version of Multirow for review by Firefox. In the mean time, you can use it


Please leave comments here with any problems that you find.



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We are working on getting Multirow verified with Firefox. We have a a few kinks to work out with the multiprocessor changes that Firefox has made and there is a long queue for approvals, so we are in process.

In the mean time, please visit and follow instructions here:

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Hi everyone, Mozilla updated a few things and so it screwed up Multirow. Here is an update that fixes lots of the most recent problems. Please give it a go and let us know if there are things that are not working right:…/1.6/multirow.xpi

Multirow is being released as Multirow Plus:…/multirow-bookmarks-toolbarplus/

Display your Bookmarks Toolbar in more than one row! Be smart about hiding text and only showing favicons, displaying website info as tooltips. Autohide the Bookmarks Toolbar.

We are now releasing our beta version of Multirow for Firefox 4. Please let us know what you think:…/5.…/multibmtoolbar.xpi

Thank you White Alice0775 for giving us the opportunity to continue development of Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar