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Trevor Van Hee
· October 29, 2016
Multnomah is an incredible school that is not perfect but the education is phenomenal, the community welcoming and the faculty is more skilled than any other school I've been to.
Jeannette Cox
· December 13, 2016
I didn't go there and haven't stayed up on the school but I know that in the past, it's been a great school.
Rob Hildebrand
· September 15, 2014
I have taught at Multnomah for about a decade now. It has been a wonderful time of learning, growing and sharing together as a community. Our students are awe...some. They love God, care about people and want to make the world a better place. The staff and faculty have chosen to work at MU because they believe in the mission, value the scriptures, and want to contribute. It is not just a job for them.

It is a great place to do your undergrad, especially if you would like some Bible training as part of your curriculum. (also.... choose the Youth Ministry major:)
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Joshua Shelton
· March 30, 2015
Fabulous school! The training you get in both the undergrad and grad level is some of the best training around. I have compared my education to others and Multn...omah did a wonderful job giving me the tools I need to be a great shepherd and follower of Jesus.

The staff are amazing and treat you as a person and not just a faceless number.

Even after graduating in 2004 with my bachelor and then in 2008 with my masters facility still remember me and have a vested interest in my success as a pastor.

I would highly recommend Multnomah to anyone and especially to the individual that wants a SOLID Biblical training.
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Keake Woods
· October 29, 2016
I think MU is working to continuously improve its student diversity and widen its reach while keeping its Christian foundation. I love it!
Ernesto Dominguez
· August 29, 2016
Just announced as 1 of the worst schools in Oregon 4 LGBTQ students by Campus PRIDE. They share that title with George Fox University.
Don White
· December 31, 2015
Faculty, staff and fellow students helped me understand the Bible as living history, culture and philosophy that is applicable for today rather than just a book of mystical writings that I can cut and paste only applying what make me happy.
Linda Armbruster-Godfrey
April 3, 2013
My educational experiences at Multnomah gave me the foundation I needed to grow both in my career and in my walk with my Lord and Savior. It gave me so much than my BA. My character, integrity and conviction to live a godly life will be forever influenced by the values and high standards that were taught to me. See More
Ken McGee
· December 10, 2015
Congratulations on your intentions to file for Title IX exemption while reaping Federal funding. Your efforts to discriminate against certain students, while p...ublicly stating they are treated with compassion, is quite the shell game.

I don't deny you the right to discriminate against others in the name of religion. I reserve the right to discriminate against you because of your religion, and look forward to more and more people doing the same. I do object to you receiving tax payer dollars to help fund your bigotry.
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Stacey Dieleman DeCroo
· April 10, 2016
We just spent a day visiting the university. ..LOVED IT! The people and students were so loving and showed the love of Christ in all they did! Now...some big decisions to make!
Jonathan Simons
August 15, 2012
I loved my experience at Multnomah! Participated in the Adult Degree Completion Program that was conducted with excellence and wisdom. I have grown more than I could ever have imagined in my education, vocation, and spiritual health. I'm excited to complete Seminary at Multnomah!
Anna Babcox
· September 20, 2014
I have grown in so many ways because of this school. So blessed to be a part of this family! I can't wait to see what God does in this place next :)
Marcus W. McDaniel
October 8, 2011
This is one of the premiere Bible colleges in the country and a great place to train in the ministry! Loved my four years here and miss the beautiful city of Portland!
Joe Clevenger II
· December 28, 2014
Multnomah is a Wonderful Christian College. I've had alot of my friends that graduated from there. Dr. Congdon was a wonderful teacher there. AMEN
Hing D. Potter
· January 7, 2016
Title IX. Discrimination and federal funding do not mix.
James K. Burton
· November 9, 2013
My preview was awesome! Can't wait to get my application in.
Mike Edwards
August 15, 2012
I'm thankful for how God has used Multnomah to reach the world and nation.
Mike James
· November 22, 2013
Only a fool would give it anything less!
Getting pumped up for Color War at Spring Thaw 2014!
In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we're asking students, "Who is your favorite teacher?" Today we hear from Abigail Ridgeway, a sophomore who is studying history.
Heidi Birch, a freshman studying educational ministries, shares with us one of her favorite professors in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Business major Kevin Goodman has been granted a full fellowship to the fourth annual Filmmaking & Entrepreneurship Seminar in Los Angeles. The seminar, run in partnership between the Foundation for Economic Education and the Moving Picture Institute, will share how sound economic thinking can help filmmakers stand out from the crowd. “Going to this conference is a total blessing,” says Goodman. “This trip gives me a chance to make connections with people from around the US. M...y interest in photography and film is one of the things I’m most passionate about. It can build relationships with people, and it’s a window for expressing new ideas and telling stories. Ultimately, I would like to combine my passion for film, photography and business by creating a film company. My plan is to go to the places that are in isolation. With my photos and videos, I hope to spread positivity. The business program is teaching me two things. First, to be aware of what is going on in the world. And second, to do everything for the glory of God.” Congratulations, Kevin!

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Watch Koby K share about Multnomah's community and how amazing it is for students during their time here.


Wondering what you can do with a biology degree? Check out our biology page and see the world in a whole new light.

Multnomah University is preparing the next generation of Christian leaders for success in a wide range of careers. Explore our undergrad, grad and seminary programs.

If you haven't visited campus yet, you will definitely want to do that. College Preview is coming up on March 9-10. Watch our short campus tour video below, and register today!

Come learn about MU's campus! See our dorms, Roger's Café, classrooms, chapel and more. Schedule your visit today!

"They wanted the glory of God to fill that church, but the leadership wasn't interested in those things. We were running a religious organization." Here some of Dr. Rick McKinley's story, and check out our D.Min. program here:


Have you met Natalie Correll? She is the new Director of Alumni and Parent Relations here at Multnomah. If you want to get to know more about her love of coffee and all things Multnomah, watch the video below!

Meet our new Director of Alumni & Parent Relations, Natalie Correll.

Yesterday, we opened a new study space on campus! Read more about it here:


Multnomah's own, Dr. Paul Metzger, is presenting his book, Evangelical Zen, at the Search for Meaning conference in Seattle. The conference is Saturday Feb. 25, and Metzger is presenting at 9 a.m. It's going to be a blast! You can register or learn more about the conference below!

Seattle University’s annual community festival dedicated to topics surrounding the human quest for meaning and the characteristics of an ethical and well-lived life returns this February.

Did you know we have a business and organizational psychology degree? See what you can do with that here!

Multnomah University is preparing the next generation of Christian leaders for success in a wide range of careers. Explore our undergrad, grad and seminary programs.

Did you know Multnomah's master's in counseling program has partnerships with over a dozen clinics around Portland. Learn more about MAC and internships!

Multnomah University is preparing the next generation of Christian leaders for success in a wide range of careers. Explore our undergrad, grad and seminary programs.

Here's a flier for next Wednesday's GMC event on resting in God. See the entire schedule for the Global Ministries Conference here:

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Make sure to come to the gym and watch our basketball games tomorrow night! Women's starts at 5:30 p.m., and men's starts at 7:30 p.m. Go Lions!


Did you miss the "Bridging Troubled Waters" anxiety and depression forum a few weeks back? Well, luckily for you we recorded the event, and it's up on New Wine's website. Listen to it below!

Here is the audio from our recent Anxiety and Depression church panel for your listening pleasure

If you are willing to be stretched and process your own beliefs, then MU's Bible and Theology program might be the place for you. Dr. Ray Lubeck shares his thoughts on his own time at Multnomah and what students get by studying Bible and Theology here!


Do you know what the GMC is all about? On today's Multnomah Minute, follow some of our students as they explore campus sharing what the Global Ministries Conference is all about! The event will take place next week from Feb. 21-23!

Our student body takes time out from their studies to pursue God's heart for global ministries - and they get just a little excited about it.