If you are interested in designing some murals for children's hospitals and public schools please send me a message

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Another great painting event today at a Brooklyn High School with 40 NYCares volunteers - we painted over 60 doors, 2 stairwells and motivational messages that will decorate the hallways.

Another great event today in a Brooklyn high school with NY Cares volunteers and high school students painting murals - the first set of images are ready to be installed in the Pediatric Emergency Room of Metropolitan Hospital!

We had a great event yesterday in Brooklyn with NY Cares volunteers and students in middle and high school - we painted murals for a hospital emergency room!

We have a great project planned at Metropolitan Hospital in Harlem this weekend with NYCares volunteers - we are painting treatment rooms in the pediatric unit and a meeting room in the WIC unit!

This is a collection of original murals we created with local artists and volunteers to help transform drab rooms into healing and positive environments.

We got a huge thank you card from Metropolitan Hospital in NYC for our mural work there...thank you to all of the volunteers who have helped!

Today we are running community service projects for over 100 volunteers for the CITYYEAR NY Harlem One Community Service Day in New York City!

Today we are painting with American Eagle employees and the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program in Manhattan. The artwork created will be used to decorate rooms and hallways in Metropolitan Hospital in Harlem.

We had another great mural painting event at Metropolitan Hospital in the Pediatric Unit this weekend - we painted with a group of 45 volunteers and got 2 rooms completed!

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GREAT NEWS: We are starting some murals in the Pediatric Unit at Metropolitan Hospital Center in Manhattan this month !

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GREAT NEWS: We are finishing some murals in the Pediatric Unit at Brookdale Hospital and will post some pictures this week!

This weekend we are painting an underwater themed mural in the Brookdale Hospital - Pediatric Unit in Brooklyn, NY...we will post pictures after!

We completed our mural in the NY Foundling Long Island City building today!

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