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About Mark
    (updated 06/2017)

    The short version is that I grew up in Emporia, Kansas with a doting mother and father. We were a very active and well-known family in the community.

    While we considered Emporia to be home, we also had another home in Topeka, where my mother decided to settle following my father's unexpected death in an automobile accident in 1982.

    Things went pretty crazy for some years to come, but these are also the years that form a man. By my early teen years, I had become quite a fright. Struggling with having only one parent, and believing that I was old enough and wise enough to make all of my own decisions, I finished my formal education early, at age 15.

    By that time I was already successfully providing marketing consulting for multiple companies, and earning multiples more money than my educators. At that age, money and fine things mean a lot. Maybe it was not so smart ... or maybe it was. That depends on who you ask.

    This is when I founded a marketing company, Aaron Marketing Group, were I worked as President for more than a decade and negotiated equity in under-marketed companies. I worked very hard, with as many as four concurrent jobs in addition to my own company to run. I knew what I had to do, and I think I made mostly good decisions.

    I saw a great degree of success in my first quarter century ... at least from a financial standpoint. I had earned a lot of money and a good amount of recognition, but I was still shy of my personal goals of growing and nurturing a family.

    At age 25, I retired to Houston, Texas with plans of never working again. My overall hope was to finally make time to seek a wife and create a family. I traveled the world, and I had more fun than a guy that age should ever have.

    That lasted a few years, until I found that I kept meeting "Ms. Wrong", and that my business partnerships were not as trustworthy as I had hoped. It was at this point when I stopped looking for the right person to share my life, and I finally understood what Steinbeck meant with the statement as follows: "A man hungering for love destroys everything lovable about himself."

    In 2000, I met Peggy Hoskinson, later to become Peggy Murnahan, my wife. She was a breath of fresh air.

    Peggy was smart, funny, attractive, and honest. She worked in the banking industry, where she had been for nine years, and she also operated a full-time Web design and graphic design company. She was quite an ambitious and successful worker.

    One day, after hearing her complaints about her work in the banking industry, I gave my opinion that the company she owned should be her focus. After all, it was already a success, but just needed her full confidence.

    I immediately began to use what I know about growing a business, and we chose to merge our companies into one. The eventual outcome was, which was officially founded in May 2001. It later became a great success for us at the top of the wholesale Internet access and web hosting industry - providing Internet access and technologies to Internet service providers.

    I married Peggy in 2002, when we decided that we were the right match to have a family. Shortly prior to the birth of our son, we decided to move closer to the grandparents, so we moved to Topeka, Kansas, where we live today. We have since grown our family with the addition of three sons and a daughter - Simon (14), Madeline (12), Jack (8), and Jude (4). (As of 06/2017)

    During this entire time, I also maintained an independent marketing consultancy and helped many companies to become successful - but business was not enough to keep me busy, so I started a race team.

    While raising a family and running multiple companies, I found the passion to make time to own, manage, drive, and train a race team consisting of two current model C6 Corvettes. Racing is not as easy as it sounds, and when spending a quarter million dollars per year just to learn how to drive well, it is not just a hobby. It takes a lot of dedication to progress in the racing world. I've done a nice job of it, and I instructed high performance driving and provided coaching for many sanctioned driving organizations.

    Still believing that a person cannot be too busy, I took the time to write a few books. So, if you ever think you are too busy to do something, and you're waiting for the perfect time ... take a note from me. If you are too busy, maybe you are just too busy with the wrong things.

    My years of hard work set me on a path to early retirement, which I had fully planned just before the world economy put some of our biggest and strongest technology partners into a tailspin in 2009-2010. It cost me millions of dollars and a few years to regroup, but I have seen roadblocks before, and I am always up for a good challenge.

    In 2012, after seeking a position as Chief Marketing Officer, Senior VP of Marketing, or a similar position with a company that would understand the value of my experience and level of pedigree in the marketing field, I changed gears once again.

    I joined full-time at our custom bakery that we created in 2009 (to hedge our bets). I worked hard as Chef and Owner at Mad Eliza's Cakes & Confections. See ... and . In December 2015, we shuttered our storefront to focus on custom orders and catering services.

    I later took the position heading the digital marketing and ecommerce for a former client.

    As of 06/2017, I am seeking bliss in my next endeavor. I welcome you to see more at .

    There's me in a nutshell. If you want to know more, please feel welcome to ring me at my direct line, 866-293-2489.
Favorite Quotes
  • "You will mess your pants when you die. I prefer to die doing something that will explain it." REF:
    - Mark Murnahan

    "Remember this: Knowledge attracts success ... ignorance repels it. Following this rule, we help people become successful on the 'Information Superhighway'. Could there be a better place?"
    - Mark Murnahan

    Does it ever really behoove somebody to use the word "behoove". It sounds remarkably like "cow tipping" to me.
    - Mark Murnahan

    "Great spirits have always encountered violent oppostion from mediocre minds."
    - Albert Einstein

    "If you want to more than scratch the surface of your potential, drop the cotton ball and grab an ax"