Honored to be featured in Lynchland's mixtape of video game music inspired by David Lynch's works: The very first track in the mix is my S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Main Theme partially inspired by Mulholland Drive, one of my all-time favorite movies & soundtracks.

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Lynchland - David Lynch Archivist is with HadH and Jeremy Chateau.


Over the past twenty years, many game developers have called on David Lynch and Twin Peaks for inspirat...ion, and such major titles as Silent Hill, Persona, or Life is Strange have paid tribute to the director's work. Naturally, this influence can also be heard in many games, in obvious and more subtle ways. Our new mixtape is an attempt to put together fifteen of these tracks, including the music from fairly lynchian games such as Deadly Premonition, Kentucky Route Zero, Mizzurna Falls - ミザーナフォールズ - PSX, Thimbleweed Park and Virginia , ANAMANAGUCHI's glorious cover of the Twin Peaks Theme, and Angelo Badalamenti's own contribution to video game music for The Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy, back in 2005. Just for kicks, we also covered Nobuo Uematsu's "Lurking in the Darkness" (from the legendary Final Fantasy VII soundtrack) by ourselves, to emphasize its similarity with "Audrey's Dance". Have fun !

You'll find the complete tracklist in the comments. As always, thanks for tuning in and, if you enjoy our mixes, please like them and share them.

Many thanks to Mathieu Aubry, Deborah Blain, Johann Chateau-Canguilhem, Benjamin Del Saz, Azélie Fayolle, Hawé Jore, Ramo Ramo for their help.

A very special thanks to HadH for her wonderful artwork. You can check out her work at - -

Mixtape © Lynchland's musical expert Jeremy Chateau

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Непреложный факт – в России хватает талантливых игровых композиторов, и один из ярких

Good news, everyone!

I'm proud to announce my sound design debut: UVI's flagship synth Falcon ( in it's recently updated version 1.4 will feature 100 new patches (among other cool new stuff), 65 of wich are made by me. You can hear some of them here: (at 2:54, 6:10, 6:36, 7:10, 7:30) And in this demo by Louis Couka…/falcon-showcase-falcon-14-by-louis… (see UVI's comments for... patches listing, mine are: Undercover Bass, BD, Novachord Noir, Night And The Bass, Gotham Brass, Scout Bass & Hong Kong Pad).
Falcon is a real beast, I had a blast making these sounds. If you are into deep sound design & was looking for one synth to feature anything from analog modeling to crazy granular synthesis & unlimited modulation possibilities, then you should definitely check it out.


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Explore the intersection of advanced sampling and synthesis with 15 oscillators, over 80 effects, powerful modulation generators, scriptable event processors and more.

For quite a long time already I wanted to try myself (besides being game composer) not only as a producer but also in the field of "additional production", write string arragments, some electro stuff, and anything else that I have experience with, for some band (preferably with vocals) etc, but other musical "things" in the works always distracted me from making any move in that direction... But not so long ago I've received a proposal from one Polish band asking me just exac...tly this kind of work. So, after listening to their music, liking it very much & thinking about how the badass style of this music will expand in my portfolio, I agreed. The band is Torture of Hypocrisy, the album is "RBMK-1000", it is based on the events happened during the Chernobyl Disaster & the style is industrial groove metal. I worked with the track titled "AZ-5", added some dark ambient sound-design & other electronic elements. The album will be released on the 5th of November so check it out as soon as it will be possible. Orders will be available through the band's webstore since 24th October (


Вкратце на русском: я принял участие в создании трека "AZ-5" с industrial groove metal-альбома "RBMK-1000" (основан на событиях Чернобыльской катастрофы) группы Torture of Hypocrisy (@tortureoohypocrisy) из Польши, а именно добавил в трек дарк-эмбиент и другие "электро-составляющие". Релиз альбома состоится 5-го ноября, а заказать можно будет уже 24 октября здесь:

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About two weeks ago, I have no idea why, I decided to try myself in Usher "Crash" remix contest just 3-4 days before the deadline, even though I knew about it long before that, and... here it is: I'm not sure if I can share mp3 or upload it to soundcloud yet, so it's only possible to listen to it via this link for now. Anyway, I'm glad that by contest rules I will keep all the rights on original material (wich in my case is all the music & even vocal notes, since all the vocals were relentlessly cutted & gone through Little Alter Boy (amazing stuff)), so I think all these arpeggiators will eventually have their finest hour in some other context Original track:

P.S. When it's done.

Remix Usher's "Crash" to win $1,500, an Official Release on Tidal and more!
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May 25, 2012
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MoozE shared a link.
May 28, 2011
Download Men of War: Vietnam Original Soundtrack Promo legally and for free on Men of War: Vietnam Original Soundtrack Promo. Soundtrack for Men of War: Vietnam. Composed by MoozE Track-list, covers, composers and groups, ratings, review and latest news about Men of War: Vietna