A career, like life, is not linear. Embrace the twists and turns.

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7 reasons CIOs quit (or lose their jobs)

From false promises to role changes, CIOs exit when their ability to execute their strategy or grow their careers hits a road block — a trend that may be accelerating, thanks to the rise of digital transformations.
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If there is one thing missing from so many otherwise great organizations I’ve worked with, it is strategy execution. Many managers understand that a strategy is essential for success over the long-…

Calling audibles at the line, by the proverbial and literal numbers.

The Team That’s Smart Enough to Beat the Patriots

The Eagles’ trip to the Super Bowl has been a stunning roller coaster. But underpinning the overhaul of this franchise has been a full-fledged embrace of numbers.
Vitruvius’ three principles of firmitatis utilitatis venustatis, from his semenal work De Architectura, roughly translates as durability (it should be robust), utility (it should be practical…
Have you ever worked in a company that seemed to change of the sake of change? Maybe they are continually and overly influenced by the latest article in Harvard Business Review such that every mont…
I suffer from this. I am guilty of often investing too much time to make something “perfect”. I remember the president of a company that had acquired mine years back who was known to of…

Hey IT Executives and Senior Managers: How do you manage Cloud costs effectively?

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Best Practices to Manage Growing #Cloud Costs (featuring MetLife and Apptio)

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How #Blockchain Can End Poverty

Two-thirds of the world’s population lacks access to a formal system of property rights.
The term 'big data' is now becoming common to entrepreneurs regardless of the size of their business. In the past, only business chains and big organisations had an idea of what it meant and the benefits that came with it. After numerous reports by data science experts, small businesses are now rece...

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M&A Revs Up in January, Spurred by Tax Overhaul

M&A Revs Up in January, Spurred by Tax Overhaul; Teamsters seek to prohibit UPS from using drones or driverless vehicles; EU fines Qualcomm for abusing its position.
Don’t ask applicants about their skills — see what they can do.

Governments may be big backers of the #blockchain... soon, we hope.

An anti-establishment technology faces an ironic turn of fortune
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January 23
The 2017 Data & Analytics Report by MIT Sloan Management Review finds that companies that embraced analytics have begun to find new ways to derive strategic benefit from analytics.
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January 22
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