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Jan 17, Shravana Nakshatra, 1st Tithi

Moon is in, & rules Shravana Nakshatra, star of listening or hearing, when translated. Called the star of learning, it is associated with Saraswati, Goddess of the flowing, orally audible, knowledge, music & persuasive expressiveness, or eloquence. This is where we listen 2, & actually absorb, the sacred knowledge behind all teachings… Metacognition, is when we develop awareness, on the compulsive firing of synaptic pathways, when we can ...actually hear, & listen, ourself thinking. We then realize, that most of it is fiction, as we recognize that it is simply electricity traveling through the dense storage, & wired networks of our brain, our memories. Our body responds 2 that which we think, creating an environment, propelling us 2 adequately react 2 the instructions sent. So, if we admit 2 ourself, that we can hear ourself thinking, we can’t deny then, that there must b, something, someone doing the listening is there. That’s a profound place 2 b, & mastering this alignment is the sacred practice, of life. What u think, becomes how u feel, what u feel manifests that reality. Choose ur thoughts, reframe them, 2 the higher awareness of the listening voice inside u, the divine within, the 1 consciousness, that always knows whats best. Can we embody that?
Stay clear of unnecessary gossip, jealousy or envy.

1st Tithi of Prajapati the creator. Inspiring us 2 set things in2 motion & give rising 2 our sacred forms of expression. Creativity and materialization of consciousness is very possible here, but what do you wish to create? Be careful of those thoughts as the first part of Capricorn can be overly forceful, again find peace, meditate, practice 2 align yourself with that entity inside you, the one doing the listening & from there, manifest thy greatness.

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Jan 16, Sagittarius to Capricorn.

Moon in the last part of Jupiter’s fiery & masculine rulership of Sagittarius then into Saturn ruled Capricorn. The arduous, tasks of reframing subconscious, limiting beliefs in2 insights & higher consciousness, catalyzes our commitments 2 healthy beliefs, higher motives & pure intentions. This is a necessary process, setting us up 4 greatness right on our righteous path. The Moon will move in2 Capricorn around mid afternoon, where we feel th...e need 2 make a commitment 2 our inner peace rather than 2 external achievements… Have u ever reached a goal, cheered 4 ur achievement, but right after felt as if something was still missing? Thats the pressure of today. Saturn’s influence in Capricorn shows the solidity of our roots, thus the purity of our intentions. R they sacred & righteous? The things that give our life meaning, also produce a lot of work & when we r determined & committed 2 the highest good, 2 the work itself, they ultimately lead 2 greater outcomes. A more practical understanding of today’s energy can b explained as in the services rendered in a coaching business 4 example: When we seek 2 serve our clients at the highest level possible, & we actually help them with their “bleeding neck” we then embody the very fulfillment of our souls purpose, & that will then materialize itself in2 something u can righteously stand behind. In a more tangible way it will manifest as money. But if our goal is primarily set around the material accumulation itself, then we never feel fulfilled, or at least not in a way that lasts more than shortly after the initial achievement that is. It doesn’t satisfy the soul, so it feels like somethings missing, so we chase 4 more…
Another example can b with our children, they fill our life with meaning & hope. But they do require a lot of work, commitment & patience… The shadow side of Capricorn is that of possessiveness, where we see everything in our life as a commodity, like something we have stake in. So stay clear of controlling behaviors & self-righteousness, don’t fall for unhealthy selfish motives disguised as “everyone’s souls highest good”. So stay focused & do the spiritual work...

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Jan 15, Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, 14th Tithi

Moon in Venus ruled Purva Ashadha Nakshatra, that literally means “the undefeated” & it is described as “The invincible star”. This is where your discriminative intelligence gives voice to a righteous expressions to motivate “your troops” towards the conquest of the sacred aspirations, greater spiritual heights. As Apas & Varuna r the residing deities here, they show our ability & strength 2 flow, influence & empathize with the (or within ourself), while still being able 2 hold a secure space 4 them, (or have a protective nurturing energy 4 ourself). B sure 2 operate from the higher self & pure hearts desires or risk 2 appear excessively egoic & fanatical in ur quests 4 greatness, fairness & pure beliefs.

14th Tithi of Kali, consort of Shiva, Lord of destruction, leading toward transformation. Considered the goddess of time, change & liberation. What kind of liberation? Maybe from limiting beliefs, relationship stereotypes & repressed or depressed behaviors? Or simply distractions from our spiritual quests 4 greatness! Stay focused & eliminate that which distracts u & wastes ur precious time here on earth.

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Jan 14, Sun, Sagittarius

Sun ruled Sunday signifying the concept of the higher self, the unwavering truth about the spiritual being we truly r.

Moon in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, sign of inspirations, high hopes & ambitions. A quadruped animal- lower body & a human torso with bow & arrow. It indicates the firmness needed 2 clearly target our highest aspirations, whatever they may be… So, Aim High, but Stay Grounded!

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Jan 12, Anurada Nakshatra, 12th Tithi

Moon in Saturn ruled Anuradha Nakshatra’s which shows our ability to persevere, our will 2 blossom, like the Lotus Flower does, in the midst of life’s trials & tribulations. It is the star of success, where we realize that the secret 2 success is failure itself. Realizing our mistakes r not in vain, adjust the aim of our offerings & re-evaluate our boundaries, let go of what didn’t serve our greater good & find determination & devotion 4 our resourceful, committed self empowerment.

12th Tithi of the Sun God Surya who shows the need 2 purify ur thoughts so we can find a clearer vision in our purpose & interactions. Or don’t do the work, stay committed & attached 2 that which proved 2 b a false belief & continue 2 violate the karmic laws of give & take, the seemingly endless cycle of pain & suffering.

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Jan 11, Thu, Libra to Scorpio.

Jupiter ruled Thu of personal growth. Mars is still joined Jupiter in Libra where we might feel the need 2 put our higher teachings & sacred inspirations 2 practice & take righteous action with them especially in the relationships realm…

Moon continues through the last section of Libra, then in2 Scorpio later this evening, signs of personal relationships & emotional depth. Still the focus is on the sacred fairness of ur exchanges & on how the fo...llowing questions make u feel. R u selflessly donating all ur love? R u selfishly taking someone’s love & attention? Remember, unconditional love & selfish love create imbalances & resentments, accumulates Karma, if not immediately, eventually. With Jupiter & Mars also in Libra we can falter in the possibility of being disrespectful 2 others, & 2 justify it with not being respected ourself. It can get complicated & the faithful adoption of the give & take principle really needs 2 b absorbed here if we r 2 weather the potential emotional storms that may arise in the surfacing section of Scorpio.

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Jan 10, Wed, Swati Nakshatra, 10th Tithi

Mercury ruled Wed which shows our capacity to intellectualize our exchanges & transactions. Our ability to think logically & express, our conclusions about something being fair or not is highlighted here.

Moon in Swati Nakshatra’s last section, all afternoon. Jupiter ruled, this section is where we learn the importance of being flexible & adaptable in our exchanges. Success comes through hard work so maybe u can learn how 2 transform t...he Mars combative feelings in2 the very energy that grounds u in ur flexibility. Mercury, Wednesday’s rulership on our internal Discriminative intelligence is best used here. Stop talking & thinking about doing the right thing, just do it & lead by example, as sociability is another powerful tool 4 ur success. Rahu is the ruler of Swati, depicted as a head without a body & it indicates the possibility of obsessive behaviors… Don’t get in ur head about how u come across, beware of that Monkey Mind trap! Stay humbly connected 2 ur sacred heart’s desires, commit 2 ur service orientated goals & work hard (that doesn’t mean u have 2 b a servant). The focus is toward what ur values & valuables r, what u value most & ur intentions with them. R u seeking fairness in giving & taking. Stay focused & don’t get distracted by the winds of change…

10th Tithi of Dharma righteous action, responsibility & duty.

Check out Hanuman’s tale. The monkey God of righteous action and devotion.

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Jan 9, Tue, Libra.

Mars ruled Tue, of passion, personal strength, courage, discipline, will power, possibly even inflated EGOs here, so stay grounded & humble. Connect 2 what ur highest desires r, what u believe 2 b ur truth & courageously take inspired action.

Moon in Venus ruled Libra, sign of: mutual-respect-based, relationships. Adult relationships, romantic or professional, all have a “transactional” quality 2 them; give & take. Unconditionally giving creates imbalances & resentments… The Libra energies can appear 2 b harmonious, but sometimes we inadvertently initiate the imbalance only 2 harmonize it later. Beware of that tendency 2day.

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Jan 8, Mon, Hasta to Chitra Nakshatra

Moon ruled Mon. Its highest energy is related 2 motherly things & feelings of security, nurturing, kids or animals. Don’t “show up” disempowered, as this can trigger our shadow side, expressed as frustration, irritation & anxiety.

Moon in the last section of Hasta Nakshatra, in the early afternoon. Hasta, the hand, signifies the unique energy of ur manifesting powers, & is here ruled by the Moon of mothering, nurturing, emotions & our fee...lings. The focus here is on family life & co-existence, the shadow side is co-dependency. Its highest promise is material security, but at the same time it can promote suspicion towards the unknown, its emotionally charged shadows can make you feel like a paranoid self in a foreign land. The best & worst of Hasta comes out this section, & if u control, direct, focus & align ur emotions 2 how ur deepest Hearts desires FEEL, as if u’ve already achieve them, it can bring forth strong results. Especially in regards 2 all sorts of creative powers, even with our children (if we have any, again). Moon will move in2 Chitra Nakshatra midday reinforcing the need 4 a dynamic & charming personality. When dealing with sensorial illusions, find the strength 2 transform them in2 the very magical powers & tools they r really meant 2 b. So, don’t get distracted by ur attachments 2 external circumstances, stay high spirited, do the work that needs 2 b done 2day & magically Manifest ur sacred, abundant reality!

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Jan 7, Virgo, Uttara Phalguni to Hasta Nakshatra

Moon in Virgo is where we prefer 2 b open 2 alternative possibilities 4 the details of our life. Where we feel the need of being organized & understand the benefits that it can bring. As ruler of the kingdom u must accept with courage & honor all the work & many details it entails. U can feel that pressure in Virgo; turn that in2 the very energy u need 2 take care of what needs 2 b done, without getting distracted by how that m...akes u feel. In Italy there is a saying: “You wanted the bicycle? Now all you got to do is pedal”. So practicality & dynamism can b very useful today, but u must purify ur thoughts & intentions & evolve them through ur higher qualities or risk to micromanage outer circumstances in hopes 2 achieve material perfection.

Moon in the last section Uttara Phalguni which is Jupiter ruled & akin to a Sun/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. Here is where our intellectual abilities should b utilized 2 c the bigger picture & how it relates 2 others. Balance between the material & spiritual focus should b sought after here, thus favoring positive results on both planes, especially as we transition into Hasta Nakshatra, in the early afternoon. Hasta, literally means hand & it goes to signify the beauty of our very own, individual manifesting powers. When we r in alignment with our higher self then it also mean we r able 2 successfully navigate the emotional realm. Triggering the emotional reality of our highest vision is a key ingredient in manifesting. When aligned to this truth, we realize our hands r an extension of God’s hands.

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Jan 6, Sat, Leo, 6th Tithi

Saturn ruled Sat where we should try 2 make peace with our limitations. If we don’t try 2 learn from life’s hard lessons we can potentially trigger our seemingly ignorant shadow sides: stubbornness or over indulgence for materialistic & superficial views. If we sought after luxury without considering the price to be paid, this is where we (& others) might feel pressured as the consequential result of our actions.

Moon in Leo, where passion & strong ...convictions 2 ur inspirations & intuitions, can reveal themselves as ur real strength. Take pride in ur capacity 2 persevere & move forward, especially when things get tough…

6th Tithi or Lunar days Moon ruled by Karttikeya Lord of Valor, reinforcing the courageous energy needed when following ur aspirations of helping others. Or allow urself 2 feel supported by those who possess the means & find the courage needed 2 face ur own shortcomings.

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Jan 5, Fri, Magha to Purva Phalguni Nakshatra.

Venus ruled Fri of Beauty, Art, Sensory Pleasures. This section of the sky can also become Vanity, Narcissism & Over Indulgence when experienced in its shadowy side. Addictions of various type may resurface here… Instead, try 2 control urself & ur sensory attachments, by cultivating generosity, humility, kindness & loyalty 2 those close 2 u.

Moon in the last section of Magha Nakshatra (Moon Ruled). As King, it is ur birthright 2 ...honor thy kingdom & the origins of its lineage, ur lineage. 2 b the big hearted King, devoted 2 those he loves & 2 the well being of its rightful reign, u must accept the lineage from which u come from & learn from their past experiences; after all, those r the very teachings u r born in2. No need 2 b all emotional about them as being good or bad, just make good use of what serves u & ur kingdom’s wellbeing. So, surround urself with ur family’s wisdoms, suggestions & examples, make them urs & treasure the teachings they bestow. Again, don’t get carried away with the emotions, after all it is ur kingdom 2day, & u must do what’s in its best interest, what u know is righteous & just, even if it momentarily doesn’t feel good. You should be able 2 celebrate that higher truth & ur capacity 2 b in alignment with it. Literally, Purva Phalguni is where the Moon will move in2 the early afternoon. Its deity is Bhaga, who brings forth a sense of pride 4 family inheritances & It can show ur capacity 2 do what needs 2 b done, ur ability 2 influence others & 2 deal sweetly with them. Activate this energy, turn it all in 2 a ritual, a festivity, 2 b observed as a reminder of ur strength 4 generations 2 come. In this powerful & creative section of the sky, healthy enjoyments r the primary motivation. As this lunar mansion is represented by a swinging hammock, we should pursue overall well-being & the kinds of pleasures that r healing, restful & signify a nurturing & recuperating energy.

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Jan 4, Ashlesha to Magha Nakshatra, 4th & 5th Tithi.

Moon is also in the last segment of Ashlesha Nakshatra, relating 2 all kinds of illusions. Moral struggle is potentially at its peak here, where we r more likely to get tricked by others, or actually deceive others, even ourselves. We might b putting up fronts & subconsciously hide our true nature, & that’s ok, just try 2 b honest without unnecessarily judging urself as good or bad, instead, cultivate a sense of gratitude 4... all that u have & find courage, face ur reality as it is, rather than as you would like it 2 be.

Let the current situation b the catalyst energy that further motivates u toward ur Highest Vision; Thus, as the Moon will move in2 Magha Nakshatra (Ketu ruled - the opposite shadow planet, symbolized by the body without the head). This is where u truly realize that u r the only King of ur bodily kingdom or of ur individual soul, & that it is ur birthright 2 rule it as u wish & desire. U don’t need anyone’s approval, just b sure 2 honor it & serve it with positivity in abundance. After all, u r royalty & what does royalty do best? Will you choose 2 be the tyrant King exploiting & abusing its kingdom, or 2 b the big hearted King, devoted 2 those he loves & the well being of its rightful reign? Again, don’t be 2 hard on yourself tho, maybe u can explore the concept of Ahimsa today (

4th & 5th Tithi or Lunar days. The 4th bridges the qualities of Ganesha, (Lord who signifies the removal of obstacles), & Yama (Lord of the restrictions, Ahimsa?) in2 the 5th lunar day of Nāga, (the serpent deity favorable 4 magically accessing, gaining higher wisdom, secret knowledge & related 2 rebirth, administering medicine, purging of poisons, surgery, generally regarded as the guardian of treasures) & ruled by Apas (Goddess of water as the purifying & cleansing energetic element, that also flows & adapts 2 all sorts of environments).

So, maybe u can relax in a Luxurious water filled Bath-tub, intentionally charged with sacred, rejuvenating, nurturing & royal qualities.

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Jan 3, Pushya Nakshatra, 2nd Tithi

Moon in Saturn ruled Pushya Nakshatra, of commitment & determination in being more discriminating with our choices, with friends, thoughts, habits & environments. This is where we find the power 2 overcome negative influences & assert our benefic nature. Stay focused in these intentions, no matter how hard it may seem or risk 2 get distracted, deflated & doubtful of ur own worth (due 2 the criticism of others). The Lord of Sacred Speech, Pr...ayer & Higher Teachings - Brihaspati, is 2day’s deity; showing the need 2 devote urself 2 the spiritual work u know must b done. Suggestions r: Practice Yoga, breath work, self love, buy & begin 2 read a self help book (like this one, take on a new spiritualized routine, ritual or start a new course. In other words seek that which is purely nurturing u & worship the higher self, this will help u reach new depth & give strength, 2 endure the emotional rollercoasters.

2nd Tithi or 17th Lunar day of laying foundations & creating solid structures to build upon. Starting new projects is 2day’s theme, choose them according 2 ur vision 4 personal & spiritual growth.

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