Whether you're an Airbnb host sharing an extra bedroom, or a hotel with 200 rooms, MyCustomStay allows you to create a more personalized stay for your guest. This increases the overall experience for your guest, and boosts average revenue per stay (to say nothing of the better reviews!).

Your upcoming guests will be able to choose from a list of items or experiences that you create. Items might be as simple as what kind of pillow they prefer, to arranging a guided tour of the architecture in your city.

We look forward to teaming with you to provide your guests the best possible stay, while increasing your bookings, ratings, and overall revenue.

Providing a greater level of service sets you apart as a host, and gets you booked more often! MyCustomStay let's your guests select items to customize and improve their stay. You earn more money per guest by offering items once your guest is booked.

The image shows the web page that your guests will receive shortly after booking (all automated!). You select which of the five buttons your guest will see.

The first button lets you provide a free list of items that your gues...t can choose from to be in the room when they arrive. Some guests snack on Dorito's, others would rather have fresh fruit, let them choose before they arrive!

Second button lets you offer items that might be more valuable, that a guest would need to purchase prior to arrival. You may have some items, like bikes, that you rent to guests. This gives you a quick and easy way to offer the item, and immediately accept a credit card payment for it. Maybe even stock the fridge for a fee, or have dinner from a local restaurant ready upon your guests arrival.

Third button, list things to do in the area, with the links to the related sites.

Fourth, create a Google map of the area surrounding your short term rental, with markers depicting the sites you think your guests should know about.

Finally, give your guests easy instructions to find where they're staying, with pictures to make it easy.

Mycustomstay will offer much more, we look forward to working with you to provide the greatest stay possible!

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