Here's a great article from Adam, on how to keep your reels in top shape.…

You will know when the stress of being in the city is starting to get to you when you start staring off into space and think about the great outdoors. You imagine that you have the trees for walls, the grass for your bed, the sky as the ceiling, and the moon and the stars for your night light. So yo...

Great article on finding fish in the currents.

Locating and landing bass in current can test the skills of even the most experienced angler. Of course wherever you happen to pull up your boat and drop a line in, there will be some level of current, providing there is wind present. The current I am referring to, however, is heavy river or stream…

Looking for feedback on this KVD crank bait... Any of you anglers have experience with this? My buddy's been raving about it, but my tackle box is already busting. Worth getting a new tackle box for?

The KVD crankbait series from Strike King are designed to the specifications of Bassmaster Classic Champ Kevin VanDam. Perfect for shallow water power fishing. The square bill design and action are perfect for maximum deflection off cover to entice strikes. Designed with no internal rattles for a...

Looking for bass in warm weather months... This has got to be one of the best jigs around for such an occasion.

Booyah Boo Jig BOOYAH Boo JigView larger BOOYAH Boo JigView larger Finally, a jig made to penetrate brushpiles and punch through grassbeds with equal efficiency. The Booyah Boo Jig features a flat-bottom 18-degree rise, premium black nickel hook, heavy weed guard, magnum rattles and a full-body 5...

My Fishing Forecast is on sale. Cut out the guess work or at know what your expectations should be for catching some bass!

Know if the fish are biting before you go to your favorite fishing hole!My Fishing Forecast takes the guess work out of interpreting weather patterns and solunar events impact...

The bass are biting. Went out on a day, My Fishing Forecast told me would be a step below EPIC, and did great. 6 nice bass in a few hours.

My Fishing Forecast is now available for windows phone 8!

Buy it now on the Windows Phone Store!…/d6aadcc5-48f1-4397-9f5f-0b520…

Here is one of those bass I mentioned catching yesterday. He was a fighter, drenched the whole boat thrashing in the net.

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Got back out on the water today. Caught three decent size bass in a row at the peak time indicated by the MyFishingForecast app. Love that app!

See our latest blog post for thoughts on Winter Bass Fishing.

Free reports of the Best Fishing Times for your area. Know when to go fishing and when to just go to the pub.
Sometimes you catch fish in shallow waters. Sometimes you catch fish in deep water. It can be frustrating as hell to find the fish in the shallows one week, think you’re going to go back the next week and find them in the same spot. Then you don’t.

Here's a great article on cold weather bass fishing.

How important is retrieve speed in cold water? Some anglers may tell you that they fish just as fast in winter as they do in spring. However, most successful cold [...]

Find the fish on the lake points!

Free reports of the Best Fishing Times for your area. Know when to go fishing and when to just go to the pub.
When I was a kid, I didn’t know much about bass fishing, even though I lived on a great river for Small Mouth.I was content with catching blue gill, catfishing at night or trying for one of the behemoth carp that showed up after the ducks got fed.
It’s been a rough Summer.I caught more fish this past Winter and early Spring than these past few months.One day this Winter when the temperature was in the 30’s I caught 9 good sized bass in just a few hours of cruising the shoreline.
The last few times we went out, we could only go during times when the graph was at 0.Needless to say, we caught 1 bass between the two of us in 4 hours on most of those days.It was terrible. But as they say, a day of fishing and not catching is better than any day at work.
I checked the My Fishing Forecast app and saw that the fishing would be terrible until around 3 PM. Now I’m not 100% sure of all the formulas that go into this app, but I know Solunar Theory, Weather Variables and Barometric Pressure Changes are some of them.Those are usually what I checked on my ow...