Hello everyone! We've been a bit busy. How's everyone doing?

Hi everyone. How are you? We've been visiting schools in Perak and Seremban... MCKK, Clifford and many more. We will be posting pictures soon.


Good Morning Everyone!!!!!

Spain menang malam semalam... BooooRing! Nothing new. Would had be fun if Italy won it. Oh well..

We all went to school. Regardless whether it is a private or public school. So why don't we reunite and make this page as one of the biggest school reunion in Malaysia!!!!! so that we can help past, current and future students.

Kalau takde buat apa-apa hari ni. Tolong share 'Sekolah' kat geng korang boleh? Ni bukan homework yang berat pun. Sikit je. Kalau tak buat cikgu tak marah.

Just finished watching the pursuit of HAPPYness (Happiness). Great and Inspiring movie. You guys should watch it over the weekend.

We are on twitter!!! Follow us... PLEASE!!!!

Wohooo!! Cuti! Sekolah dah habis!

So...... we are trying to get thousands of people to LIKE this page because we want this page to be KNOWN to everyone throughout Malaysia and we want 'Sekolah' to be a place to innovate, spread ideas and create fun!!!!! PLEASE SHARE AND LIKE!! thank you so much amazing lovely people.

How's your Friday everyone? Doing anything exciting tonight? Be good, behave yourself. Nanti cikgu marah.


Invite as many people as you can because we want to have the largest network of awesome Malaysias current and ex students that can impact millions of people throughout Malaysia.

Even thou the name is 'sekolah' "serious macam cikgu disiplin" but don't forget 'sekolah' is also the place where we had fun. So house rule #1: make sure you have fun!

Thanks for liking our page. We started inviting people a couple of minutes ago. If you don't mind, can you please share to the entire world.

Sekolah is not just another facebook page but a community that can engage and make conversation with friends through school networks and probably help each other out to solve certain education problems.

For now we are trying to get people to like this page. What we want to do in the next couple of days or weeks is try to get you guys to share your school experiences.