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Was your morning as exciting as the Nintendo 64 kid? Share your Nintendo holiday memories by using hashtag #BecauseItsNintendo.

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In TODAY’s Take, Natalie and Willie discuss their holidays and take a look at a classic viral video of a kid screaming with excitement...

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From jubilant exclamations — "Santa knowed what I wanted for Christmas!" — to earsplitting shrieks, here are some of our favorite reactions.

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When I went back home for Thanksgiving this year, my mom pulled out a letter I wrote to my dad back in 1999, because he wouldn't let me buy a Nintendo 64. They've said I should be a lawyer ...


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The time it took for my brother to get our new Super Nintendo out of the box and connected to our television couldn't have been more than five minutes.

saw this on the news this morning, so pumped

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Ahhh! Eaten by what I loved the most. Guess the box didnt like to be slapped around... (Frame from Terminal Montage's sweet animation -

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We've got it! Check out brother channel RAW64LIFE on youtube where our video was first uploaded in 06!

Original "Nintendo 64 Kid" Video

L + R + DOWN L + C-Left L + C-Right L + R + C-Left L + DOWN L + C-Down R + C-Left L + R + C-Right R + UP L + C-Left

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Remember the kids who freaked out about Nintendo 64? Well, they're all grown up. But viral culture hasn't changed that much.

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Screening by Mashable

14 years ago, these kids were *very* excited to get a Nintendo 64.

We caught up with the "Nintendo 64 Kids" to find out what they're up to today:

Have a crRAAAZZYY Christmas everyone!!

Brandon gets an n64 for christmas and gets way too excited. This is the official FULL QUALITY video, uploaded by us. Email us : Visit us : ...
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I mean who doesn't like Bond?? Merry Christmas Everyone! 12-25-12 See what happened before this...