Here's a *new* interview i did with Cardi B at Coachella ! Doot doo ! IamcardiB

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Janine Kempken
· January 12, 2018
I found out about you thanks to your Post Malone interview and i absolutely admire you for that. This was the best i've seen so far. I'm astounded about your passion and how you treat people. Thank yo...u so much for your amazing work and your wonderful personality. Looking forward to see more from you! See More
Mark Morais
· February 20, 2018
Out of all people that conduct interviews, he really does his homework. Hands down the best interviewer out there. And hell he gives the people he interviews presents, how could anyone hate him?
Annie Brass
· March 23, 2018
I met him in 1989 at UBC... We attended a radio conference together, he is an absolute awesome person! Im so happy that your still doing what your passionate about!! �. P.S. you still look the same, y...ou dont age!! � See More
David Zhang
· March 8, 2018
perhaps the most well-informed, generous, loving interviewer in the current day
Keïth Llöyd
· March 27, 2018
Nardwuar deserves to be awarded The Order of Canada. He is truly an icon!
Guillaume Bertrand
· February 28, 2018
Nobody can compete with nardwar for the interviews. He is a legend.
Nelson Martins
· May 6, 2017
Nardwuar is a pure interviewing legend. His knowledge is based on his passion for the history of music. Searching for connections and links to find the true evolution of music in all it's forms. While... understanding that each artist has their own history and contribution the the arts. The stars of today might be the legends of tomorrow. Imagine if you could go back in time and interview Beethoven or the Beatles in their prime. Nardwuar does.This explains what he's trying to accomplish with his interviews. See More
Erik Weimer
· September 21, 2017
The best dang interviewer out there in music today. He’s a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, and he knows what you did last summer. A Vancouver legend.
Jay Elliot
· March 28, 2018
What’s not to love?
Interpersonal interactions for the internet to internalize.
And yet he’s totally out there.
Debbie Anne Torres-Wilson
· April 16, 2018
Interesting and different. I love artists reactions!
Nath Lee
· April 11, 2018
Good times , good times indeed
Quasar Sheepherder Finklestein
· June 28, 2017
Why should the people out there care about Nardwuar? Well, watch as he introduces you to the other side of some of your favorite personalities. No one else in the industry puts as much effort into t...heir interviews as this man, PERIOD!!! He's personable, funny, quick, tenacious, smart, and most importantly, dedicated. Enjoy the 8th wonder of the world and check out his amazing music group, The Evaporators! Keep on rocking in the free world and... See More
Losing Lures
· November 29, 2017
Best thing out there eh! The evaporators are still rocking in the free world
Tristan Abraham
· August 6, 2017
He's a music encyclopedia. The BEST & the most informed interviewer in the game. Simply put, he's a national treasure that deserves all the success in the world
Logan Laub
· December 18, 2017
The Serviette is seriously crazy haha. Awesome show, awesome guy, dope.
Taylor Bradley Cook
· October 26, 2017
The great lesbian that ever lived in canada ever!!
Mecene Kinga Casseus
· March 27, 2017
He's the one holding the interview mic up to the youth of hip-hop today. An incredible ingenious human being. I would love to meet and interview him maybe one day because that's how boss I think he is.... Shout out to Nard U AR A STAR. See More
Jack SV
· September 21, 2017
I love you so much. Your videos made my day. Keep doing you!
Christopher Day
· May 17, 2017
This guy is the god of the interview. Has a style like no other. He should have his own tv show
Andrew Clayton Oliniski
· June 22, 2017
Such a honest and knowledgeable person. Thanks for the hours of entertainment and hope for more.
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