Photo by @jimmy_chin
@_felipecamargo_ going for broke on one of the wildest overhanging multi pitch climbs I have ever seen. Getu River National Park contains some of the biggest caves systems in Asia. This area in Guizhou, China, is also a climbers paradise with seemingly endless limestone cliffs and caves to explore. @thephotosociety

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photo by @joelsartore | A bog #turtle at @ZooAtl. #Follow me to meet more members of the #PhotoArk. #nikonambassador #photooftheday

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Photo by @DavidDoubilet A southern stingray glides across a perfect ocean stage of textured sand, ultra clear water and clouds in North Sound Grand Cayman Island. I began photographing this population of stingrays when there were 7 stingrays and each had a name. The small group of rays appeared daily where the fishing boats processed their catch. Divers began to swim with the rays and quickly learned they were gentle curious creatures. @natgeo Magazine published the story of... stingrays and people began to arrive in the Cayman Islands to swim with and learn about the rays. Over the years more rays appeared each day and so did more people: hundreds of snorkelers, divers and cruise ship tourists come to North Sound every day to meet the stingrays who now number a few hundred. North Sound has become one of the most popular ocean destinations on the planet and southern stingrays have become ocean ambassadors greeting people in the sea and hoping for a small morsel of squid. In the late afternoon the rays begin to disappear to do stingray things or bury themselves in the sand for a rest. Imagery and storytelling created a desire for a personal experience encounter in the sea. Now the rays and other sea life is protected and contributing to the Cayman economy and environment and visitors leave with a better understanding of the fragile and finite nature of the oceans.
Since 2012, DAVIDOFF Cool Water has joined forces with the National Geographic Society to support their Pristine Seas Expeditions with #LoveTheOcean @davidoffparfums

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Sherbourne Common, Toronto, Canada, 2015 by @simoncroberts. This photograph, from the April 2016 issue of the magazine for a story on urban parks, brings our historic timeline up to the present day with one of the most recent parks to be built. Here a wedding party poses for photographs at the zinc-clad Pavilion. The park offers green space on the densely developed Lake Ontario waterfront on the edge of downtown Toronto. In the Pavilions basement an ultraviolet system treats storm water and then sends it flowing through dramatic sculptures into the lake.

Until the mid 1600s urban parks were private; the exclusive domain of wealthy families and royalty. Today urban parks are increasingly being created from reclaimed lands in and around cities. Viewed as essential to the wellbeing of residents and as an effective way to promote economic development, they represent a new imaginative era of experimentation. #urbanparks

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Photo by @chien_chi_chang/@magnumphotos Lion dance to celebrate the Chinese (lunar) New Year at Chinatown, New York City. #MagnumPhotos #ChinatownNYC #liondance #cccontheroad

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Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo // I love being a 'fly on the wall' when it comes to wildlife photography. This spirit bear ( a black bear with a recessive gene) had no clue that I was sitting across from him on a river in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. The wind was carrying my scent away from him and the river was drowning out any potential sound. When the bear got to the bottom of this log, he did a huge leg stretch. I never want to be anthropomorphic but it looked like it felt really good. To see more images of this spectacular Kermode bear and to learn more about the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia #followme on @paulnicklen // With @sea_legacy @cristinamittermeier and @pacificwild

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Photo by @TimLaman. Exploring Indonesias remote Raja Ampat Archipelago by traditional Phinisi Boat, I photographed this huge anvil shaped thundercloud at sunset one day. These boats are the traditional inter-island vessels in Indonesia, still in use today for cargo, but also for travelers and diving trips. They are a great way to travel and give you that feeling of connection with the explorers of past generations. The Raja Ampat region around the western end of Papua harbors the worlds richest marine biodiversity, and we were on a mission to document it. See more photos from my Raja Ampat coverage @TimLaman. #IndonesiaBiodiversity, #exploration, #phinisi, #pinisi, #Indonesia, #sunset, @thephotosociety, @natgeocreative

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Photograph by @paulnicklen for @sea_legacy. This mother polar bear wraps her body around her young cubs to protect them and to keep them warm. Here, they wait for the sea ice to freeze during the fall months. The biggest threat to polar bears is that due to #climatechange sea ice is melting earlier each spring and freezing later each fall. This means that bears have less time on sea ice in order to catch seals. #follow me on @Paulnicklen to see my favorite polar images. #naturelovers #nature #wildlife #polarbear #bear #arctic #ice #picoftheday #photooftheday #followme

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Photo by Jodi Cobb @jodicobbphoto | For a National Geographic story on the science of love, I explored what scientists say are the three stages: lust (anyone will do); romantic obsession (only one person will do); and long-term attachment (why couples stay together for decades). For Stage 2 I went to Italy, where romantic obsession seems an art form. I roamed the streets looking for love, searching for photographs to interpret that soul-searing, primal swamp of desire that r...earranges our brains and our lives. I nearly walked by the solitary woman in the cafe reading a newspaper. But something about the white ruffle of her skirt and the deep tan of her leg attracted me, and I made a couple of frames and walked on. I didnt think the picture had anything to do with my assignment. But when I got home and looked closer, I noticed the headline on what was actually a greeting card: Ai Lov You. In the end, I found that searching for an image of love is very much like searching for love itself: The harder you look, the harder it is to find. But when you least expect it, it sneaks right up on you. @thephotosociety #love

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Photo by @BrianSkerry.
A Great White Shark swims near the surface with an entourage of jacks at dusk in the waters off of South Australia. Often portrayed as one-dimensional monsters, these animals in reality are far more complex than once believed. Researchers are slowly beginning to reveal portions of their lives, including annual migrations of thousands of miles, life spans of over 70 years and adaptive feeding strategies. In the time ahead, more may be learned about the behaviors of White Sharks as well.
To learn more about the largest predatory fish in the sea, read the July issue of National Geographic Magazine (@natgeo) for a story about Great White Sharks.
Also, be sure to follow me, @BrianSkerry on Instagram for more underwater photography!

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photo by @markosian | A man catches up on the news while walking in Yerevan. #armenia

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Photograph by @paulnicklen while diving in the #emerald seas of #BritishColumbia. @JedWeingarten dives under a thick canopy of nereocystis bull kelp during a very brief slack tide. Swimming through this dense kelp is like flying through a dense rainforest. An entire cross section of life depends on this habitat. Ocean temperatures on this coast have risen by a couple of degrees and these kelp forests are disappearing as a result. Please #followme on @paulnicklen to learn more about #climatechange and #theblob. @thephotosociety #follow #nature #naturelovers #dive #diving #diver #beauty #NatGeoOceansDay

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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - It's so great to be back in England and in the Yorkshire Dales on a shoot. Dramatic and atmospheric scene over The Allotment, with Ingelborough drenched in light from the setting sun.

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Image taken by @markosian In the village of Gorelovka, Georgia, a family enjoys a morning meal made of cucumber and tomato salad, homemade cheese with eggs and hot tea. The Javakheti region in Georgia is populated by ethnic Armenians, Georgians and Russian Doukhobors who have called the mountain highlands of Georgia their home since Tsar Nicholas I exiled them in the 1840s. Their numbers in Georgia today have dwindled to 500; here in Gorelovka, once their spiritual center, there are 145 left. #georgia

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Photo by @stephenwilkes: Pope Francis greeting Easter crowds in Vatican City from the Popemobile.
I am spending this Easter Sunday at the Vatican, capturing the events of today for my latest Day To Night.

I will be sharing stories from behind the scenes on my Day To Night blog, launching this week, and be sure to follow me @stephenwilkes to see more from this week's events!
#Easter #VaticanCity #PopeFrancis #DayToNight #StephenWilkes @franciscus

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Photo by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo I love it when a fumbling mistake turns into a strange and beautiful misfit of a photograph. Last week in Joshua Tree National Park, I bumped my tripod during a long night exposure as a car drove past... Illuminating this two toned Joshua Tree and opening up a whole new psychedelic dimension. I'm on the road again, heading to Utah visiting National Parks and photographing the millenial generation of visitors for @natgeo outtakes at @arni_coraldo #findyourpark #joshuatree @joshuatreenps #california #roadtrip #npmillenials @goparks #nationalpark #camping #outdoors #hiddenvalley #natgeo #psychedelic #jtree #socal #wild #wilderness

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A Furcifer ambrensis female foraging for insects with extendable tongue. Montain dAmbre, Madagascar is the only place on earth where this chameleon is found, in a 30km2 patch of forest. More the 90% of forest habitat in Madagascar has been destroyed and consequently the majority of Madagascars endemic chameleon species are in grave danger of extinction.

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