Don't forget to vote in the advance polls today at the Saanich Municipal Hall. 8am to 8pm. If you want someone who hold the line and not sit on the fence and work on the affordable crisis. People, planet and Place over profit. Vote for Me! Nat Chambers at the top of the ballot!
Tonight I met Tracy, she tells me that seniors and the disabled are falling through the cracks in her building and some of them who really need more services cannot leave the building to vote. These voices need to be heard. Democracy for the disabled now!
Nathalie Chambers Campaign Anouncement

Dear Saanich Residents, Friends & Supporters,
Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. Believing in a world that values people, planet and place over profit. The birds, the bees and the frogs.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude with all the support from Saanich residents, friends and supporters.
2018 is just around the corner and I will keep working daily—to protect the environment and Salish Sea, defend the Urban Containment Boundary and farmland, and push for action on the... housing and affordability crisis.
Doorknocking has put me in touch with the Spirit of Saanich and a love and compassion that has warmed my heart. It has given me energy and a deep desire to serve the community.
Thank you again for all of your support,

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This is great news.

Each bike includes GPS and a self-activating lock. Using an app, would-be riders can then find and unlock a bike near them, each of which comes with a helmet and a carbon belt drive system.

According to staff, U-Bicycle plans to make between 75 and 100 bicycles available in Saanich.
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Nathalie Chambers

Although we failed, and the EDPA was rescinded.

We succeeded in creating a movement to reclaim/restore the environmental protection in Saanich! I am so inspir...ed by the Saanich Residents, who spoke on behalf of conservation, protection of special areas, endemic biodiversity, and reconciliation at the meeting. You know who you are.
Future generations are counting on us and we will not give up!

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We live in a culturally derived fertility belt in a world renown biological and marine diversity hotspot. An area so special it has it own endemic species that can be found no where else in the World.
Our current ecology, including the Garry Oak ecosystem and the fertility that we enjoy on the peninsula/Salish Sea are a result of 14 000 years of Straits Salish management techniques which included the use of fire, (clam gardens, reef net fishing, etc)
to enhance berry product...ion, the maintenance of open meadows for camas harvesting, etc.
At Madrona Farm We are almost 100% reliant on the fertility of the Garry Oak ecosystem leaves we mulch it from 1-5 years and spread it on all our crops. These are drought reliant species after their first year.
There are 450 native bees in BC, the Garry Oak ecosystem contains many endemic bee species which are specialists and can only retrieve their pollen and nectar from this ecosystem.
We must maintain our EDPA to protect, restore and revitalize this ecosystem.
The bees and future generations are counting on us!

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I wish to respond to earlier letters that suggested the EDPA supported farmland, as they are simply not correct. Anyone who states this needs to actually read the EDPA bylaw and guidelines that are in place now. I am concerned this view is being cultivated with the public leading up to the March 17....

Now there's the Spirit of Saanich!

A Saanich teenager's small stature didn't stop her from jumping into the ocean Wednesday to rescue three strangers at risk of drowning..

DEBUNKED and just in time for the Save the EDPA/Public hearing on Saturday at 10am, at Spectrum School. Carmel Thomson, thanks for staying on top of it and informing the public about recent data that confirms Saanich's EDPA bylaw does 'not' affect property values.

Carmel Thomson

SOS to SAANICH RESIDENTS: Several independent studies and plenty of expended tax dollars later, what most knew is confirmed. Saanich's environmental bylaw is no...t a factor when determining a property's value. The EDPA bylaw does not decrease values. In fact, claims and exaggerations, including this one, "Accredited property appraisers and realtors say (the EDPA) has caused (your) properties to decline in value by 15-30%," have been DEBUNKED.

CALL OUT: Please attend the Saturday, March 17th Public Hearing to support improving not repealing the EDPA bylaw. Spectrum Community School, 957 Burnside Road West. Starting at 10:00 a.m. Something green for St. Patricks Day would be great!

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Or was the battle fought over an invented crisis? IN THE KEYNOTE SPEECH at a recent conference on the value of nature in urban areas, Don Luymes, directo...

SAVE THE EDPA! Last Chance: This Saturday, 10am Spectrum School!

What a pleasure it is to be witnessing so many 'Saanich Residents and land stewards', concerned with protecting the environment/biodiversity and culturally derived areas for future generations and diversity of life gathering this Saturday.
I am pleased, although long overdue Saanich Municipality is now doing territorial acknowledgements, however, RESCINDING THE EDPA IS NOT WHAT TRUTH/RECONCILIATION LOOKS LIKE! (many cultural areas are contained within EDPA, fertility and endemic biodiversity, including Coast Salish creation story).
Mayor Atwell and Susan Brice, Karen Harper, Fred Haynes, Leif Wergeland are you ready to reconcile? The time is now. Please reconsider your vote. I am inspired by so many hard working Saanich Stewards, you know who you are.

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Saanich Council set to roll back the clock

In response to heavy pressure from a small group of developers, Saanich is set to forego their ability to influence d...evelopment impacting environmentally sensitive areas.

Show your support before it's too late.
In November 2017, Saanich Council voted 5:4 to rescind the Environmental Development Permit Area (EDPA) bylaw and then rebuild a new EDPA.

The public hearing, which is the last opportunity for public input on this unfortunate decision is March 17, at Spectrum Community School - 957 Burnside Rd West, 10:00am.

SAFE hopes that Council will keep the existing EDPA while improvements are made. In 2017, Council contracted Diamond Head Consulting to conduct an independent review of the EDPA. Their presentation of the draft report to Council in July 2017 is available at:…/170621%20EDPA%20Report-FINAL%20DRAF…

There was considerable public input to the review which resulted in 15 recommendations. Saanich staff reviewed the recommendations and estimated that 12 could be implemented within a year.

Saanich council did not consider any of the recommendations, and have instead moved to rescind the bylaw completely, to potentially be rebuilt some time in the future. SAFE is concerned that rebuilding will take years, and in the meantime, environmental protection will be rolled back 20 years. There will be very limited protection for rare and endangered species and no protection for sensitive ecosystems when properties are developed or redeveloped.

We hope you will come out March 17th to support improving, not repealing the EDPA.

The Public Hearing will be held at Spectrum Community School, 957 Burnside Road West starting at 10:00. Wear something green for St. Patricks Day and the environment would be great.

Alternatively, consider sending a letter to the Mayor and Council ( . To have it included in the agenda package it would be best sent as soon as possible.

Councilllors Fred Haynes, Leif Wergeland, Susan Brice, Karen Harper and Mayor Richard Atwell in particular need to hear that you don't support rescinding the bylaw - they can be emailed individually also (,,,,

Please share this information with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, and others. Saanich Council needs to hear from residents who support working together to improve environmental protection - not dismantle it.

Public Hearing March 17
Please come out and show your support for consideration of the environment during development:

March 17, 10am
Spectrum Community School
957 Burnside Road West

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Thanks Councillor Dean Murdock for sharing this. So grateful Saanich has taken this first step. Reconciliation is not just lip service tho' but action. Rescinding the EDPA, an area containing cutlural derived ecosystems is not my idea of Reconciliation!! I am so glad you voted to maintain.

Why these brief words of acknowledgement are a significant step on the journey of reconciliation

Reconciliation, tradition behind practice now becoming common across Vancouver Island

Glad this day has finally come. This is what Reconciliation looks like, 8000-10 000 strong. Tipping point~historic moment....a monumental gathering of all nations...feeling riveted by the inspirational, Chiefs and Matriarch leaders that spoke, those successful in defeating big oil, the words that this is not a done deal, we need to focus, hold tight and not give up. Reuben George, of the North Shore’s Tsleil-Waututh Nation asked, very loudly with fists in the air (the nations together) with crowds were cheering :are you ready? YES, was the reply.

At the same time, a pro-pipeline rally has drawn about 200 people in downtown Vancouver at Jack Poole Plaza.

BrionyPenn, and Saanich resident Carmel Thomson's passionate stand for maintaining the EDPA protection around Saanich's endemic biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems has brought long overdue words of justice to the issue and tears to my eyes. Property rights must never come at the expense of the rights of future generations/diversity of life. That is my Woman's Day resolution! Biodiversity means > value.

Although unsuccessful in the by election last September I have not stopped advocating for a clean environment, parks, farmland, watersheds, safe roads and affordable housing for all residents in Saanich. Municipal elections are coming up in October, however, that is a long time to wait to address the injustices that are occurring for people and the planet.

Which is the point of this letter.

I want to alert you to some very large changes that are potentially coming to Saanich’...s environmental policies that will result in the weakening of environmental protection in environmentally sensitive areas. Should the Environmental Development Permit Area (EDPA) bylaw be rescinded, new developments will not require environmental permits, placing our world class endemic biodiversity at further risk. The Garry Oak ecosystem now covers less than 1% of its former area. These lands are vital; they provide habitat and biodiversity for many species, including specialist pollinators, support sustainable agriculture and contribute to climate change resiliency.

The EDPA bylaw is the product of exemplary work by Saanich residents and councils and is a co-creation and vision for a sustainable future. This spirit is at the heart and foundation of our municipality.

Please come out on March 17 and take a stand for Saanich with me to maintain our unique ecosystems. The public hearing on rescinding the EDPA bylaw will be held at Spectrum Community School gym, 957 Burnside Road West and starts at 10 am.

Unable to attend? Another method of support is writing a letter of opposition to Mayor and Council to help sway the current 5 who are in favour of rescinding the bylaw. Our elected officials can be reached at: and Please send me a copy, it helps to be able to tell the media how many letters have been sent.

I hope to see you at the public hearing.

In the Spirit of Saanich,

Nathalie Chambers

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Farmland lies directly in the path of development, which makes the fight to protect it a pressing public policy issue. I am appreciating Nathalie Chambers letter. She speaks from a lived experience. If the intent of the UCB is to protect farmland, then it likely makes sense to look to bylaw enforcement to curtail encroachment and non-farm use in hopes of protecting our remaining remnants of farmland. - Carmel Thomson

Carmel Thomson

Farmland lies directly in the path of development, which makes the fight to protect it a pressing public policy issue. I am appreciating Nathalie Chambers lette...r. She speaks from a lived experience. If the intent of the UCB is to protect farmland, then it likely makes sense to look to bylaw enforcement to curtail encroachment and non-farm use in hopes of protecting our remaining remnants of farmland.

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Reaffirm the Urban Containment Boundary before it is too late

Its not just the snow, fire and coffee with my husband that has got me excited this morning. This morning Saanich's Arts and Heritage Committee meets. I love Saanich's great heritage and culture!! Protecting the tangible and intangible heritage of Saanich has been my mission for the last 23 years! Yippee

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Nathalie Chambers

Its not just the snow, fire and coffee with my husband that has got me excited this morning. This morning Saanich's Arts and Heritage Committee meets. I love S...aanich's great heritage and culture!! Protecting the tangible and intangible heritage of Saanich has been my mission for the last 23 years! Yippee

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More from The Rally for Affordable Housing. Calling on all levels of government to stop speculation on residential and farmland properties. HALT - Housing Action for Local Taxpayers BCGEU

Dying words for housing crisis and need for tax reform. Disparity and the need for tax evasion enforcement is vital to straighten the score.

One of B.C.’s leading real-estate analysts, Richard Wozny, whose passion for housing justice was set out in a Jan. 27 column in The Vancouver Sun, died on Wednesday, surrounded by family. He …

Now it is time to turn our critic of the ALR into solutions and suggestions. I cannot wait to make my submission.
Harold Steves its is finally happening!!!

The government is looking for input on the ALR.