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  • Regional Manager, Business DevelopmentNovember 2014 to presentSanta Ana, California
    Spearheading expansion into new market for a top-teir CA-based, international Web-Services company, specializing in App Development, Web Presence Management, with a focus on Responsive & Mobile Standards.
  • Owner & Sole Steward of the StylusJanuary 1, 2014 to presentImperial Beach, California
    Live Caricature & Finished Portraiture services for individual patrons, families & group events including:
    Birthdays, Reunions, Church Gatherings, Company Parties.
    • Imperial Beach Farmers Market
      Every Friday, noon to 7:30pm
    • Birthday Party
      On Jun 6, 2014
      Client booked artist weeks in advance to draw guests.
  • E-CommerceMarch 2008 to June 2008Santa Ana, California
    E-Commerce Marketing Contractor - $50k (Dates: 04-08 - 07-08)
    Markzware, Software- Santa Ana, CA
    > Project Management & Data Architecture
    > Affiliate Marketing, SEO & Analytics
    > Interdepartmental Collaboration & Training
    Upgraded legacy e-commerce platform. Explored niche growth opportunities to develop tailored marketing strategies, significantly boosting online sales.
    Reason for leaving: Term of Contract fulfilled.
  • CTOJuly 2005 to March 2007Irvine, California
    CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER - $55k (Dates: 08-05 - 04-07)
    Phoenix Lending Group, Mortgage - Irvine, CA
    > Multi-Channel Marketing - supporting inside & outside sales teams.
    > Lead Generation / Qualification
    > Network Admin, Training & Support
    Managed multiple lead-generation websites & email marketing campaigns. Implemented web-based CRM platform, VOIP system & VPN-enabled loan ware (LOS)
    Reason for leaving: Total collapse of mortgage industry.
  • Marketing ManagerJuly 2002 to July 2004Laguna Niguel, California
    MARKETING COORDINATOR - $45k (Dates: 08-02 - 08-04)
    Bank of America, Mortgage - Laguna Niguel, CA
    > Direct Mail & Email Marketing
    > Tracking & Reporting
    Generated over $35.5 million in new loan applications through development and implementation of multi-channel marketing strategies. Tracked ROI w/ custom reports.
    Reason for leaving: Universal layoffs of Marketing Personnel
  • Web developerApril 2000 to June 2001Calabasas, California
    WEB DEVELOPER - $55k (Dates: 04-00 - 07-01)
    Alcatel, Internetworking - Calabasas, CA
    > Designed, tested, deployed & maintained public web site for large enterprise
    > Acted as interdepartmental liaison during roll-out of new corporate branding.
    > Researched and recommended dynamic content management technologies.
    Reason for leaving: Company-wide layoffs.
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About Nathan
  • Owner of web design, branding, marketing & e-commerce solutions.
    Solo musician, father of two, lover of life, free enterprise & peanut butter pretzels.
Favorite Quotes
  • "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." -Eleanor Roosevelt

    "The meaning of life is to give life meaning. The purpose of life is to live." -Me

    "An intellectual says a simple thing in a complex way. An artist says a complex thing in a simple way." -Charles Bukowski

    "The hardest vessel to fill is an empty head." -Me

    "Action is an attempt to substitute a more satisfactory state of affairs for a less satisfactory one. We call such a willfully induced alteration an exchange. All rational action is in the first place individual action. Only the individual thinks. Only the individual reasons. Only the individual acts." -Ludvig Von Mises

    "Nothing will make you into a misogynist faster than a woman."